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It's not a fate that can't escape, or it's all predestined. Bai Yiyan covers her face and tears slide down from her fingertips. If she can't escape, she must love him vigorously, even if it's very short, even if she will be doomed, she's at all costs.

Ji Lin has doubted yunning last season, but he is not sure about it completely, so he must think of a way to test her. For example,

if you are sure that she really betrayed herself, Ji Lin's eyes flashed fiercely.

To be honest, he always felt that even if Ji yunning died, he would not betray himself. He gave her a chance to be reborn. Without him, she would have starved to death in an orphanage, or live in a very poor family, living a life of the lowest. Which

will be like now, from small to large, just like a princess who is all concerned about, eating the best, using the best, enjoying the life of the eldest lady. Why is she not satisfied? Unexpectedly, for the sake of ridiculous love, he betrayed his 20 years of upbringing. What's more ironic is that Ji Xiaohan won't look at her at all. What is she still clinging to?

Ji Lin is really disappointed and angry. He regards Ji yunning as his great help. But now, she helps outsiders to deal with him and catch his weakness. Ji Lin really has an impulse to kill people.

Ji Lin takes out his cell phone, pretends to unplug a person's phone, then deliberately fails to close the door, and says loudly, "I'll meet you tonight, and I want to talk with you about the next step. I'll wait for you in Zhucheng restaurant!" At the moment, yunning is tensing her nerves, raising her ears to hear the sound inside. She hears the words "Zhu Cheng".

This is a very antique restaurant, and it is also a favorite consumption place of the upper class. There is absolutely private space, and there is a long distance between buildings. Therefore, the important work of general conversation will be chosen there.

When Ji yunning heard this, she turned around and left.

After a while, Ji Lin changed a suit of clothes and came out. As usual, he said to her, "yunning, daddy is going out. If you don't eat at home in the evening, you won't be busy. Go out and eat yourself!" Season

yunning immediately smiled: "OK, daddy, but I still decided to eat at home. My stomach is not very good recently!"

"All right, I'm going!" After Ji Lin finished, he turned and went downstairs. Ji didn't follow him downstairs immediately. Anyway, she knew the final destination, so she didn't rush to follow him.

At six o'clock in the evening, it's dark. Ji yunning sits on the sofa and stares out of the window. He repeatedly rings Ji Lin's words in his mind and plans for the next step? What is his next plan?

It must be very important, isn't it related to Ji's fate? Season

yunning is restless. He always feels that if he doesn't look in the past, he will miss important information.

Even if he can't hear his next plan, as long as he knows what kind of people he contacts and tells brother Xiaohan, maybe brother Xiaohan will be of great help. Yunning frowns, stands up suddenly, takes the car key and bag and goes out. It's a coincidence that Ji Shangqing is back at this time. Seeing that she is going out, he is stunned: "won't you make dinner tonight?"

"Elder brother, I have an appointment with a friend. If you want to go out to eat, you can find a solution for yourself!" Ji yunning said apologetically. "

alas, it's inconvenient that there is no servant at home. Forget it, I'll find a way for myself. What friend are you going to see so late? Men's and women's are not that old bastard again, are they? " Ji Shangqing is not comfortable with his sister's association with that old man. How can he not think of her beautiful appearance? Even said that the old man is gentle and generous, to his gentle and generous. "

No, I'm a former female friend!" Ji yunning knew that Ji Shangqing was concerned about herself. She shrugged her shoulders immediately.

"OK, then you should pay attention to safety. Besides, listen to me. Split up with that old man. Find a young man to get along with for a few days. You will find that you are still suitable for the young." Ji Shangqing can't help nagging her. Season

yunning raised his mouth and smiled: "OK, I'll think about it. Let's go!" After leaving home and entering the elevator, Ji yunning's smile disappeared.

Do you really think she likes that old bastard? She is not forced. I don't know if elder brother will cry for her if he knows the truth.

Come on, what about knowing? How can elder brother quarrel with Ji Lin over her? She's not that important, but she used to be so opinionated that she came to see her eldest daughter this season.

Ji yunning drove to the parking lot of Zhucheng restaurant. When she just drove over, she really saw the black car that Ji Lin used.

He did come here!

Ji yunning frowned, stopped the car and got off. However, she walked all the way to the gate of Zhucheng restaurant.

As soon as she entered the gate, she heard someone calling her. Her back was stiff and cold. "

Daddy!" Ji yunning didn't expect to sit on the leisure sofa in the hall, but Ji Lin was sitting there alone. There was no one else around him.

Ji yunning immediately walked towards him with a dry smile. "

How are you here?" Ji Lin's temptations made his face gloomy and ugly. "

I I'm here to find friends to eat, daddy, you're here too. What a coincidence! " Ji yunning wants to muddle through.

Ji Lin suddenly put away the cold shade on his face, and smiled lightly: "yes, it's a coincidence. I'm also asking my friend to come here for dinner."

"Daddy, hasn't your friend come yet?" Ji yunning immediately asked him. "

it's almost here. If you have an appointment with a friend, you can go to dinner quickly." Ji Lin's tone of concern. "

well, I'll go upstairs first!" Ji yunning is really scared out of a cold sweat, but fortunately, Ji Lin didn't find anything, otherwise, she really didn't know how to round the lie. Because

was suddenly discovered by Ji Lin, Ji yunning did not dare to think of any useful news at the moment. She quickly went upstairs and asked for a box, and sat nervously.

It should be a real coincidence. Ji Lin happens to be waiting for his friends in the living room on the first floor. Ji

yunning patted her chest. Fortunately, she was witty and told a lie. Moreover, Ji Lin seems to believe her. Until now, Ji yunning had to call some of her female friends and ask them to come over for dinner.

Ji Lin is shocked. His intuition tells him that Ji yunning betrayed him.