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Tang You You returned to his office and brewed a cup of chrysanthemum tea for himself. He sat in front of the desk, his head still empty.

The phone on the table suddenly rang, Tang You You took a look at the caller ID, and his entire body dropped down.

Tang You You jumped in shock, then hurriedly apologized in an apologetic tone: "Ji Yue Ze, I'm really sorry, it's all my fault, my alcohol tolerance is too low, did your big brother really scold you?"

"Alright, stop saying nice words here. Just do it like this for now. When you're done with your work over there, then you can call me and settle the details." Ji Yue Ze couldn't help but laugh lowly.

"Alright, let's contact each other again!"

"Un, goodbye!" Ji Yue Ze said goodbye politely and hung up.

Tang You You's alcohol had all been sobered up, and after that, she was going to have a meeting with her team to discuss the details of the press conference.

Around 5 PM, Tang You You's phone rang again.

Her expression froze when she saw the caller ID.

It was actually Tang You Kang calling her.

She had thought that she would never be in contact with anyone in her entire life. She hadn't expected that she would.

She pressed the answer button, but for a moment she didn't know what to call him, because he wasn't her father.

"Wandering, how have you been recently?" Tang You Kang asked her with concern.

"It's not bad!" Tang You You replied indifferently.

"Are you free tonight? I want to invite you out for a meal. Even if we can't become father and daughter, you can still treat me as your uncle and we will still be the most familiar family members. " Tang You Kang's words made people feel uncomfortable.

Tang You You rejected her very straightforwardly: "No, I'm not free tonight, and I've been very busy recently. Also, let's not meet again, we haven't been relatives for a long time."

"Wandering, you don't recognize me, and I'm not angry, but are we really never going to meet again?" Tang You Kang suddenly realised how heavy his losses were, losing Tang You You as his daughter.

Tang You You was now Ji Xiao Han's official and public girlfriend and would be the Mrs. Ji in the future. Her identity was so noble that no one dared to look up to her.

Tang You Kang was not stupid, even though he was not someone who would make rapid progress, he was clear that Tang You You's future was limitless. It was a pity that she would become a phoenix in the future, and he would no longer be her father.

"Yes, I've already decided that we won't be father and daughter. Let's be strangers, you have your own lives, and I'm living my own life now. I won't disturb you, and please don't disturb me again." Tang You You's words sounded extremely heartless, but this was the truest portrayal of her current feelings.

Tang Xue Rou and her daughter had hurt her for the rest of her life, so she did not seek revenge ruthlessly. The only reason was because of the kindness the Tang Family had shown her after raising her for more than twenty years.

Now, she felt that the grudge between them had already been resolved, so there was naturally no need for her to be conflicted.

"Wandering, I'm sorry, but I really can't bear for you to leave me …" Tang You Kang was suddenly agitated, his voice choked with emotions.

However, Tang You You did not show any sign of being loyal, and said indifferently: "You better not be sad anymore. All along, to you, I have always been an unnecessary person, and now that I, this unnecessary person, have finally left you, you should be happy."

"Wandering, don't think like that. I've always treated you like my daughter. Although I didn't do well enough and didn't follow my duty, I've truly treated you like my own daughter." Tang You Kang was filled with emotion now.

"If there's nothing else, I'm going to hang up. I have work to do." After Tang You You finished speaking, he did not give him another chance to speak and directly ended the call.

Although she looked heartless, her eyes had long ago turned completely red.

She just didn't want others to see the weakness in her heart. She felt that it would be better to be strong. She wasn't alone anymore. She still had two children. Even if it was for her children, she should have learned to be strong.

Around 6 PM, Tang You You realized that there were still some unfinished business, she felt that she might have to work overtime.

After making a phone call to Uncle Yuan, he had already brought all the children home.

With Uncle Yuan helping to look after the children, she felt assured. Hence, she decided to stay and work overtime.

"Mummy... "Do you still have work to do?" Tang Xiao Nai took the phone call from the Uncle Yuan, her young and tender voice asking.

Tang You You's heart was immediately warmed by her daughter's childish voice.

Her tone also became softer, "That's right, Mummy has recently gotten a very important job to complete."

"Mummy, why don't you let daddy do it for you? Daddy will be awesome! " Tang Xiao Nai was very considerate to her.

Tang You You chuckled: "This is Mummy's job, I can't let your dad help me, Mummy has to do it on her own."

"En, then Mummy, don't be too tired, and don't come back too late either. I want you to carry me to sleep!" Tang Xiao Nai pouted, and said with concern.

"Got it, once Mummy is done, I will immediately go back to bring you all!" Tang You You smiled and nodded.

Tang Xiao Nai blew a kiss to her and hung up.

Tang You You suddenly had more energy and spirit to work.

Ji Family!

When the Uncle Yuan heard that the little Young Master wanted to talk to Miss Tang, he quickly handed the phone over to her. "Little Young Master, I'll give you my phone.

"Thank you, Uncle Yuan!" After Tang Xiao Rui took out his mobile, he did not give it to Tang You You, but rather, it was given to Ji Xiao Han.