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"Wandering …" Just as Tang You You was about to fiercely warn Tang Xue Rou, she heard someone calling her name from behind.

She turned her head around, only to see Lu Xuan Chen's face blushing red. His unstable hand was supporting himself by the bedroom door as he stared at her with a red gaze.

Tang You You nervously took a step back, her beautiful eyes staring fixedly at Lu Xuan Chen's eyes and expression: "What's wrong with you? Are you sick? Why are your entire body so hot? "

"She was the one who invited me here, it must be related to her," Tang You You said in an amiable tone. "Hengcheng-ge, calm down, I'll call her now!" After Tang You You finished speaking, he took out his phone, wanting to pull out a phone to call Ji Xiao Han for help.

However, when she took out her phone, she was horrified to find out that there was no signal on her phone.

Tang You You was dumbstruck. She felt as if she had jumped deeply into Tang Xue Rou's trap.

Tang You You could only give up on pulling out her phone, and turned around to knock on the door. Unfortunately, just as she was about to knock, Lu Xuan Chen, who was behind her, stuck close to her body: "You Lu, let me hug you again, I really don't feel good. You do, I like you, I've always liked you, don't you feel? I know I can't compare to Ji Xiao Han, he has power and influence, but I love you! "Can you also think about me?"

Tang You You was being hugged from the back by Lu Xuan Chen, and at the moment, she was anxious and worried, but actually did not feel that kind of instinctive fear emerged. He felt that Lu Xuan Chen did not intentionally hurt his, and was only uncontrollably drugged.

Oh right, let him take a cold bath!

Tang You You felt that this was a good idea.

Thus, she hurriedly used her fingers to pull on Lu Xuan Chen's fingers: "Hengcheng-ge, wake up, let go!"

Lu Xuan Chen, however, was confused as emotions exploded in his mind. His thin lips kissed the place where her hair hung in the air, "You Long, I won't let you go, I won't let you go no matter what happens. I like you!"

"Now is not the time to talk about this, we cannot act like this, otherwise, Tang Xue Rou will become complacent, quickly let go of me!" Tang You You knew that it was useless trying to reason with Lu Chichen as his willpower was growing weaker and weaker. Perhaps in the end, he would recover his true personality and become like … It was as terrifying as the Ji Xiao Han from five years ago.

Tang You You's mind quickly flashed through a few images once again. She realized that the sealed memories of five years ago seemed to have a moment of clarity.

"Eternal Rest, don't be so cold and heartless towards me. I feel terrible, can you help me?" "Just this once …"

"Not even half a time! Lu Xuan Chen, if you continue to be like this, I will get angry! " Tang You You purposely spoke loudly to warn him, hoping it would be effective.

"I like the way you look when you're angry!"

"Then I'm really sorry!" Tang You You lowered her head, opened her mouth, and fiercely bit down on the arm.

"Mm …" As expected, the pain cleared Lu Xuan Chen's mind a little, and he suddenly released his hand as Tang You You took the opportunity to escape.

She quickly ran into the bathroom, and poured cold water into the bathtub, then brought out a basin full of water and splashed it onto Lu Xuan Chen who had rushed in.

Under the stimulation of the cold water, Lu Xuan Chen's entire body became clear-headed. He panted anxiously, and with some unsteadiness in his stance, he supported himself against the wall, and looked at Tang You You in extreme pain. "Do you hate me that much?"

"Lu Xuan Chen, do you know what you want to do to me? You're not that kind of person. Hurry up and wake up, we don't want to be tricked by others! " Tang You You shouted at him angrily.

After being roared at by her, Lu Xuan Chen became even more dazed, and then, he immediately sat on the ground: "You Long, if you don't like me, then just say it, I can accept it."

Tang You You looked at Lu Xuan Chen who was acting like a big boy and laughed bitterly: "Hengcheng-ge, you know that we're not going to make it anymore."

"Yes, because you gave Ji Xiao Han two children!" Lu Xuan Chen finally remembered why he had to find his friends to drink when he was in a bad mood yesterday. It was because he found out that Tang You You and Ji Xiao Han had two beautiful children.

Lu Xuan Chen looked at Tang You You with incomparable injuries: "You all even have children, what qualifications do I have to compete with him? "Wandering, I feel so painful and uncomfortable. Why did you give birth to his child?"

Tang You You didn't want to explain too much to him at the moment, so she quickly dragged him into the bathroom to soak in the cold water.

This was because this type of medicinal effect could erupt at any time.

"Hengcheng-ge, can you cooperate a bit? Can we go inside to soak in cold water for a bit? You can't go on like this. " Tang You You pulled one of his arms forcefully, wanting to pull him up from the ground.

"Wandering, I've always liked you. I thought that if I waited any longer, you would definitely return home …" Using the effects of the alcohol and medicine, he cried like a child, "But, what I've been waiting for is this. You actually gave birth to a child to another man, no, it shouldn't be like this.