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Mummy, can you please take care of daddy for a bit?

His two big eyes were laughing like little crescent moons. He, who had never taken the initiative to be close to his family, laid on his father's face and gave him a big kiss, "Daddy, then you should quickly fall in love with my Mummy."

Ji Xiao Han did not expect his son to kiss him. Wasn't he always so arrogant and cool before? Even when talking to him, he seemed to be indifferent to it, but at this moment, Ji Xiao Han could deeply feel the feelings his son had for him.

Character, mind, and his little face.

Ji Xiao Han sighed, in truth, he already felt that he was very satisfied, but he was just too greedy, and wanted more.

It was better to take things slowly. He wasn't in a hurry anyway and had already let that woman know what he was thinking. Whatever weird behavior he was going to perform, that woman wouldn't be surprised anymore, right?

He liked her. Of course, he wanted to be closer to her. He wanted to kiss her, hug her, and sleep with her even more.

When he thought of the word sleep, Ji Xiao Han felt his body burning with passion. However, his son was right, no matter how much he thought about it right now, it was useless.

On the other side of the wall, Tang You You was also hugging his daughter's small body, planning to coax her to sleep.

The little guy was also drowsily falling asleep. Her pair of beautiful big eyes were fighting but she persisted on and did not fall asleep. Her soft and soft voice rang out, "Mummy, you never seem to care about Daddy, why is that so!"

Tang You You could not help but freeze, and then, she chuckled lightly. "Who said that?

"But I've never heard you care about him. Mummy, Daddy is really good, can you treat him better?" Tang Xiao Nai looked a little pitiful as she blinked her large eyes and looked at Mummy, begging.

Tang You You knew what her daughter was thinking about, and her heart softened. She rubbed her little head and hugged her even more tightly, "Xiao Nai, hurry up and sleep.

"En, then let's pull the hook!" After letting Xiao Nai hear Mummy finally agree, a smile appeared on her petite face as she stretched out her pinky in satisfaction.

Tang You You was a little speechless, this little fellow actually dared to play with her? Fine, since I have already promised her, I can't go back on my words.

As he hooked his little finger with his daughter, the little guy slowly fell asleep with a smile on his face.

Tang You You kissed his daughter's little head, her thoughts unable to calm down for a long time. His daughter wished for her to treat Ji Xiao Han better, but what should she do?

Would she really agree to date him for the sake of her two children? Isn't this a little ridiculous? It was a little too reckless?

When he had taken the child away, she remembered kneeling on the beach with sand all over her body, saying that she would hate him for the rest of her life.

It's good now. Her heart is about to fall into her womb. That man is too hateful. How can he force her like this?

No, no matter what the child thought, she could not easily submit to him. This was not her nature, and she could not rashly decide on her marriage.

Even if they now felt that they could marry Ji Xiao Han for their children, if they were to find out after marriage that both of them were unable to endure the other's tempers and weaknesses, and even caused feelings of discord, wouldn't that be even more harmful to the children?

Thinking of this, Tang You You decided that she would not make the decision about dating or getting married so quickly.

The next morning, Tang You You brought his daughter downstairs. Seeing that Ji Xiao Han did not leave, but was chatting with his son, his son smiled like a little fool.

"Big brother, what are you saying to daddy? "I'm so happy. Can you tell me too?" Tang Xiao Nai immediately flew over, her small face full of curiosity.

"No, this is a topic between us men, it's inconvenient for a girl like you to listen to!" Tang Xiao Rui immediately pulled as if he were twenty to eighty thousand, and looked at his little sister in disdain.

Hearing that he was ignored, Tang Xiao Rui opened her mouth and looked at Ji Xiao Han with her pitiful big eyes.

Ji Xiao Han was most afraid of his daughter playing this trick on him. He hurriedly walked over and carried her up onto his lap, then comforted her gently: "I'm talking about cars with your brother, you don't understand."

When Tang Xiao Nai heard her father's words, her mood lifted.

Tang You You walked over, pulled out a chair to sit on and patted his son's head: "You didn't cause any trouble at school yesterday, right?"

"No, I'm a good girl." Tang Xiao Rui immediately replied while grinning.

"Where's Xiao Nai?" Tang You You looked at her daughter, and accidentally met the man's deep eyes.

His heart skipped a beat, Tang You You quickly retracted his gaze.

"What else could she do other than cry?" Tang Xiao Rui continued to gossip about his sister.

Tang Xiao Nai's two calves immediately kicked unhappily, as she looked at her father pitifully.