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Promise to protect her and the child

Ji Xiao Han still did not know that he had stepped on her minefield. He indifferently said: "What? Why don't you just say a few words of truth? "

Tang You You no longer wanted to care about him. Squatting down, he used his hands to wipe down the water on the tombstone. "Don't you know that the truth is the most hurtful?"

After the low and deep male voice was finished, Ji Xiao Han sincerely and sincerely supported himself with his hands on the ground as he kowtowed towards the tombstone.

Tang You You was stunned, looking at Ji Xiao Han's wet face and his clothes, her heart, suddenly shivered.

Was there a need for him to do this?

After knocking his head against the ground, Ji Xiao Han stood up. His knees were already soaked, and water was flowing down his pants.

"I'll wait for you downstairs. Have a good chat with your mother." After Ji Xiao Han finished speaking, he took the umbrella and turned around.

Tang You You watched as he resolutely left, his heart in a mess, his mind at a loss.

Damn man, why would he let her mother bless his career? It's not his mother.

In front of the tombstone, she was the only one left. Her slender figure silently knelt on the ground.

She was wearing a professional attire, her snow-white knees directly touching the wet floor. Her heart, too, seemed to calm down.

"Mom, can you tell me whose daughter I am? Can you give me a hint? " Tang You You's heart was filled with grief. Thinking back to her unknown past, she felt that she was really pitiful.

"Thank you for buying me back then. You treated me like your own child, but I was unable to show you my filial piety. I hope that you can be happy in another world."

I hope you can forgive me for my mischievous behavior. Now that I have a child and am a mother, I know how difficult it was for you, and I thank you for your patience. Another day, I will bring my children to visit you. After Tang You You finished speaking, she also kowtowed and stood up, her eyes were completely misty.

When Tang You You got off, Ji Xiao Han was standing beside his car, waiting for her to come over.

Seeing him, Tang You You's mind was in a mess, he lowered his head and quickly walked to his own car.

The tall figure suddenly moved forward to block the way. "Take my car!"

"No need, I still have to go to the company." Tang You You's eyes were red as she said softly.

"You're going like this?" Ji Xiao Han swept his eyes across her body with his profound gaze. He saw that her dress had also become wet, as did his jacket and shirt.

"I'll go home and change my clothes!"

"Since you want to go home, take my car. I also want to go home!" After Ji Xiao Han finished speaking, he grasped her small hand tightly without any explanation.

Tang You You's entire body trembled. When she reacted, she was already seated in his carriage, and his sturdy body had also sat inside.

"Wipe your face with a piece of paper!" A large hand handed over a tissue.

Tang You You reached out to take it, and rubbed it across her face and eyes.

"How did your mother leave you?" Ji Xiao Han asked curiously.

"Accident …" Tang You You replied.

"How did it happen?" Ji Xiao Han was a little shocked.

"I don't know. It was on the way home. I ran into a big truck. Mom couldn't cure it." Tang You You closed her eyes and thought back to the tragic events of the past.

At that time, she was only eleven years old!

When she rushed to the hospital to see her mother for the last time, she was covered in blood and had already fainted. She also cried until she fainted.

Ji Xiao Han could feel her trembling body, it must be a very sad past. He subconsciously wanted to hug her, but then he remembered what she had said.

"Don't be sad, let bygones be bygones." Ji Xiao Han consoled her in a low voice.

Tang You You nodded her head, "I know, I have long accepted this fact."

Ji Xiao Han still wanted to talk to her about something, but he was afraid that he would bump into her sad thoughts, so he remained silent.

However, the feeling of her sitting beside him made him feel much more at ease.

The return journey was a bit slow!

Tang You You's emotions gradually calmed down.

Just as the atmosphere became silent, Tang You You suddenly braked and leaned forward.

She was shocked. She thought that her head would hit the seat, but a big hand reached out and blocked her chest, saving her from this calamity.

"I'm sorry, young master. Just now, a student was riding a bicycle randomly. He scared me, so he didn't hurt me, right?"

Ji Xiao Han said in a low voice: "It's fine, drive properly!"

Tang You You looked down and saw that his hand was still supporting herself on the door, while his arm was tightly pressing onto her soft spot.

"You …" Tang You You felt that she should be angry, but then she realized that he had instinctively extended his hand out to protect her to save her.

"Thank you!" she whispered.

Although she was unreasonable at times, she still knew what was good and what wasn't good.

Ji Xiao Han looked at her worriedly and asked, "You weren't scared were you?"

"No!" Tang You You shook her head.

Ji Xiao Han retracted his hand, and the two of them continued to sit there speechlessly.

When the car reached the Ji Family, Ji Xiao Han and Tang You You got off the car and met the Uncle Yuan head on.

"Young Master, Miss Tang, why did you all get wet?" Uncle Yuan asked in concern.

Ji Xiao Han said indifferently: "Nothing, we were just preparing to come back to change."

"Then you guys hurry up and change. Don't get sick." The Uncle Yuan urged.

Ji Xiao Han turned to look at her. He originally wanted to hold her hand, but restrained himself.

Tang You You looked at his face with her beautiful eyes, lowered her head, and quickly went upstairs.