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C1474: if you are not a gentleman

LAN Yanxi didn't expect Ling Mo Feng to come here, so she snatched the things in her hand. She immediately said wrongly, "I'm hungry. I want to eat something!"

"Tangyuan is made of glutinous rice. Don't eat glutinous rice on an empty stomach. It's not good for your stomach. Eat some easy to digest pasta. I'll make it!" Ling Mo Feng said as he reached for two tomatoes and two eggs. Turning around, he saw that the girl was still leaning against the refrigerator, with a pair of eyes staring at him. He closed the refrigerator door and looked at her angrily and helplessly for two seconds: "are you awake?"

"Well!" LAN Yanxi dropped his head again. The inexplicable man seemed angry.

Ling Mo Feng turned around and took a bowl. He beat two eggs into the bowl with some heavy movements. He took the chopsticks and stirred them vigorously. He didn't forget to put some salt in.

LAN Yanxi looked at his action to deal with eggs, more sure that he was angry. She couldn't help walking behind him and whispered, "Ling Mo Feng, I won't drink next time!"

Ling Mo Feng's action was over, and her side eyes glanced at her: "this wine is what you want to drink? Or was it forced on you? "

"I Myself! " LAN Yanxi reaches out his fingers and touches his nose. He feels guilty.

"Why drink so much?" The man's eyes were more serious.

"I don't know how to refuse people's good intentions, so I drink too much!" LAN Yanxi also has some helplessness. She doesn't know anything about the culture on the wine table. People talk well and lift the cup. What can she do?

"Next time don't drink, find a variety of reasons to refuse. Do you hear that? If you don't drink, you won't step on it. You won't die!" Ling Mo Feng is still very angry. When he thinks that she is drunk and confused and smiles and talks with other men, he becomes jealous. He hates to dig those men's eyes.

When there was such a terrible signal in his heart, Ling Mo Feng was also stunned. How could he be jealous to such a frenzy?

"Well, I remember. I'll say I'm not in good health and can't drink. Otherwise, I say I'm ill and I'm pregnant I, I, I...... "

Ling Mo Feng looked at her seriously thinking about the reason. The lovely look made him feel a little better, which made him willing to make noodles for her.

"Are you pregnant? That's a bit far fetched, don't say! " Ling Mo Feng still made a point in her nonsense.

LAN Yanxi's face was embarrassed and nodded: "yes, this one can't be said."

Ling Mo Feng bent his thin lips and whispered, "take a bath first, then have a cup of warm water and eat!"

"Well, thank you!" LAN Yanxi said gratefully and ran out.

Ling Mo Feng stirred his hand slightly, and looked at her disappearing direction with his side eyes. He was in a better mood.

She still has a little conscience. I know to say thank you to him. Otherwise, I have to beat her ass to blossom.

It took LAN Yanxi a lot of courage to say thank you to him, because she did something wrong and tired him.

After taking a bath, lanyanxi went to the balcony and saw her overalls dripping with water. She froze for a moment. Did Ling Mo Feng help her clean them?

Warm in my heart, LAN Yanxi suddenly has a real feeling of becoming a family.

Ling Mo Feng's noodle cooking skill is quite good. LAN Yanxi wants to praise every one of his products.

"Wang Rong has been put in prison. If I don't expect, he will soon be executed by the people inside. Your mother's side should be safe. You don't have to worry about it anymore!" Ling Mo Feng watched her eat the noodles she cooked, but he felt a sense of satisfaction. This was the chance to talk about her mother and Wang Rong.

"In prison?" LAN Yanxi doesn't know about Wang Rong's arrest, because it's only two days since it happened. She is worried that Wang Rong is looking for various ways to contact her mother.

"Yes, he should have no use value if he was caught this morning, so the old president will not keep him. Even if he does, the man he bought will not keep him." Ling Mo Feng sneered that no matter how wonderful the dog bite, it will make people look cold hearted. Human nature is selfish, let alone in front of interests.

"So fast, Wang Rong deserves it. He found it by himself and made atonement for himself when he died!" I don't know if it's because he almost killed her mother. Lanyanxi doesn't care that he got this end.

"That's right. He's such a ruthless man. There's no need to sympathize with the death of one less villain in the world. However, I think the old president's means are more and more funny and out of line. I don't know what other means he has waiting for me!" Ling Mo Feng stared at a place with a heavy look.

LAN Yanxi stops biting the fried egg and looks at the heavy expression of the man. She forgets to eat, and looks worried for a moment.

"Ling Mo Feng, do you have confidence?" LAN Yanxi asked him gently.

"Of course, self-confidence is necessary, but not overconfidence. In doing so, the old president has lost his oath. I don't know if he will reflect on his behavior." Ling Mo Feng said with self mockery.

"He only cares about himself, but I only worry about you." Blue Yan Xi said sadly.

Ling found that he had made the atmosphere a little sad. He couldn't help reaching for her long hair and comforting: "well, don't think about it. I'm ok. Take your time. I'll take a bath!"

LAN Yanxi nodded. The man got up and went upstairs.

After LAN Yanxi finished eating the noodles, he took the initiative to wash the dishes and chopsticks, so he went upstairs to find Ling Mo Feng.

Just upstairs, Ling Mo Feng just came out of the bathroom with a water mist.

LAN Yanxi has just had a sleep, and now she is awake a lot, but there is still alcohol in her body. Seeing the mature and healthy body of a man, the alcohol begins to mess in her body.

"Cough!" LAN Yanxi uses a light cough to cover up some bad ideas in her heart, but her eyes are beautiful, but she can't help looking at the man's looming chest.

"Ling Mo Feng, I I was drunk just now, didn't say anything nonsense? " LAN Yanxi asked him in a low voice, wringing his fingers.

Ling Mo Feng is going to sit on the bed. Hearing this, he looks stiff. Then he shakes his head and chuckles: "no, you sleep like a pig, and you can't wake up!"

"That's good. Did you wash my coat? You are so nice to help me with my laundry! " LAN Yanxi boasted and pushed himself into front of him.

Ling Mo Feng is speechless and has no good airway: "you vomit on your clothes. If you don't wash them for you, you won't replace them!"

"Well, so you're fine!" LAN Yanxi said with a smile, quietly climbed onto the other side of the man's bed, pulled the quilt and lay down directly: "I sleep here, you don't mind."

Ling didn't expect that she would take the initiative. Her thin lips were raised and she asked in silence, "is the wine still awake?"

"Wake up!" LAN Yanxi quickly revealed his head and replied, "but his head is still a little dizzy!"

Ling Mo Feng reached out to turn off the light, low Judo: "since dizzy, go to bed early!"

"Good!" LAN Yanxi replied in a low voice.

A few minutes later, lanyanxi found that she couldn't sleep at all, either because she was full and propped up, or because of the things in her body. She slept on the other side of the bed, not close to the man. Although she slept in one bed, she felt far away.

"Ling Mo Feng, are you asleep?" LAN Yanxi asked him in a whisper.

"Well!" The man answered.

LAN Yanxi is speechless and asleep. How can he answer her?

"I can't sleep!" She breathed softly.

The next second, the man moved towards her, reached out and gently hugged her into his arms.

"Then what do you want to do?" Ling Mo Feng chuckled.

"I think I don't want to do anything! " Blue speech stands and shakes his head. He answers firmly.

Ling Mo Feng reaches into the quilt and grabs one of her little hands: "sleep well, don't think about it!"

Lanyanxi is not a saint. Her beloved man is on the side, and she is so emotional now that she doesn't want to think about anything. Isn't it intentional torture her?

"Ling Mo Feng, otherwise, let's not set any rules, and have fun in time!" LAN Yanxi said boldly, because Ling Mo Feng said before that she must get married before having that kind of relationship with her. At that time, she thought, this man is really good, and he is a gentleman. Now, she can't help it. Alas, for the first time, she found that people around her are too gentleman, and they can't.