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"I know, I feel weird too!" Tang You You didn't deny it at all.

Alright, you only think this way because you have a kind heart. As long as you are a kind person, you won't like to look at the ruthless things in this world, but, you long, you know feelings, these things should be black and white, whoever you like it is who you want it to be. It's better not to give her too much hope, I don't want you or a child to question me one day, why are you so entangled with her? Ji Xiao Han explained his callousness.

Tang You You was embarrassed: "Just like what you heard!"

Ji Xiao Han pressed his forehead against hers as he was unwilling to leave, his voice extremely hoarse. "Every night, you walk in front of me back and forth, do you know how I feel?"

Tang You You's entire body shivered. Oh my god, this man is fine, why is she saying these words again?

"I don't feel good!" The man's somewhat aggrieved voice fell into his ears. "A woman you like, but you don't even have a hug …"

"Do you think a hug will satisfy me?" Ji Xiao Han felt that this woman was very mischievous at times and really wanted to punish her.

Tang You You's arms which were holding her slightly stiffened, her beautiful eyes were somewhat dissatisfied: "Didn't you say just now that there was no hug? Why would I hug you but not satisfy you? It's really hard for you to wait on me! "

The two of them stood in the hallway in the deep night, talking about love.

The lights on the walls of the corridor fell upon the faces of the two men. Their bodies shone with gentle light, giving off a very pleasant feeling.

For some inexplicable reason, Tang You You somewhat liked the feeling of being taken the initiative to tease her.

Ji Xiao Han laughed sinisterly, seeing her pout like a child. He really couldn't control his emotions, and his thin lips instantly swallowed her pouting lips.

"Ugh …" Tang You You was stunned, and in the next second, he felt the strong force of the flames.

This kiss seemed to have been pressed onto him for a very long time, yet it also seemed to have accumulated too many emotions. It was a kiss that was extremely intoxicating.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, her legs, which were pressed up against the wall, felt somewhat weak, as if they were about to fall down.

At her waist, the man's arm hugged her in time, pulling her soft body into his embrace and hugging her tightly once again.

"Ran Lu, go to sleep early. Tomorrow morning, my grandparents will come over!" Even though his body had already endured to the limit, Ji Xiao Han still used his strong rationality to suppress his impulse. Seeing her flirtatious and blurry appearance, he could only pat her face and tell her to rest.

Tang You You woke up from her stupor, and realized that she was already lying in his embrace. She quickly took a step back and anxiously said with a flushed face, "You should also go to sleep early!"

After saying that, she pushed open the door and entered, sticking close to the side of the door as she tried to catch her breath.

Just now, she hadn't even thought of pushing him away. Moreover, the instinctive resistance in her body hadn't appeared before.

Did this mean that her body was gradually being conquered by this man?

Not just her heart?

Tang You You laughed bitterly. So love was really poisonous, it could even change a person's heart and body.

Lying on the bed, Tang You You also found it hard to sleep.

However, she had been busy all day and was truly tired. She could only bring her daughter's small body over and put her daughter to sleep. This would allow her heart to calm down a little.

Ji Xiao Han, however, was unable to sleep. Standing on the balcony, he calmed himself down for a while, then went into his room to change into a set of clothes. He went downstairs, picked up a bottle of wine, sat on the sofa and slowly drank.

Judging by the time, he should leave for the airport!

Uncle Yuan walked in and said softly: "Young Master, it's about time. We should set off!"

"Un, let's go!" Ji Xiao Han straightened his clothes and walked out of the living room with his slender legs.

At the door, a black coloured sedan was waiting for them.

Early in the morning, there were few cars on the road. There was a train heading towards the airport.

It was just after three o'clock, at the entrance of the airport, Ji Xiao Han saw his grandparents walking out with a servant that was accompanying them.

"Grandpa, grandma!" Ji Xiao Han quickly walked over with a smile.

The old woman was naturally overjoyed to see her grandson. The old man was more reserved, because he had been overly strict in training Ji Xiao Han since he was young, causing the grandfather and grandson's feelings to be more restrained, and not easily expressed. However, Ji Xiao Han's respect for his grandfather, could be seen from his words and actions.

On the way back, the old lady could not help but scold, "With such a big thing like a child, how could you keep it a secret? You really make an old woman like me sad. Do you think it's easy for me to find a partner for your marriage?"

Seeing his grandmother's wronged look, Ji Xiao Han hurriedly consoled her, "Grandma, I just got to know them, so I want to get to know them better."

"What is it? The children still don't recognize you? " When the old lady heard this, she instantly became anxious.

"Of course not, the children are all good, and they recognize me!" Ji Xiao Han was afraid that his grandmother would think too much, hence he quickly replied his.

"That's enough. Are you afraid that your grandpa and I will scare the children? We are not monsters!" The old lady was still brooding over the fact that he was keeping it a secret.

"Grandma, I didn't think well enough about this matter. I made you two old men worry." Ji Xiao Han could only apologize to his grandmother.