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C1385 training diary

The light in the bedroom is dim. Ling Mo Feng is like a sculpture pole beside the bed. He looks at her for a long time. Suddenly, he doesn't know how to open his mouth. He's afraid to frighten her.

She must be worried about the verbal attacks on the Internet, right? The heart is pricked like a needle, and it hurts.

"Hope!" Finally, Ling Mo Feng stopped her fingers, and called out to her gently.

"Ah..." Even though he lowered the voice line, he still gave LAN Yanxi a fright. Then, like something wrong, she quickly turned off the bright mobile phone screen and put it into the quilt. Then she sat up and asked with a smile, "when did you come back? I didn't find out. "

"What are you looking at?" Ling Mo Feng sat at the bedside, reached out gently to trim her long messy hair, revealing her sleepy little face, which was even more painful.

"Nothing. I thought you wouldn't be here today." LAN Yanxi's cheeks are bulging, and those little grievances at the bottom of her eyes are all driven away. As long as he is here, LAN Yanxi will think nothing.

"I didn't plan to come here. After all, we agreed to act to avoid disrespect. But I don't know what happened, so I asked Chu lie to come here." Ling Mo Feng Jun's face was stained with a few embarrassments, as if he was just a young man with feelings, and he was at a loss.

LAN Yanxi listened to this, but she was very heartless. She immediately hugged one of his arms and pasted his face on it. Then she suddenly shook twice: "it's so cold!"

Lingmo Feng thought that he had just come in from the outside. His coat was still cold. He wanted to put her back into the quilt.

But she clings to his arm and refuses to let it go. Instead, she laughs at herself: "I finally know what it means to stick hot face to cold butt Hahaha! "

Before she finished speaking, she had already become a maniac, because she had just seen this sentence in the post. Everyone said that she was actively fawning on Mo Feng and wanted to see the end of her face being beaten.

Ling Mo Feng: "..."

"Don't talk like that!" She smiled happily, but the man was very angry and blamed her.

LAN Yanxi stopped laughing, but a pair of beautiful big eyes are still full of stars and bright.

"Ling Mo Feng, I'm famous. Now people all over the country know that I'm the man. It's all your credit." LAN Yanxi said, and at the same time, she reached out to manage the men's skirts carelessly, with a tone of no wonder.

"I'm sorry, Yanxi, maybe I'm wrong about this. I didn't expect it would bring you so many negative effects." Ling Mo Feng is also upset for a day today. He even regrets that he should ask the two elders to do the engagement. He just wants to protect her, but he seems to make things even worse.

Lanyanxi shook his head and answered him fearlessly: "it doesn't matter. Anyway, sooner or later, I will be officially introduced to your people. Now everyone knows that I am your fiancee. Other women will definitely not make your idea any more. It's not all bad for me."

Ling Mo Feng knows that she is comforting him, or that she is optimistic in nature and unwilling to be sad. It's really painful that she can reach this level at a young age. When a person becomes open-minded, she must have suffered a lot of harm behind her.

"Man, you remember, you are a man with a famous grass owner. You can't do anything outside in the future. Otherwise, I won't let you go easily!" LAN Yanxi suddenly sat up straight, stretched out a little finger, some light pick up the man's sexy chin, a pair of bright big eyes looked directly at him, said, a face is his wife.

Ling Mo Feng was finally amused by her. She was allowed to hook her chin and lean forward.

"You What are you doing? Seriously, I'm still training my husband. " LAN Yan hopes to see him approaching him dangerously. He bends down immediately and looks at him with beautiful eyes.

"Training husband? What a brave man, Yan Xi. I'm in charge of it before I'm engaged? If I get married, I can't be taken care of by you. " Ling Mo Feng's heart was filled with a smile. She was bewildered by her lovely and funny appearance and just wanted to lure her to the deep.

Of course, lanyanxi was only joking with him, because she just couldn't stand the way he apologized to her. She was in debt of adjustment at first sight, but unexpectedly, at last, she took herself in.

She just wanted to reply, the soft lips, was taken away by the strong man, where can we go to carry the bar with him again?

On the gentle big bed, there is a natural fragrance on her body. Ling Mo Feng just wanted to tease her, but the kiss was out of control. He didn't want to stop like this, and he wanted more.

LAN Yanxi is still full of complaints and scolds people on the Internet. At this moment, her head is empty. Only the hot temperature of the man around her makes her want to get close to heating.

Lanyanxi is only wearing a set of white pajamas, but the man is still in a suit, and even the black windbreaker outside is too late to take off. In this way, the more obvious lanyanxi is petite, cute and beautiful.

"Cold..." Lanyanxi's first feeling was cold. The man held her directly in his arms and wrapped her tightly in his arms with his overcoat.

LAN Yanxi immediately laughed happily, like a child who had sugar to eat.

Ling Mo Feng just kissed her once, but he dared not have more ideas. Even if she was only wearing thin pajamas at the moment, he could stretch out, but he really did not dare to ask too much.

"My mother called me just now. She was angry and cried by the words on the Internet. My mother was born timid. Maybe it really scared her. But my grandfather called to appease me and let me not think much about it. Don't care too much." LAN Yanxi lies in his arms and whispers.

"Your grandfather really cares about you, and he is also a very sensible elder." Lingmo Feng is really afraid that the old man of the blue family will call him to mention this matter. He will be ashamed to know how to answer. But now, when talking about the attitude of the old man of the blue, lanyanxi makes Lingmo Feng feel relieved.

"Of course, I was taught by my grandfather. I have such a good character and I have something to do with him." LAN Yanxi boasted.

"I'll be filial to him. I've picked up a bargain for training you so well!" Ling Mo Feng said from the heart.

"Well, we are filial together. Your family, my family, will be one family later. Let's discuss it." Lanyanxi doesn't think of herself as an outsider either. She just wants to be his insider.

Ling Mo Feng was amused by these words. He liked her unkindly manner, which made him less embarrassed. He liked her easy-going personality.

"I'm your fiancee. Are people in the general office talking about it?" LAN Yanxi has a headache. She doesn't have the courage to go back to work and bear the strange look after the new year.

"Yes, everyone is surprised. There is another thing I want to tell you!" Ling Mo Feng's thin lips puckered. I didn't know how to speak about Yang He for a while.

"What's up? You say it! " LAN Yanxi listened.

"When Yang he was working in the library today, I happened to meet him. I didn't expect that she would tell me. At that time, I didn't directly refuse him. Would you be angry?" Ling murfeng regrets at the moment. He didn't do it decisively. He was afraid that he would make the other side think more.

After LAN Yanxi heard it, she didn't have a big response, because Yang He's mind has been clear for a long time. It's also a matter of time before she confessed to Ling Mo Feng. Unexpectedly, Yang he can't wait to confess when she and Ling Mo Feng are about to be engaged. Is that a coincidence?

Of course, it's not a coincidence. Yang He must be in a hurry. Besides, she must be very angry. At the beginning, she suspected that her boyfriend was an adjutant of Chu. Now, she suddenly turned into Ling Mo Feng. Yang He might hate her to death.

"Then next time she wants to see you, you will directly refuse her and don't give her a souvenir." LAN Yanxi blusters that as vice president, Ling Mo Feng can only ignore the confession of his female subordinates. If he refuses coldly, it will definitely damage his identity, and LAN Yanxi can understand one or two.