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C876 marriage and childbirth

When Ji Yueze comes here with Bai Yiyan, everyone in Ji's family is surprised. Bai

Yiyan followed Ji Yueze with shy face and walked into the living room. The old lady immediately asked, "what's the matter with you two young people? They broke up and got together again. Are you playing with my old lady?" The old lady has been sad for several days about their break-up. Now she suddenly sees their sweet trip again. Naturally, she blames them. When Yi Yan heard that the old lady seemed angry, her small face was a little white.

Ji Yueze smiled and went to explain: "grandma, don't be angry, we didn't break up, just made a misunderstanding, now the misunderstanding is solved, of course, we will continue together."

"If there are any misunderstandings in the future, you must explain them face to face, so as not to break up again. Your young people don't take feelings seriously." The old lady took him seriously.

"I remember. Grandma, don't worry. I won't make you angry again." Ji Yueze coaxes the old lady first, then turns his head and blinks at Bai Yiyan: "it's called human!" Bai

Yiyan came over and called out to grandma in a low voice, then turned to say hello to LAN Yue and Tang youyou.

LAN Yue said happily, "as long as we are still together." Don

youyou is also happy for them. From Ji Yueze's eyes, she can see that he is in love with Bai Yiyan, which is the situation she wants to see most.

"Where's my big brother? And those two little ones? " Ji Yueze suddenly found that there was less bustle and asked. "

your elder brother took the children upstairs to find your grandfather!" The old lady said with a smile. "

then I'll go up and have a look!" Ji Yueze got up and when she passed by Bai Yiyan, she attached herself to her ear and said, "just talk to my grandma." In fact, Yiyan is very nervous and uneasy.

If she didn't know that aunt had hurt the people of Ji's family, she could talk to the elders of Ji's family gracefully. Now, when she saw LAN Yue, she was extremely sorry. "

Xiaoyan, come here. Grandma has something to ask you." The old lady patted her side warmly and said to Bai Yiyan with a gentle face. Bai

Yiyan immediately walked to sit down.

The old lady reached for her hand, patted it on the back of her hand, and said with emotion: "Xiaoyan, to be honest, grandma really admire you. I'm a little grandson, I can't cure him since I was a child, but I didn't expect to be cured by you." White

hearing the old lady's words, Yiyan's face was embarrassed. The old lady really flattered her. How could she live in jiyueze? On the contrary, she died of his treatment. She was very obedient. Bian lanyue and Tang youyou both let out a light laugh. Obviously, Jue's old lady said this, which makes people feel funny.

The old lady glared at him and said, "Yo Yo, what are you laughing at? Am I wrong? My little grandson is more stubborn than Xiao Han. He has been wild since he was a child. I'm afraid that he will continue to indulge himself. However, I'm very glad that Xiao Yan has let him get rid of his temper." Don

where dare you question the old lady's words? He nodded quickly and replied with approval: "grandma is right, Miss Bai and Ji Yueze are well matched." Bai

Yi Yan is ashamed of her big red face. Why do everyone put the topic on her? LAN

Yue sees Bai Yiyan's other hand hanging, and she whispers, "Xiaoyan, what's wrong with your hand?"

Tang youyou thought of the video of Bai Yiyan fighting with the gangster, and immediately helped him to say, "her hand is hurt, Miss Bai, are you better now?" Bai

Yiyan nodded: "much better!"

The old lady was very surprised: "how did you hurt your hand? Is something wrong? It won't be jiyueze who did it. "

Bai Yiyan immediately shook her head and explained her injury.

The old lady and LAN Yue were shocked. They immediately asked Tang youyou to turn over the video and watch it. After watching it, both of them were worried.

"Xiaoyan, I can't see. You are so brave!"

"Have you practiced martial arts since you were a child?" Bai

Yiyan asked all the questions, and the two elders looked at her with great admiration. Didn't

think that she looks thin and weak, and even has such skills, I immediately mourned for Ji Yueze for three seconds. I like a woman with such a good skill. No man can have such courage. Bai

Yiyan is embarrassed and feels hot. The old lady was silent for a while, and suddenly said, "Xiaoyan, grandma appreciates your courage and boldness. However, when you are with Yueze in the future, you have to be merciful. Yueze has been proud since he was a child, and can't stand your blow." LAN

when Yuehe and Tang youyou heard the old lady's worry, they couldn't help laughing.

Bai Yiyan's face is even redder. She explains with hesitation: "grandma, don't worry, I will not do anything to him. Really, I promise, I will be very gentle!"

"Of course I know you are a gentle child. If my family marry you, it must be his blessing." Bai

Yiyan is sad. Is it really lucky that Ji Yueze married her?

If one day, the old lady and LAN Yue knew her relationship with Bai Zhenzhen, what would happen? She can't even think now. "

Xiaoyan, has Yueze ever mentioned marriage to you?" The old lady talked more and more. Bai

Yiyan's expression slightly stopped, and then she replied with shame: "we may not be so fast!"

"Since you like each other, you should make a schedule. You should have children while you are young. At least in my lifetime, you can see what your children look like." Like all the elders, the old lady is concerned about the succession.

Bai Yiyan is completely embarrassed. She really can't think of such a big event as having a baby.

LAN Yue seems to see Bai Yiyan's embarrassment. She quickly whispers, "Mom, don't worry too much. Let them make their own decisions." Don

youyou also nodded in agreement: "yes, grandma, marriage matters, they have to think about it for themselves!" Bai

Yiyan looks at them gratefully. If the old lady continues to ask questions, she may not be able to answer them at all. At this time, Bai Yiyan's mobile phone suddenly rings.

Bai Yiyan glanced at the caller ID and immediately got up and said, "my mother has called me. I'll go out and get it!" Bai

Yi Yan takes her mobile phone and goes out quickly.

After answering the phone, Bai's voice came: "Xiaoyan, why haven't you come home yet?" "

mom, I won't go back this year!" Bai Yiyan said in a low voice. "

why? You're still treating emotional injuries. Young people, don't be so obsessed with the failure of a relationship. When you come back, your stepfather says he wants to introduce some boyfriends to you. Then you will surely come out of this shadow. " White mother urged.