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C1543: failure has come to pass

"I warn you that if a third person knows about this, I will not let you go." Wang Xinyi still cherishes her face. She immediately waves her fist to Uncle Yu as a warning.

"Don't worry, I won't say it." Uncle Yu nodded honestly.

Wang Xinyi finally found a bag, but found herself sitting in the passenger seat. She immediately untied her seat belt and climbed to the rear seat.

In a short time, Wang Xinyi felt that she had peed into a river. She wished she could cover her ears and not let herself hear her. But no matter how shameful she was, she could only lose it.

It's a good thing uncle Yu didn't laugh anymore. He just slowed down the car.

After a while, Wang Xinyi was completely relieved, and she was very upset.

"You just said to take risks with women? Isn't it the kind of adventure I understand? " Wang Xinyi couldn't help laughing.

"What do you understand?" Uncle Yu asked strangely.

"Well, as far as I know, if a man doesn't marry at your age, he has physical problems, or he hasn't had enough fun. You should belong to the latter. He doesn't marry, but he loves every day. Women change from one group to another. They play here today and there tomorrow. Moreover, they cheat those innocent young girls and think they are charming uncles..."

"Ms. Wang, you don't know me, so please don't understand my life like this. I'm not going to play, I'm going to work." Uncle Yu's face changed and he immediately refuted for himself.

"Work?" Wang Xinyi was stunned.

"Yes, archaeologists invite bodyguards, high paid and dangerous jobs. Not everyone is willing to go there. To climb snow mountains, deserts and no man's land is to gamble on tomorrow. I'm not married. I'm not sick or playful. I just like this free life." Uncle Yu had to explain it to her carefully, and didn't want to be imagined as a kind of libertine man.

"Oh!" Wang Xinyi's face was stunned. It seemed that it was not the kind of man she understood.

It took two hours for uncle Yu to send Wang Xinyi to the general office. When he stopped, uncle Yu was ready to leave.

"Ah, that Can I have a contact information? " Wang Xinyi suddenly pursued two steps, blushing.

Uncle Yu had some accidents, then nodded, took out his mobile phone and handed it to her.

Wang Xinyi immediately and quickly input his mobile phone number, then unplugged it and called his mobile phone.

"Later If I need bodyguards, can you please? " Wang Xinyi asked jokingly.

"I'm sorry. I've been employed by the blue family for a long time now. I can't take on other jobs." Uncle Yu said seriously. "Then All right. " Wang Xinyi suddenly lost something.

Uncle Yu also found that she looked at her eyes as if with complex emotions, he could not help but a Zheng. "Goodbye." Wang Xinyi felt as if something was wrong with her today. After she said this quickly, she turned around and ran into the gate.

Uncle Yu stayed in place for two seconds, then he turned and left.

After Mei left, she ran to the president as soon as possible.

The old president took the time to see her once, and saw her face was dark. The old president lit a cigarette and said lightly, "let you go to Ling Mo Feng's engagement banquet, what do you find?"

"Big discovery, Mr. President, I think the waste you sent to watch can be cleaned up. Who told you that Ling didn't love LAN Yanxi? Who told you that Lan Yanxi ignored Ling Mo Feng? For a long time, they played a good trick and played us all as fools. They are very kind. " Mei said angrily.

"Is there such a thing?" The old president's face also changed greatly. His face suddenly became angry and he slapped his hand on the table beside him: "Ling Mo Feng has played such a long play for me?"

"Mr. President, we have neglected the simplest thing. We used to think that Lan Yanxi was useless to us, but now we find that she will be Ling Mo Feng's biggest weakness." Mei also gnashed her teeth and felt that she was being laughed at like a joke by Ling Mo Feng.

The old general manager looks like a dead man. He looks a lot older in an instant. He holds his fist and says with hate on his face: "the living mouth left last time was placed by Lingmo Feng's people. It's going to be a public trial soon. We haven't found a chance to kill it. It's said that he caught a small head this time. I don't know how much he knows about this matter."

Sister Mei's expression changed in a flash, and she was worried about it in her heart. Does the manager really have enough energy? Up to now, Ling Mo Feng is in the ascendant in everything. Mei Jie suddenly feels cold at the bottom of her heart and has a sense of fear that she can't breathe.

"Mr. President, is there any way to solve the problem at hand?" Mei can't help asking.

"The general election will be held at the beginning of next month. We don't have much time left. May, are you thinking about the future?"

Sister Mei was scared. She immediately bowed her head and said respectfully, "Sir, I can prove my loyalty to you. I will never betray you halfway. It's just that the person who knows the current affairs is Junjie. Has Mr. President considered his own way back?"

The old president stared at her for a long time and sneered, "you've made me stoop to him? To be a defeated general under him, and to be driven by him? I'm a man at best. "

"Has the president decided anything else? Now the situation is very unfavorable to us. At today's banquet, I saw that Ji Xiaohan and Luo Jinyu were also present. Now, it seems that they are not shy at all. In the political situation, the people's aspirations are no longer yours." Sister Mei seems to have seen the ending today. She inevitably has some Pei AI, because she has chosen a road that can't walk. She doesn't know what the end of the road is. Maybe it will be a cliff that will fall to pieces, but she hopes it will be Liu'an Huaming and reshuffle the card office.

"The human heart is such a reality. Whoever can bring benefits to them will choose who to be with. May, do you regret following me?" The old manager looked at her with heavy eyes.

Mei Jie was a smart person. She knew that the old president was deliberately testing her. She bent down in fright and looked submissive. She said faithfully: "I never regret what Mr. President said. Mr. President has always been my goal and model. I was promoted by Mr. President. I believe that Mr. President's wise decision-making will surely serve the country A brighter tomorrow. "

"You're a nice mouth to talk about." The old president laughed: "now, the only thing that can turn the tables is to focus on Ling Mo Feng. That blue Yanxi is hateful. He is young and skilled. He has been working in the general office for so long, and there are no flaws. She can't stay playing with us."

"Sir, this is to..." Mei's face suddenly changed, and she was frightened for a moment.

"Even if Ling Mo Feng won the hearts of the people and had the demeanor of a leader again, if no one else was in the world, who would want to follow him? It doesn't matter if he becomes someone else's belief. " At the moment, the old president has reached the point of death. He is old and has little time left. What he has to fight for is pride.

Mei Jie's face changed greatly, and her heart was frightened. She didn't expect that the old president had even made a move to death. Moreover, it was to lead all her friends to death together.

Although Mei is greedy for power, likes the feeling of being in the top position, and prefers to let those beautiful young women bend down in front of her. But if she pays the price of her life to get all this, she suddenly has no courage.

"Mr. President's decision is very good, indeed, everything, but just because of the existence of Ling Mo Feng, I just don't know what he intends to do?" Mei can't help asking.

"How? You do it for me. " The president's eyes suddenly flickered, staring into her eyes and saying, "may, I'll leave this matter to you. Can you do it?"

"I I I'm afraid I can't. I'm just a woman. I don't have the strength to hold a gun. If I just play politics and give advice, I'm still good at it. I can kill people. I I dare not. " Sister Mei has never been frightened to such a degree. When her legs are soft, she almost collapses to the ground, stutters and replies in a panic.

"They are all cowardly. Who said they could support me in this position?" The old president chuckled.

Mei's face is pale and colorless. She covers her chest nervously and gasps for breath for fear of being scared to death.

"Don't forget that you have lives in your hands. If you don't fight at this time, even if I fall, you don't have a good life." The old president scoffed and told the stakes.

Mei's eyes opened, and she didn't expect the old president to say such a thing. She was so angry and anxious that she couldn't speak.

The old president looked at the side of a swing needle, hour and second in the walk, like rings, urging people to move forward.

The wind outside the window blew in, setting off his top black hair, but showing the white years.

Mei Jie had knelt on the ground. Looking up, she saw the strands of white hair deliberately disguised by the old president. She couldn't tell what it was like.

"If I could be 20 years younger, there would be absolutely no room for Ling Mo Feng to talk today." The old president also sighed with emotion, no hate, no desire, only unwilling to the years.

Sister Mei doesn't speak, she just breathes faster.

"A month It's too short to change anything. Mr. vice president, I want to help my little nephew to sit on it. What do you think? " The old president's eyes are much older.

"Your nephew? The head of the northern army admires the prime minister? " Mei's face is unbelievable.

"Yes, as long as Ling Mo Feng agrees to this condition, I am willing to give up competing with him." The old president stretched out his hand and pulled out the clock quickly. His voice grew old.

"But he Does he seem unwilling to be with you? " Sister Mei looks surprised.