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I'm sorry, Daddy.

"Daddy, help me wash my hair." The boy pointed with his little finger at the little head.

Since Ji Xiao Han was young, he had only helped others do things for him, and he had never helped anyone do these things.

Ji Xiao Han obviously did not expect his son to be such a scammer, to actually call this woman in to watch him make a joke.

His handsome face was flushed red. After his son screamed a few times, he immediately stretched out his hand and covered his son's mouth tightly.

"Ugh …" The little fellow's eyes widened as it shook its head in dissatisfaction.

"Ji Xiao Han, what are you doing?" The moment Tang You You rushed in, he saw Ji Xiao Han reach out his hand to cover his son's mouth.

Ji Xiao Han froze and quickly moved his big hands that were covering his mouth away. He then heard Tang Xiao Rui say with a beaming smile, "Mummy, look, Daddy's pants are torn."

Hearing his son's words, Tang You You practically instinctively looked towards Ji Xiao Han's pants.

"Don't look!" Ji Xiao Han had never been in such a difficult situation before.

However, Tang You You still saw it. He could not hold back and laughed happily: "So CEO Ji also likes to learn to wear open slacks like my son. Interesting."

"Tang You You, I order you to turn around immediately …" Ji Xiao Han's handsome face was flushed from embarrassment.

Tang You You curled her small mouth with a face full of disgust: "I saw it and I saw it, and I didn't break the law, what right do you have to order me?"

Tang Xiao Rui who was at the side revealed a pleased smile, Ji Xiao Han suddenly seemed to understand, his son was not helping him, but controlling him, this time he had suffered a big defeat.

This time, Ji Xiao Han had no choice but to leave, and when he left, both of his hands were still in front of his pants, that kind of feeling, was something that he would remember for the rest of his life.

Behind him, the woman couldn't hold back her laughter.

Ji Xiao Han cursed, how could this woman have any face at all? He actually dared to look around brazenly.

Initially, Tang You You was still brooding over her son's rejection of her taking a bath, but after seeing Ji Xiao Han's joke, her mood immediately went smoothly.

"Mummy, don't worry. No matter how much that idiot Xiao Nai likes Daddy, I will still stand on your side. I will never betray you." Tang Xiao Rui truly cared about the Mummy. As long as it was something good for the Mummy, he would stand on the Mummy's side and fight for it.

"As expected of my biological son!" Tang You You held her son's small face and kissed him crazily. After they finished kissing, she then slowly gave her son a bath.

When Ji Xiao Han walked out of the living room, he saw his daughter sitting on the sofa by herself. Her petite hand was clumsily folding a piece of paper, and it was unknown what she was doing.

"Daddy, can you help me fold a plane?" Seeing that his father had come out, Tang Xiao Nai's face was filled with joy.

Seeing that his daughter was interested in him again, Ji Xiao Han's handsome face immediately flashed with a smile. He said very gently: "Okay, wait a moment.

Ji Xiao Han ran to his bedroom on the second floor and changed into a set of casual clothes. When he went downstairs, he saw his daughter's troubled expression.

He immediately walked over and took his daughter to sit on his lap. He was very good at origami planes. Not only did he know how to fold aircraft, he also knew how to fold small boxes and birds.

"Yea, Daddy is awesome!"

"Daddy is so good to Xiao Nai, Daddy is so dear to Daddy!"

Every time the little guy got a new item, he would immediately clap his hands together and shout happily. His excited look made it seem as if he had received a good reward.

Tang You You carried his son out from the shower and saw a very warm scene in the living room.

Tang Xiao Nai's face lit up, she was having fun with her father.

"Mummy, big brother, look, Daddy helped me break it, it's so beautiful!" Tang Xiao Nai turned her head to look at Mummy and her brother, holding the broken things that Ji Xiao Han had given her like it was a treasure, she laughed incomparably happily.

Xiao Nai, can you give these things to Big Brother for him to take care of? Mummy will give you a bath before playing! " Tang You You immediately crouched down, and said gently to her daughter.

"En, big brother, this is for you. Help me keep it safe, don't break it!" Tang Xiao Nai unwillingly placed those things on the table, then turned around and followed Tang You You towards the bathroom three times.

When the mother and daughter went into the bathroom, Tang Xiao Rui combed his hair, revealing a small face that looked exactly the same as Ji Xiao Han's.

Ji Xiao Han crossed his legs and leaned against the sofa, his hands crossed in front of his chest, as he looked at his son with an unfathomable gaze.

Tang Xiao Rui suddenly felt that his father's posture was extremely imposing, thus, he followed suit and learnt.

Her short legs struggled to fold up with effort, her short hands were also encircled in front of her chest full of energy. Her pair of clear and big eyes were also half-closed as they met Ji Xiao Han's gaze.

The young and the old man didn't say anything as they sized each other up.

"Little Rui, just tell me your opinion of Daddy. Daddy will promise you that if Daddy doesn't satisfy you, Daddy will try his best to change it." Ji Xiao Han opened his mouth, and said with a tone of discussion.

Tang Xiao Rui said with a light snort, "Daddy, why haven't you come to find us and the Mummy for so long? made Mummy suffer so much, suffered so much. "

Ji Xiao Han's aura weakened as he helplessly stroked his forehead and spoke while weighing his options, "It's not that father won't look for you, it's just that father doesn't even know your birth. If you have to blame something, you can only blame your Mummy for not revealing your matter to me in time."

"How can we blame the Mummy? Mummy has to take care of Xiao Nai and me everyday, how would she have the time to contact you? " Tang Xiao Rui did not allow him to place the blame on Mummy.