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C1325 it's not good luck

President Tong recited the name of the first prize winner in person. Everyone was silent. Everyone's thoughts seemed to pause for a second. Then, everyone began to want to know where the lucky man was?

Who is Lan Yanxi?

LAN Yanxi is standing on one cheek bored, staring at the hypocritical smile of the old president on the stage. Suddenly she hears that he reads his name, and she is shocked. Then, a colleague next to her tugs at her arm: "Yanxi, it's you!"

Lanyanxi's face is covered with circles, because she never thought that she would have the chance to win the prize today. Of course, maybe her luck is really so good, but it makes her a little unbearable.

"Miss lanyanxi, please come to the stage!" The host said with a smile.

"Is it really me? I heard you right! " LAN Yanxi was a little incredulous. He asked people on both sides, which was her.

Lanyanxi had to stand up and walk step by step to the huge stage from the aisle next to his position.

At this moment, Ling Mo Feng, who is sitting in the center of the first row, has a pretty face, slightly tense, and looks expressionless, but the wind and waves are surging in his heart. Why is it so skillful? Hit her?

The coincidence of many events may not be a probability, but it is more likely to be arranged artificially. Thinking of these, Ling Mo Feng Jun's face becomes more and more cold and ugly. He will definitely regret who dares to move his woman.

Lanyanxi felt that every step he took was empty and a little unstable. For a while, he didn't slow down from this luck.

As she walked down the road, she heard the envious voice and the sour sarcasm.

The light was getting brighter. LAN Yanxi was invited to the next step by the staff. She took a hard breath and walked up boldly.

"It turned out to be a beautiful young woman. Today's winner, Congratulations!" The host came up and congratulated her.

LAN Yanxi smiled shyly at each other, and then turned around to face Nuo's audience.

At the first sight, she saw Ling Mo Feng sitting in the center of the first row. He was so dazzling. In the center of a group of middle-aged and old leaders, his youth and beauty were even more prominent.

LAN Yanxi's heart jumped up in a flash.

When I get along with him, I don't want to think about how valuable his identity is. I only treat him as a normal man, tease him, tease him, and punish him.

But at this moment, she found that this man is not only her boyfriend's identity, but also the vice president. Everyone beside him is respectful and cautious.

When LAN Yan hopes Ling Mo Feng, Ling Mo Feng's eyes have never moved away from her for a moment, fearing that she will be nervous, worried that she will meet red and shy, but it's obvious that this woman has amazing courage. She just stood on the stage in such a relaxed and generous manner, with a smile on her face, and frankly facing a full of leading colleagues, with no stage fright at all.

In fact, it's not that Lan Yanxi is not afraid, it's just that Ling Mo Feng is left in her eyes. Everyone around her is just a vague shadow. She is not afraid.

"Now, let's invite our president to disclose the contents of the award!" The host was obviously nervous. After all, there was Mr. President standing beside him. He was afraid of losing his manners.

The image of the old president has always been friendly and friendly. It seems that he didn't put on any score, but he calculated a lot in his mind.

He asked humorously, "how many years has Miss blue been working here?"

LAN Yanxi was immediately handed a microphone, she reached for it, chuckled, "I'm new, I haven't passed the probation period!"

"Well, that award means a lot to you." The old president replied with an exaggerated smile.

All the people on the scene were very nervous immediately, and they were looking forward to the unveiling of the award.

Only Ling Mo Feng's face was ugly, even gloomy. His eyes narrowed, but he wanted to see what the old man did.

The host immediately smiled to placate a group of people on the stage: "it seems that Miss LAN has won a very good prize!"

"This is a rare opportunity to go to country m for exchange and study at the end of this month." When the old president said this, he looked at Ling Mo Feng with a smile.

As soon as the award is announced, the expressions of some ordinary staff on the site become colorful, which means lanyanxi will be promoted and given a raise. Every quarter, there are 15 places for exchange students between countries to study in other countries, usually for a month or so. After returning home, the level will be upgraded two times in a row, which is the best opportunity for promotion Once in a blue moon.

The selection conditions are also particularly harsh. Generally, new people don't have such treatment. Only those with outstanding performance or deep working experience have the chance to be selected into the list of exchange students. Now, a young girl who has just been in for less than three months has got the chance to exchange and study because of her bad luck, which makes many people jealous 。

Maybe for others, this is a good chance.

But for LAN Yanxi, this opportunity has become a drag!

Ling Mo Feng, who is sitting in the position, has a clenched tooth root. From the content of this award, LAN Yanxi is not lucky enough to win the award, but unlucky and calculated.

The man's big palm suddenly pinched the position of the handrail. It was like an inch. I wish I could squeeze the old bastard's neck and even dare to do something to his woman.

In fact, the old president intended to test, of course, he has a deeper arrangement.

When Miss Li took the award certificate to the stage, the old president gave it directly to LAN Yanxi.

But something unexpected happened to everyone present.

LAN Yanxi picked up the microphone and said with a face of shame, "Mr. President, I don't want this award. Please take another lucky one from Mr. President. I'm just a new person. Such a good opportunity for further study is too precious. Let's leave it to better people."

The old president did not expect lanyanxi to refuse, but he was not angry. He just asked with a smile, "is there any reason why Miss LAN should stay?"

LAN Yanxi was shocked. Mei Mou looked at Ling Mo Feng. He thought he could look at him, but the man opened his face and bowed his head to talk to the people beside him.

LAN Yanxi was at a loss for a moment. Why didn't Ling Mo Feng give her some instructions.

"Of course not. It's just my grandfather's birthday next month. I want to prepare for him!" Lanyanxi can only extend the topic to her family, and she gradually understands that the old president seems to be testing her.

"Oh, I'm still a very filial and good child, but this opportunity is rare. Are you sure you don't want to think about it?" The old president's words, listen to also comfortable.

LAN Yanxi nodded: "I don't want to think about it. Please ask the president to smoke others."

But the old president smiled: "there is only one winner, Miss LAN. How about this reward? We will keep it for the time being, and we will reply after you go back to discuss with your grandfather!"

LAN Yanxi wants to cry.

She can't refuse such a beautiful idea even if she wants to. How hateful is that?

"Thank you very much, Mr. President!" LAN Yanxi bent down to the president, counted as a salute, then put down the microphone, and walked down from the stage.

When she stepped down, she looked at the man's unfathomable eyes. Ling Mo Feng's look was complicated, but it gave her a reassuring look.

When LAN Yanxi went back, he heard some people whispering that she was too good to install. This forced installation was too perfect. Even the old president was moved. The future is limitless.

LAN Yanxi sighed in the bottom of her heart. It's over. She's going to be famous!

She didn't pretend at all. She didn't want to go anywhere. Going abroad was just suffering for her. She wanted to stay with him and have his company every night when she could see him.

She is really selfish, but she is not used to move the old president, but to a man she loves deeply.

Lanyanxi refused the first prize. How many people have to bite their teeth?