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After the family of four finished eating dinner, the rest of the programs were all taken over by Tang Xiao Nai, the laptop was taken over by Tang Xiao Rui and Tang You You herself was sitting cross-legged on the bed working. Suddenly, Ji Xiao Han felt that she, who was supposed to be the busiest person, had nothing to do.

In the end, he had to sit on the sofa with his daughter and watch a child's cartoon with her.

Tang You You decided that after this holiday, she would go back and work hard.

Before the two little fellows came here to take a vacation, they had already planned out a plan. They must let their father, Mummy, take advantage of this beautiful holiday to be romantic and have a good memory.

Tang Xiao Rui found a few solutions on the web. In the end, it seemed to say that they would let the two of them sleep for a bit, and then everything would be settled.

Although the two little guys didn't know exactly why adults sleep between themselves, and were able to resolve many matters, they had already made an agreement before coming here.

He must lock Father's Mummy in a room at night to sleep.

That way, they won't be poor babies anymore.

"Mummy, I want to sleep next to big brother tonight. You sleep here with dad!" Tang Xiao Nai immediately ran over and discussed with Mummy.

Ji Xiao Han, who was sitting in the living room with a deep expression, instantly lit up his eyes when he heard his daughter's words.

Even his sleepiness seemed to have been washed away by joy. His spirit was lifted and his thin lips formed a proud smile.

From the looks of it, the two little fellows were treating him better and better.

Tang You You was also shocked, she stared at her daughter and asked: "Xiao Nai, what are you talking about, didn't we sleep together?"

"No, I don't want to sleep with Mummy tonight, I want to sleep with Big Brother. Big Brother promised, he won't kick me anymore!" Tang Xiao Nai said as if she was a little adult, it was all from Tang Xiao Rui.

Tang You You was extremely puzzled, she stared at his son sternly, but Tang Xiao Rui laughed: "Mummy, do not look at me, I did not say anything."

Tang Xiao Nai opened her eyes in disbelief and stared at her brother. Did he not say anything? This was clearly the solution he was thinking of.

"Xiao Nai, stop messing around, come over here, Mummy will carry you to sleep!" Tang You You immediately looked at her daughter gently.

"No, I won't! I want to sleep with big brother tonight! Daddy wants to sleep with Mummy!" As Tang Xiao Nai spoke, she retreated backwards, and said with a very determined tone.

Tang You You knew that his son must be up to no good again.

"Little Rui, hurry up and persuade your sister not to be reckless. It's getting late, she's going to bed!" Tang You You felt that his daughter was still very obedient to her son.

However, Tang Xiao Rui shrugged his shoulders and said with an indifferent little expression: "Other people's dad and Mummy all sleep on the same bed, why do you and Dad have to sleep separately?"

"We're not married!" Tang You You was about to go crazy, where did these two little fellows get such mature thoughts?

"Then why aren't you getting married? It's just a marriage, since you're our father and Mummy anyway!" Tang Xiao Nai said in a disdainful manner with a small expression.

Tang You You was at a loss whether to laugh or cry. It seemed that there was no reason to reason with the little fellow.

"Anyway, we can't. We won't get married so soon!" Tang You You's tone became determined as well.

Ji Xiao Han wisely decided not to participate in the battle between mother and daughter. However, he listened to the conversation inside the bedroom with rapt attention.

Hearing that Tang You You would not marry so soon, he knew that she still had something to sing.

Not marrying now didn't mean that he wouldn't get married in the future!

"Xiao Nai, if you continue to be like this, I will get angry. The consequences of my anger are very serious, I might even hit you!" Tang You You decided to use her mother's dignity to deal with these two little fellows who were messing around.

"Even if Mummy were to hit me, tonight, I only want to sleep with Big Brother!" In the past, the little guy was always afraid of being treated by her. He never thought that today, Tang Xiao Nai's tone was so firm that even if he got beaten, he would absolutely not compromise.

"That's right, Mummy, why aren't you sleeping with Father? It's just a matter of sleeping. What a simple matter. " Tang Xiao Rui also felt that Mummy was making a ruckus without reason. After all, he and his sister had a very strong reason to make sure that she and his father would definitely sleep.

Tang You You was simply about to be driven mad by the two little fellows. She quickly turned off her computer, got off the bed, and walked out of the living room.

Seeing the man lounging on the sofa, she frowned at him. "Did you let your child do that?"

Ji Xiao Han frowned slightly, with an extremely innocent expression: "How can I let children do such things?"

Tang Xiao Nai immediately ran over and washed away his father's grievances, "Mummy, this has nothing to do with father, it's me and brother who have done it …"

"Idiot!" Tang Xiao Rui could not resist cursing out two words.

Tang Xiao Nai quickly covered her mouth and felt that she had revealed some kind of big secret.

Tang You You immediately turned around and stared at his son: "Did you make your sister say that? You want to sell Mummy, do you understand? "

, Daddy has a lot of money, so he will definitely be able to buy it for you. Furthermore, you seemed to have said something before … Whoever gives you a hundred million will sell yourself. You said it, right? " Tang Xiao Rui immediately said with a righteous face, and even brought out all of the things that Tang You You had said in his dreams.

The color in Ji Xiao Han's eyes instantly deepened, and his thin lips hooked up: "100 million, and you decide to sell it? It's cheaper than I thought! "

"Shut up!" Tang You You's face was flushed red. She had originally said this jokingly, because she really lacked money.

Tang Xiao Rui immediately shouted: "Mummy, just agree to our request tonight, as long as you sleep with Father tonight. In the future, Xiao Nai and I will not worry about the matters of your masters."

Tang Xiao Nai immediately nodded her head: "Yes, Mummy, did you agree!"