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C832 general childishness of Ji

Since living in Ji's house, Tang youyou seldom cooks, but it's not difficult for her to make a bowl of simple noodles.

When she saw the beef in the ice box, Tang youyou decided to make a bowl of beef noodles for him. She used to make this bowl of noodles for the children, which was unanimously recognized by the little guy. She believed that Ji Xiaohan would not dislike it.

Take two pieces of green onion and ginger, Tang youyou spreads his sword skill, carefully cuts the beef into thin pieces, then dip in the sauce and rice wine to mix the taste, and then prepare to fry in the pot.

Season owl cold languidly lean on the kitchen door, deep eyes, a blink does not blink of looking at the small woman who wash vegetables and cut vegetables seriously.

She was wearing a long sweater with a high collar. At the moment, she was wearing an apron, her long hair was soft and loose and tied into a ponytail, a clean and white face, and her eyes were bright and clear. She was patient and pure.

At the moment, looking at her skillfully cutting the beef, this serious and attentive look, more with the gentle and virtuous of the little woman, Ji Xiaohan how to think about how to love, thinking that in the future, the little woman should cook more for him to eat, because, all of a sudden, he just wanted to eat what she made.

"Young master, Miss Tang, what are you doing here?" Uncle yuan suddenly appeared in the restaurant, saw the young master leaning against the kitchen door, and smelled the sound of hot oil cooking in it. Uncle yuan was surprised.

"I asked her to help me make something to eat!" Season owl's cold lazy mouth.

"Haven't you had dinner yet, young master? Isn't that hungry? Miss Tang, let me do it! " In an instant, uncle yuan decided to replace her work and make a few rich dishes for his young master.

"No, uncle yuan, I'll help him make noodles. It'll be ready soon. Go to have a rest!" Tang youyou said to Uncle yuan with a smile.

"But let me do this kind of rough work!" Uncle yuan Yanran has regarded Tang youyou as the hostess of Ji's family, so he wants to stop her from working.

Ji Xiaohan whispered: "Uncle yuan, go to have a rest. I want to eat her noodles!"

Even though uncle yuan was slow again, he suddenly heard Ji Xiaohan's words, and he was stunned. Then he smiled clearly: "OK, young master, I'll go to have a rest first. If there's anything I can do at any time!"

"Well!" Ji Xiaohan nods, sends uncle yuan away, and continues to watch Tang youyou cook.

Tang youyou has heated the oil in the pot. When the oil is cooking, she pours in the beef with sauce, and then stir fry it with chopped green onion and ginger.

In the spacious kitchen, the smell of burnt incense is floating for a moment. Ji Xiaohan is still hungry just now. At the moment, he smells the smell, and feels that his hungry stomach is hurting.

Tang youyou takes time to look at him, and sees him standing there with an unknown look and looking at her. She suddenly and unnaturally manages the long hair falling from the side of her ear, and whispers: "it will be ready soon. Wait a moment!"

"You can only make something for me to eat in the future, you can't make it for other men to eat, understand?" Season owl cold inexplicably said a domineering to have no friend's words.

Tang youyou holds the small hand of the spatula and stares at him strangely: "what's the matter?"

"I just want you to promise me!" At this moment, Ji Xiaohan's mood turned. Suddenly, she thought of washing hands and cooking for other men in her mind. His mood was definitely like killing people.

Tang youyou chuckled: "are you hungry? How can I say such a thing? " Ji Xiaohan came over and stood behind her. His long arms crossed her waist, folded on her abdomen, and his thin lips kissed her in her warm hair. Then he took a small speech temple and said hoarsely, "you should think I'm hungry and crazy, but I really want you to promise me, or I won't eat!"

Tang youyou really can't laugh or cry. However, she didn't know Ji Xiaohan for the first time. He's a bully. It's really out of heaven. Moreover, in the eyes of outsiders, he's mature and steady, but only Tang youyou has seen his childlike side countless times.

"Well, I promise you, you'll have more noodles later!" Tang youyou comforted the two little guys with this kind of gentle voice.

"You are so nice!" Season owl cold immediately depends on her, thin lip also more unbridled in her neck place arched twice.

When the heat came, Tang youyou felt numb and itchy. She just wanted to avoid him.

"Don't make any noise. I'll make noodles for you!" Tang youyou immediately said seriously.

Unfortunately, when a man is not serious, she is not serious.

Just when they were in the dead of night, immersed in their world, suddenly, a figure appeared at the door of the kitchen. The old lady was wearing thick pajamas, with her hands in her pockets, and looked at the two bored and crooked people in the kitchen with strange expressions.

"Cough!" The old lady didn't want to disturb them, but she couldn't help being ignored.

The two people glued together, heard this cough, just like hearing thunder, suddenly bounced away.

Since it is Tang Youyou, the shovel in his frightened hand will be thrown away.

"So late, what are you two doing here? Pay attention to the impact! " The old lady didn't put on her presbyopic glasses, so she didn't see that Tang youyou was still boiling hot water and noodles.

I thought it was two young people who were going to run in the kitchen for excitement.

Season owl Han Jun's face was stiff. Then he clenched his fist and coughed softly on his lips: "grandma, I want you to help me make some supper!"

"You didn't eat? I haven't asked you what you were going to do in a hurry! " The old lady just walked in and saw that there was beef just fried out of the pot. There was white noodles in the pot, turning in the boiling water.

Ji Xiaohan quickly said, "nothing, just a friend asked me to deal with something."

The old lady stared at Ji Xiaohan's face for two seconds. Then she said, "hurry up and eat!"

With that, the old lady turned and left. Ji Xiaohan turned around and saw Tang youyou's blushing face.

"Scared?" Ji Xiaohan walks over and teases her.

"You still say, blame you. Don't do it again. If your grandma thinks we're going to do something, you can do it!" Tang youyou is really scared.

Season owl cold had to warm voice comfort: "rest assured, my grandma will not think."

Tang youyou has made a bowl of noodles. The meat slices floating on it are fragrant and appetizing. With a little green onion sprinkled on it, they look good.

"Would you like some?" Asked the season owl in a low voice.

"No, I don't eat at night. I want to lose weight!" Tang youyou said with a smile.

"Do you want to lose weight? I feel like you've lost another lap recently! " Season owl cold picked eyebrows.

"Yes? "Yes, especially in a small place! "The man's evil spirit said with a smile. After that, the smile became stronger.