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"Daughter, what's wrong with you?" Meng Xiu Juan saw that she was quiet and only had an ugly expression on her face.

"It's nothing!" Tang Xue Rou turned and walked upstairs. As she walked, she made a plan in her mind.

Tang Xue Rou squinted her eyes as she tried to think of a method.

This man was too proud. As long as it was dirty, no matter what it was, he wouldn't take it anymore.

After Tang You You finished dinner, he did not linger outside for long before leaving for Back to Ji Family.

The main thing was that she couldn't stop worrying about the two children, letting them be her attached daughter. If she wasn't by her side, she wouldn't be able to sleep and would even cry.

By the time Tang You You rushed back, it was already past nine o'clock.

Tang Xiao Nai sat in the living room and cried as she wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. "I want Mummy, Daddy, can you give Mummy a call and have her come back quickly?"

Ji Xiao Han looked at his daughter whose tears were constantly flowing down. Although his heart ached, he didn't want to call Tang You You.

What happened yesterday, that woman definitely still hadn't forgiven him. Even if he had called her, she wouldn't have answered.

Just as Ji Xiao Han was helpless, Tang You You walked in from the entrance of the hall.

"Mummy …" The little fellow seemed to have suffered a great grievance as it sprinted towards her.

Tang You You immediately squatted down and tightly hugged his daughter in her embrace. Seeing her teary eyes, she said with a pained heart, "Alright, don't cry anymore, hasn't Mummy returned? Come, Mummy will take you upstairs to sleep, you still have to go to school tomorrow morning. "

"Mummy, if you still don't come back, I won't be able to cry. My tears have all dried." Tang Xiao Nai said with a resentful look.

When Tang You You heard it, he couldn't help but laugh out loud. "I know, it's Mummy's fault for making you cry for so long."

"I told dad to call you, but dad doesn't want to. Daddy definitely doesn't love me anymore." After Tang Xiao Nai finished speaking, she secretly glanced at Ji Xiao Han who was sitting on the sofa and pouted his lips, feeling wronged.

When Ji Xiao Han heard his daughter say such words, he immediately became somewhat sad. He had coaxed her for a long time just now.

But Tang You You said gently, "That won't happen, your father will definitely love you, he will always love you."

"Really? Actually, I will also always love Father and Mummy. " After Tang Xiao Nai heard it, she immediately beamed with joy, and almost forgot why she was crying just now.

Ji Xiao Han was slightly surprised to hear his words.

He didn't expect her to not add oil to the fire, instead gently telling his daughter that he would always love her.

He used to think that her way of teaching was too harsh and violent. But now, he realized that this woman's way of educating her children was also worth him learning from.

No matter what kind of argument the adults had, they would always patiently advise the children.

He tried his best to not place the grudges of adults on the children's shoulders, causing them to feel a burden in their hearts.

At this moment, it was as if Ji Xiao Han had a whole new level of understanding towards Tang You You, but his heart was even more downcast.

Tang You You carried his daughter up the stairs and directly entered the room. After giving his daughter a bath, he hugged her and planned to sleep.

"Mummy, let's go and see what big brother is doing." Tang Xiao Nai suddenly could not fall asleep again, and begged Mummy pitifully.

"What's there to look at? He must be playing a game. Otherwise, he would have already fallen asleep." The reason why Tang You You didn't want to go next door was because he didn't want to see someone.

Big brother is also worried about Mummy. Mummy, let's go see him. Tang Xiao Nai revealed an even more pitiful expression.

Tang You You was unable to grind his daughter, so he carried her and opened the door.

The next door was tightly shut. Tang You You hesitated for a moment, but in the end, she still reached out and pushed open the door.

Even if she hated Ji Xiao Han, with her son inside, she would still greet him to prevent him from worrying.

Only, she didn't think that when she pushed open the door, she would see Ji Xiao Han lying on the side next to his son, watching his hard work at the game console.

Seeing her enter, Ji Xiao Han's eyes showed slight shock, and he couldn't help but look at her.

"Mummy, you're back!" Tang Xiao Rui's eyes were still fixed on the game console in her hand, and her voice shouted happily.

Tang You You placed his daughter on the bed and directly snatched away his game console. "What's the time? You're not allowed to play anymore, you still have to go to school tomorrow.

Tang Xiao Rui was playing at the critical moment, but unfortunately, he was interrupted by the Mummy, so he could only unwillingly lie on the bed: "Alright! Am I not allowed to sleep now? "

Ji Xiao Han felt gratified to see his son listening to her words in such a manner.

However, Tang Xiao Nai ran to their bed and jumped around, treating their bed as though it was a trampoline. She laughed as she jumped: "Big brother, I'm going to bounce you up, look!"

Tang Xiao Rui looked at Mummy in annoyance: "Quickly take this annoying little idiot away, let him sleep for a bit."

Tang You You had no choice but to carry her happy daughter up, turn around, and leave the room after opening the door.

Ji Xiao Han's gaze was on her the entire time, but tactfully he did not speak up again.

After Tang You You coaxed his daughter to sleep, he took her paintbrush and went to the balcony to turn on a small light.

She was wholeheartedly drawing. After chatting with her godmother for a few days, she was no longer depressed, she had only treated Ji Xiao Han's behavior from yesterday as one where he had a personality rupture. When she thought that he was a patient, she felt relieved.

Just as she was engrossed in drawing, the sound of heavy footsteps came from behind her.

Tang You You's mind froze, the brush stopped moving. She turned her head to the side and saw the tall figure standing not far behind her.

Under the shadows, he was even more imposing and tyrannical.

Tang You You ignored him and continued to draw her map.