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On the way back, Yang ChuChu's whole heart was heavy. Luo Jinyu saw it in his eyes and hurt it in his heart. He knew it was a barrier that Yang ChuChu could not walk through in his whole life. The perfect family owned by others was an extravagant expectation for her. Today, the woman publicly scolded her and her mother, which was absolutely fatal to her. "

she is Fang Yang's wife!" For a long time, Yang ChuChu was bored and said a word.

Luo Jinyu nodded: "it seems that it's her. She deliberately picked a fault at this time. It seems that she has been paying attention to you for a long time." "

did my mother and I really hurt her? But we've never done anything to break their marriage. Why does she do that? " Yang ChuChu's scolded face was dazed. She grew up. As far as she knew, her mother didn't even save Fang Yang's phone number, let alone would take the initiative to contact him. But today, looking at the woman's expression, it seems that they did something that hurt the nature and caused great crimes.

"Clearly, don't think much about it. It's not your fault. It's Fang Yang who is responsible for this wrong relationship." Luo Jinyu looked at her bewildered look, and really wanted to hold her tightly in her arms, block her ears, and stop her from listening to those embarrassing names. "

I'm nothing. I'm afraid she will scold my mother like this. I have to go to my mother and remind her. Luo Jinyu, you can take me there!" Yangchuchu held back his tears and said in a hurry.

"Don't worry, I'm sure your mother can handle it. I'll take you there now!" Luo Jinyu looked at the tears in her eyes, and couldn't help but hold her trembling little hand tightly, and said in a low voice: "I will talk to this woman, and won't let her hurt your mother and daughter again!"

"She won't talk about it. She hates us!" Yang ChuChu closed his eyes and tears rolled down. "

if you can't talk about it well, then talk about it in another way. In a word, if she dares to come to you again, I won't let her go!" Luo Jinyu still can't forget the panic expression when Yang ChuChu was grabbed by her wrist on the stage just now. It seems that the pain of being stabbed into the heart by someone severely takes a knife. He doesn't want her to suffer another time.

"You don't need to do these things for me. It's my family business. My mother and I will find a solution!" Yang ChuChu didn't want to trouble him.

"Your business is my business. Remember, don't say that again!" Luo Jin Yu Jun's face slightly Zheng for a second, angrily reminds her. Yang

looking at him with clear and beautiful eyes, she saw the firmness of the bottom of his eyes, and then she smiled gently.

Liu Lan came out swearing. Looking back, she saw her daughter running towards her from the crowd. She said angrily, "you have no conscience. I was surrounded by so many people just now. Why don't you help me? Are you my own? "

"Mom, I don't think our behavior today is very good. Otherwise, the next time we go to Cheng Ying's house and make trouble, her neighbors will hear it, and they will have no face to live there!" Fang Kexin also felt that he was too cowardly. He didn't help his mother just now. He was very remorseful, so he continued to make suggestions. "

did you see it just now? That man is so nervous, Yang ChuChu has been protecting her. What else do you love him? " Liu Lan is so angry that her daughter has no eyes.

"Ma, Luo Jinyu is really excellent, but Yang ChuChu, a little bitch, doesn't know how to use it, only knows how to be pitiful in front of him, which makes him want to protect. Ma, I really like him. If Yang ChuChu died, how good would it be? He may belong to me! " Fang Kexin suddenly cried bitterly, biting his teeth while crying.

"What do you cry for? How does Mom teach you? Grab what you want and go to the man you want. How come you haven't learned my shrewdness at all? It's not like me! " Liu Lan's face was full of expressions of hatred for iron but not steel. "

mom, did you use any method to rob dad?" Fang Kexin asked suddenly. Liu

LAN Leng hum: "when your father is an old and handsome man, he is a rare and beautiful man. How many rich ladies are fighting to like him, and finally they can't belong to me?" "

mom, did you really rob dad with a dirty trick?" Fang Kexin was shocked. "

in our age, unlike today's young people, you can pretend to be a stranger the next day after you sleep. In those days, I drunk your father, so you are born. Understand?" When Liu Lan mentioned the events of that year, he also made some comments.

"Mom, how can you..."

"Why not? Women are only young for a few years. Of course, the men they like should try their best to rob them. When you are old and yellow, which man can see you? Daughter, mother supports you to pursue the life you want, more supports you to rob Yang ChuChu's man, depends on whether you have this ability! " Liu Lan's mind is completely broken at the moment. She doesn't want to be a good mother, let alone a good example. Now she only hates that she didn't discover the adultery between Fang Yang and Cheng Ying in time, which leads to today's failure.

"Mom, I really Can you rob Luo Jinyu? " Fang Kexin looks encouraged. "

why not? Luo Jinyu is not married to her again. It's legal for you to rob her!" Liu Lan opened the door and sat in. He closed it tightly.

Fang Kexin was stunned for a few seconds, and he also sat in. Yes, what his mother said is reasonable. Only if he is not married, everything is still possible. Blue

Yan Xi went to the general office early in the morning. As soon as he entered the door, he heard someone talking about something.

She pricked up her ears to listen, and suddenly the group of people exploded as if they didn't want to talk to her. Blue

Yan Xi's heart is shocked. It's over. Isn't it because his relationship with Ling Mo Feng has been made public?

LAN Yanxi hurriedly went to his desk and sat down. Yang He next to him was writing something.

LAN Yanxi leaned over to say hello to her: "Yang He, writing the diary again..."

"Congratulations on your promotion so soon!" Yang he suddenly turned to look at her coldly, and then said something inexplicable. "

ah What kind of promotion? " LAN Yanxi's pretty face was full of surprise. At this time, Zhou he came out and called her name: "Lan Yanxi, come in!"

LAN Yanxi walked in in confused, Zhou he sat at his desk with his hands in his hands, thinking and said: "Yanxi, this morning the personnel department came to me and said something about your work transfer. The archive room has a free position. It decided to send you there. What do you think?"

"Archives? What's the position? " LAN Yanxi's brain was buzzing.

"It's the place where the data are filed. Many of them are classified elements of the state. The independent department set up for these documents has relatively idle staff. Now you can pack up your things and report there." Zhou he said in a businesslike tone, obviously, a little sour. Blue

Yan Xi has been in the position for a long time. Although she has learned many languages and has performed well, there are many people who can be competent for this position. How could luck hit her head? "

Oh, thank you director Zhou for your cultivation and care these days!" LAN Yanxi immediately smiles and thanks.

Zhou He nodded and agreed: "I can't take care of you when I go there, but you shouldn't need my care. Your boyfriend is your most powerful support, isn't it?" Blue

Yan Xi immediately chuckles twice, can't he? How come everyone feels that her boyfriend is deputy Chu? God, is this a matter of human life?

Lanyanxi's new position is at the same level as Zhouhe's, so it's not too much to be promoted. Moreover, she has a lot of leisure in the archives and a higher salary, which makes those who climb silently envious.

LAN Yanxi went to his place and began to tidy up. "

Yan Xi, did your boyfriend help you out?" Yang he suddenly beat him and asked.

LAN Yanxi smiled awkwardly: "I don't know!" Yang

he Jue's blue words are hypocritical. It's clear that he has gone through the back door, but he still can't make it clear.

"Yan Xi, are we friends? If there is a good position in the future, can you help me win it? " Yang He begged her with a shy face, and then with a bitter expression he laughed at himself: "like us who have no family background, it's hard to get ahead!" Blue

Yan Xi only said: "OK, I'll help you pay attention." But

in her heart, LAN Yanxi somehow wants to stay away from Yang He. For no reason, she may be in love with Ling Mo Feng. She is not stupid enough to be friends with her rival.