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C566 suspicion from Ji Xiaohan

The old lady's words, every word, seem to be full of hope. Not only Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan are comfortable to listen to, but even the two little guys are happy to listen to.

Tang Xiaorui immediately ran to the old lady's side, stretched out a short hand and hugged him: "great grandmother, do you agree to let my father and mother continue to socialize? It's so nice of you. I love you so much. "

Tang xiaonai was slow to respond, but when she heard her brother's words, she also narrowed her eyes happily and ran to hold the old lady: "great grandmother, do you love me most? Then you don't want to break up my daddy and Mommy, OK? Please. "

The old lady's mood, as long as there are these two small treasures, where there is any sullen.

At present, she doesn't agree to their marriage, just because LAN Yue and Xia Weiwen haven't heard about the divorce yet.

Tang youyou's noodles are joyful, but I feel the food is more delicious.

After supper, Ji Xiaohan offered to send Tang youyou down. Although the old lady was not happy, she didn't stop her.

The two little guys are very discerning and don't disturb their two people's world, so they are all with the two old people.

Ji Xiaohan opens the door, and Tang youyou bends down and sits in. Soon, the car rushes into the thick night. "I didn't expect that your grandmother would agree to our marriage. Did anything happen?" Tang youyou feels very strange. Before, the old lady was indifferent to her, and she also felt it personally. Now, the old lady even promised to let them be together, which must have happened.

Season owl cold wring eyebrows, pondered for a few seconds, suddenly said: "perhaps my mother came to find her."

"Your mother?" Tang youyou shivers all over. Are they still determined to divorce to complete them?

"It should be her. She must tell my grandma that she will divorce your father and complete our marriage!" Season owl cold light sneer says, deep Mou bottom, do not see mood for a while, only feel, he is in when mentioning his mother, seem not so resentful.

Those surprises, as if suddenly disappeared, leaving only incomparably heavy.

"Maybe it is! What can I do? Do you really want to divorce them? Will we be too selfish to do this! " Tang youyou's tone is full of sadness and confusion.

If, as my father said, she was lost because my father wanted to save her life, she would have owed my father a life.

Today, their father and daughter are not easy to recognize each other, but happiness collides with each other. Tang youyou really does not want to destroy his father's old life.

Season owl's cold and handsome face is like ice. He is stiff and silent for a long time.

In fact, he wanted to be selfish once, just as his mother left Ji's home at the beginning, and selfishly chose her love.

"Do you think we can persuade them not to divorce?" For a long time, the season owl began to laugh at the cold.

Tang youyou pressed his head painfully: "they will all think for us. It's really boring."

Ji Xiaohan holds the steering wheel with one hand, stretches out one hand and holds her slightly stiff little hand: "well, let it be, don't add pressure to yourself, you have a cold."

Tang youyou also knows that no matter how much he wants to do, he can't help himself. However, once some things sprout, they will grow crazily.

"Have you read my brother's news? What do you think of that girl? " In order to change the topic, Ji Xiaohan talks about Ji Yueze's love affair.

Tang youyou's nerves were already tense, and suddenly he was shaking again.

"I think it's very good. That girl is pretty. She doesn't look like someone with ambition." Tang youyou answers with a dry smile.

"I hope they are serious. Now many people on the Internet are scolding them. The situation is not very optimistic. I hope they can withstand these pressures and get together well." As the eldest brother, Ji Xiaohan also hopes that his younger brother can find someone he likes and settle down.

"Yes, I hope they can be happy!" Tang youyou is also a sincere blessing.

However, she is really afraid of all this. It's just a bubble. Maybe after a while, Ji Yueze's love will turn yellow.

"What do you know about my brother?" Season owl asked coldly.

Tang youyou shuddered all over. He looked at the man uneasily and quickly, trying to make sure why he asked.

"I don't know much about him. Why do you ask?" Tang youyou said with a dry smile.

"It's nothing. I just feel that his open love doesn't seem to be too much of a style." Ji Xiaohan said doubtfully.

Tang Youmei's eyes are more restless. No, Ji Xiaohan even doubts this. Does he know Ji Yueze well? "My brother, in fact, doesn't like to open his privacy. Unless it's something he has to do for some benefit, his popularity is so high now, he doesn't need to rely on this kind of low-level hype to increase his popularity. Besides, his new movie will be released soon.

he won't open his love at this time. Let's see how many of them are now His fans are disappointed with him. Maybe his new movie will be ruined by half. " Season owl cold carelessly explained, listen, there are several reasons.

Tang youyou has had a cold sweat. It's because Ji Xiaohan knows his brother, so he doubts this.

What to do? If Ji Xiaohan doubts, will he investigate more deeply?

"Do you think too much about the emotional things that would make a person impulsive? Maybe your brother really likes this girl and is eager to give her a name and happiness." Tang Youqiang said calmly.

"You still don't know him very well. If he really likes a woman and wants to give her happiness, he will certainly act in a more low-key way. Maybe, he will secretly marry that woman, have children and the media won't be able to dig up any gossip about him." Season owls have different views.

At this moment, Tang youyou is as stiff as a sculpture, and his heart is in turmoil.

I've always thought that Ji Xiaohan is very unique in seeing things, but I didn't expect that he even saw this thing so thoroughly.

It's over. Is he really going to find out his brother's abnormal behavior.

Does she have to confess?

Do you want to tell him that in fact, you are the object of Ji Yueze's confession?

Will you be punished less if you take the initiative? These words are rolling in Tang youyou's brain, and she is at a loss.