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C1261 marriage needs mutual respect

Even if Cheng Ying explains it clearly and cleanly, Liu Lan still hates her. No matter whether Cheng Ying and Fang Yang had a relationship before or after their marriage, Liu Lan would like to tear up Cheng Ying's beautiful young face.

Men are all visual animals indeed. Now that she is old and ugly, she will find various reasons not to love her and return to fall in love with Cheng Ying, the fox spirit. Will she make them feel better?

Liu Lan immediately turned around and went out, yelling at the people in the office: "your boss seduced my husband. Please help me to reason. With such a shameless boss, you won't have a good future. Moreover, I advise all married women not to let such a flattering daughter know your husband, otherwise, you will come to me next How miserable! " Cheng has overestimated this woman's character. He thinks she can do well in business and quantity. Now, it seems that Liu Lan would like to be known to everyone. Cheng

Ying immediately called the security department, and soon two security guards came to dissuade him.

"What are you doing? What's that? Do you know who I am? My husband is Fang Yang, vice mayor. Would you give me a try? " Liu Lan immediately pointed at the two guards and swore at each other.

Everyone was surprised. Unexpectedly, the woman who shouted was the wife of Fang Yang, the vice mayor. So, did Cheng Ying have an affair with Fang Yang?

Everyone secretly marveled. Unexpectedly, looking at the elegant and dignified female boss, they really seduced the husband of a woman and made a marriage discord. The wife came to the company to seek justice.

For a while, Liu Lan's behavior had a very bad impact on Cheng Ying, and the employees under the company began to gossip. When people see that Fang Yang often wanders at the entrance of the hall, they naturally deepen this mysterious relationship.

"Madam, please calm down. This is the office area. You will affect other people's work if you make such a noise." The guard was patient in persuading her. "

Oh, I just don't want this bad woman to win the job. If you dare to move me, I'll show you!" Liu Lan said, hands in front of the chest, directly sat on a sofa. Seeing that she is a woman, the two guards are not good enough to go forward and drag her, so they have no choice but to find a solution for Cheng Ying. Cheng

Ying just called Fang Yang. Fang Yang was shocked to hear that his wife was making a big noise when she came to her company and was on her way.

"Let her make trouble, you go back to your post first!" Cheng Ying did not dare to embarrass the two guards.

More than ten minutes later, Liu Lan was still sitting in her seat, crying and swearing, while accusing Cheng Ying of all kinds of evils. In a word, she would like to make her family clown known to all and see how much sympathy and pity she can win. Some of the people who listened to Liu Lan's scolding before saw that Liu Lan broke off her and her husband's love one by one, and all the goosebumps came out. The male staff thought that if their future wife was like this woman, she would go to others and scold herself No, it's a nightmare. However, some women are dissatisfied with Liu Lan's behavior that affects everyone's work from the beginning of sympathy to the end of boredom. Finally, a middle-aged man pushed open the glass door and walked in quickly.

"Husband Husband, when you come, she scolds me and bullies me! " Liu Lan saw Fang Yangqi rush to come, immediately ran over, pretended to be pitiful.

"Pa!" Fang Yang raised his hand and slapped Liu Lan in the face.

"I don't stop you from being shameful, but you've left my face clean." This is the first time Fang Yang reaches out to hit her. It's also because she's so angry that she ran to Cheng Ying for trouble. Of course, he hit her for selfish reasons. He also wants to keep a good image in front of Cheng Ying, but now, it's all ruined by this woman.

"You You hit me? " Liu Lan can't believe it. She was wronged and suffered outside before. He must have reached for her and patted her on the shoulder. Why? Why did he not comfort her now, but beat her in front of so many people.

Everyone at the scene watched the play. Fang Yang, the vice mayor, was certainly recognized by them. At the moment, watching him slap his wife's face rudely, everyone was shocked. Fang also knew that he had behaved improperly just now. However, apart from waking up the shrew, he had no better way to dispel his evil spirit.

"Please don't believe her nonsense. I have nothing to do with you, Cheng. Please don't get me wrong. My wife has mental problems. I'll take her away now. Don't believe anything she says." After Fang Yang finished, he forced Liu Lan out of the gate.

Liu Lan's whole face was swollen like a fool, and her face was empty and haggard.

"Fang Yang, I want to divorce you. I want to divorce you!" By the time she reflected, she was already at the door of the elevator. She immediately punched and kicked each other and roared wildly. She had never suffered such grievances in her life. Even her family was reluctant to beat and scold her. This man gave himself a slap for another woman. This life is impossible.

"That's what you said. Whoever doesn't leave is a fool!" Fang Yang also points to her face and grins back. Liu

LAN seems to have been pulled out of her body, almost unsteadily. Why does her marriage go to this step? Fang wants to get rid of her and treat her as a plague. Is she really so terrible?

The couple went home without saying a word. Fang Yang went upstairs to get the divorce agreement. He had already signed on it. Only Liu Lan needed to sign it, and the marriage ended. "

sign it. Don't go back on it. We can't live any longer." Fang Yang put his pen on the table and lowered his head to light a cigarette.

Liu Lan's eyes are dull and her expression is sad. She suddenly reaches out and grabs the divorce agreement. She tears it angrily and crazily. At last, she smashes Liu Yang hard and smashes him all over the face with paper pieces. "

I won't sign. Even if you die, don't want to divorce me. Since you don't love me, let's torture each other to death. I have money, but you? You'll end up like a dog. If you can't even eat, you can sue me if you have any. I see you dare not! " Liu Lan finally came to realize that her character was extremely extreme. As soon as she thought of signing for divorce, Fang Yang could go to another woman, or go to Cheng Ying to relive her old relationship, her heart would hate to death. She would never let him do what she wanted. The man she once loved, she would like him to die. Fang

Yang knew that it was not so simple. He looked at Liu Lan coldly: "don't you just want to see how miserable I am? You can rest assured that one day you will see it, but I warn you, don't look for Cheng Ying's trouble, let alone the delicate trouble! " "

Oh, by the way, I almost forgot that you have another base species, Fang Yang. Thanks to your reminding me, that base species is almost twenty years old. Her existence makes me sick. It seems to prove that you still love each other for more than twenty years. I will not let her go. I will not!" As soon as Liu Lan thought of Cheng Ying's daughter, she hated her ferocious face and roared at Fang Yang in pain. "

you dare to try her. I have no face to recognize her anymore. Can't you be merciful? Liu Lan, do you know why you are not happy? Do you know why I'm not happy? Because you have driven me as your slave from the beginning. In this marriage, have we talked about fairness? I am at your service and your livestock from beginning to end. " Fang Yang also roared out his inner sorrow.

Liu Lan's whole body is stiff, a pair of eyes stare as big as the copper bell, dead, looking at the man sadly. It's sad that the love she thought was the tolerance of this man.