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"If Xiao Nai is sick, I won't forgive you! Take me down immediately! " Tang You You didn't want to bet, the child being sick was the most suffering, and adults would feel sorry for him.

"Follow me!" Ji Xiao Han had never brought a child this young. Towards a small creature like a child, he simply didn't have any concept of a good thing.

When he heard that his precious daughter might be sick from cold, he no longer had the steady pace from before and almost ran forward.

Tang You You really didn't want to sit in his car, but her daughter's health was more important, so she could only open the door and sit inside.

The car was like an arrow released from a bow as it madly sped down the slope.

On this road, there was no one left. Ji Xiao Han drove very fast.

Tang You You rolled down the car window. The sound of the wind in her ears was sharp, scaring her so much that she tightly grabbed onto the seat belt in front of her chest.

This man drives like hell.

"Can you slow down? There's no need to rush this moment. " Tang You You did not want to lose his life here, so she immediately warned him.

"Trust me, I won't let anything happen to you!" Ji Xiao Han's confidence came from god knows where.

Tang You You curled her lips and muttered: "It's more like I believe you!"

Ji Xiao Han heard it clearly, and his handsome face instantly darkened.

A few minutes later, Ji Xiao Han's car stopped by the beach. He opened the door and got off the car, then walked towards the beach in big strides.

Tang You You also anxiously got off the car and ran towards her daughter.

At this moment, on the beach, the little guy had unknowingly kicked off his shoes. In his hand was a kite, and he was as happy as an angel.

"Mummy …" Tang Xiao Nai was playing happily when she suddenly saw Mummy running towards her. She immediately revealed a bright smile and ran towards Tang You You.

"Slow down …" Tang You You looked at his daughter's short legs, worried that she would fall.

Sure enough, he got what he wanted.

Tang Xiao Nai had overestimated the power of her two short legs. As she was running very fast, she tumbled and fell onto the beach.

The butler, Uncle Yuan, had already tried his best to catch up, but he was still a step too late.

When Ji Xiao Han saw his daughter shouting "Mummy" and rushing towards Tang You You, his footsteps couldn't help but slow down.

Deep in his heart, he had never felt so lost before.

He wished with all his heart that the small body was running towards his embrace.

It was a pity that CEO Ji was overthinking it!

In the eyes of his daughter, his position was far inferior to Tang You You.

Once the little fellow obtained the thing that she liked, the first person that she wanted to show off would definitely be her most beloved Mummy.

Just as Ji Xiao Han was slowing down to receive this blow, he saw that the tiny figure had fallen.

"Xiao Nai..." Ji Xiao Han's heart, had never madly jumped like this before.