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Zhu yu'er finds out that Luo Jinyu has left, and her heart is inevitably lost. A heartwarming banquet makes her reluctant to leave. However, she knows that if she continues to stay, there will be no result. Zhu yu'er can only leave step by step.

She believed that since the superior leaders intended to let her close to Luo Jinyu, they would surely create more opportunities for her. She did not worry at all. She only worried that Luo Jinyu was bewildered by Yang ChuChu's little fox spirit. She did not know when to see clearly, who would be more suitable to be his woman, and who would know how to love and care for him.

The demolition of Yang He's family made up a lot of money in her family. She jumped from the bottom to the middle level. Although she was beautiful before, the men who knew her family basically stopped. They only played a few ambiguous jokes with her, and there was no following.

Now the situation is totally different. With her own car and her hard work at work, more and more men are satisfied with her.

Yang he went back to the office after lunch and saw a bunch of small roses on her desk. She went straight to her desk, took them and threw them into the garbage can beside her.

"Toad wants to eat swan meat!" Yang He sneered in his heart. Those men must have seen her family become better and wanted to express their love for her. If women are snobbish, aren't men snobbish?

"Yang He, there are new pursuers. How many are they? Last time I sent you chocolate. This time I sent you flowers. Will I give you a necklace or something next time? " The colleague sitting next to her watched and couldn't help laughing.

"It's no use sending anything. I'm not interested in them!" Yang he said with a cold face.

She has installed an important person in her heart. The charm of those men around her, against the background of Ling Mo Feng, is almost dark and dim. Yang hejue's self deserves better men's possession, not everyone can catch up with her.

"Yang He, do you have someone you like? I don't think you're in love now, are you

"I also think she is like a woman in love. She comes to work full of vitality every day. Isn't she the handsome guy in our office?"

When Yang he heard their comments, he was shocked, but his face was calm and he said, "don't guess. I don't like people."

Yang he stood up and went out, but her heart was sweet. It seemed that she had a good feeling in her heart. She could not share it with others, but she could enjoy herself for a long time.

Just as Yang He walked out of the hall, suddenly a man came running over with a long packed pink box with several pink roses on it.

"Yang He, do you like what I have given you so many days? Please be my girlfriend. I will treat you well. This is the latest necklace I sent back from abroad yesterday. Just arrived, I will take it to you... "

"It's ridiculous that you are boring. Why should I promise to be your girlfriend?" Yang He put his hands in his pocket, with an impatient expression on his face, and looked at the ordinary man with disdain, even some fat ones. He felt that being pursued by such a man as him had lowered her standard.

The man is also very persistent. He retreats in line with her steps, grins and says, "because I will treat you well. I really like you. After marriage, your name will be added to my house and car. By the way, there are two stores in my family..."

The man's words suddenly stopped, because Yang he didn't know who was attracted to him, so he stopped and looked straight at the other side, forgetting to walk forward.

Next to him was a group of national leaders, led by Ling Mo Feng. He was listening to people's speech and walked quickly to the door, as if he was in a hurry to catch up with something. The party looked in a hurry.

However, even in such a hurry, a pair of young men and women standing in a daze beside them still gave people a look, and Ling Mo Feng naturally took a look.

Yang he stared greedily at Ling Mo Feng and went out of the hall. He sat on his car all the time. It was like waking up from a dream. When she took back her eyes and calmed her mind, she saw a man standing in front of her who did not know what to do.

"Yang He, you take it, it's really limited edition!" When the man saw her and turned to look at him, he quickly continued to express his love.

"Limited edition, isn't it?" Yang he suddenly didn't know where he came from. He grabbed the box and threw it on the floor beside him: "I don't care about limited edition. You can go right away and don't let me see you!"

Yang He is angry because Ling Mo Feng just glanced at her. She immediately let Ling Mo Feng know that she betrayed this relationship. It's just a big thing. How can she not be angry at the man in front of her?

"Yang He, you..." That man's heart, was broken into dregs, even if refuse him, also do not need to send this kind of anger.

"I tell you, if you break my good today, I won't let you go!" Yang he drops this sentence mercilessly, turns around and leaves.

The man was left in a daze with a dull face.

He just confessed to her, how could he damage her good?

LAN Yanxi is now living abroad. She is having a study exchange with the people in the general office of other countries. The meetings and course arrangements are dense. She has a headache when she looks at them. It's just like when she went to school. There is no private time.

That's why after the training, you can get a promotion and a raise when you return home. Because there are so many things you can learn here, it depends on whether you have the ability to digest and transform them into your own abilities.

There are also some physical training, similar to military training expansion. In the cold weather and thick snow, lanyanxi is running behind Chengyuan. She is already sweating and gasping. Her pace is almost out of pace. Looking back at Chengyuan, lanyanxi is so relaxed that she is envious.

"Yan Xi, can you insist?" Cheng Yuan is also worried that her physical strength will not keep up with her, not only her, but also many people in the training field.

"I'm here to learn. How can I run, jump, climb? I'm so tired!" LAN Yanxi's face is bitter, and he complains in a low voice.

"With a healthy body, you can have a more efficient production labor force. Therefore, the first day of training is chosen. Every morning, you get up at five, gather at six, and start class at eight. I hope you will suffer a little sin!" Cheng Yuan is also worried about her. She has pity on her eldest daughter.

"It's OK. I can bite my teeth!" LAN Yanxi immediately broke out a character of unyielding. She will be able to do what others can do.

After a day's training and heavy classes, LAN Yanxi was lying on the bed of the hotel empty in her mind. She didn't even want to move her fingers. Cheng Yuan took a bath and heard her cell phone ringing. She hurried to get her cell phone and found that it was the call from the adjutant Chu again. She used to press the accept button.

"Cheng Yuan, what are you doing?" The video link is successful. The adjutant of Chu asked her with a smile.

Only then did Cheng Yuan find that she was wearing a thin Pajama and her short hair was dripping with water. She let out a low cry and quickly moved her cell phone away. She was so nervous that she was saying: "Chu Adjutant Chu, do you want to follow Yanxi's video? "

It seemed that Chu's adjutant thought it was a very funny thing. He immediately laughed a few times, and then said, "Sir, I want to talk to miss LAN. Please give her my cell phone."

LAN Yanxi sits up from the bed, and Cheng Yuan hands over her mobile phone with a red face: "Yanxi, vice president's phone."

"Thank you!" LAN Yanxi looks at her gratefully, then takes her cell phone and sees Ling Mo looking at her with a smile on his face.

This time, the background seems to be his office. However, because of the time difference, he has a bright day. He has a handsome face against the light. He has a clear Lingjiao, which is more beautiful.

LAN Yanxi takes a look at her picture. She looks like a ghost. She quickly reaches out and combs it.