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C962 dilemma

The combination show of handsome men and beautiful women is always very eye-catching. It is possible that when the beautiful women and handsome men stand together, they will feel a strong sense of CP.

Lu xuanchen has a personality that fans like very much, that is, no matter what kind of occasions he attends, he is wearing a formal and rigorous suit, and he is obviously very suitable for wearing a suit, with a stable and mature temperament of men. Today, he is wearing a dark blue suit with a simple white shirt. There is no fancy color. It shows that he is more masculine.

Today, Yang ChuChu is also wearing an elegant dress. Her long hair is at the back of her head at will. It is fluffy and light, which makes her look like both the playful girl and the lazy girl.

There are many media reporters sitting under the stage, one by one holding the machine in hand, shooting at the two people sitting on the stage.

In the first part, two people talked about the film related topics. When it came to the question, a reporter asked sharply, "have you ever thought about formally holding hands? Fans have always felt that you are a good match. Can you give us a hand on the spot and meet our wishes? " Yang

glancing at Lu xuanchen, Lu xuanchen is also looking at her, and the two of them are in a rush.

"Lead one, lead one!" "

hand in hand, we want to see it!"

Someone is shouting under the stage. Lu

xuanchen took over the microphone and said in a low voice: "I'm sorry, I'm afraid I can't meet your wishes. I always respect Miss Yang. We are friends." Yang

chuchuchu takes a sigh of relief. Because she is young, she can't speak well. At this moment, Lu xuanchen takes the initiative to get rid of the siege, which makes her a little grateful. "

Lu xuanchen, do you have a girlfriend? Who is your girlfriend? Can you tell me? It's so mysterious, we want to know! " "

Yes, it's said that you have a woman who has been in love for a long time. Who is that woman? We are so curious!" Yang

he was stunned. He turned to look at Lu xuanchen. He has a woman who has been in love for a long time?

Who? Lu

xuanchen didn't expect someone to ask him that. His face slightly changed.

Then, another reporter said, "Lu xuanchen, I know you used to have a childhood playmate, Tang Youyou, the younger grandmother of Jijia. Do you have any contact with her?"

Hearing Tang youyou's famous son, Lu xuanchen's and Yang ChuChu's expressions changed. In his

speech, Lu xuanchen's expression became stiff. He gave the microphone back to the host and didn't answer.

Yang ChuChu blinks in amazement. Lu xuanchen and sister you are friends of childhood and childhood?

Wow, the big news of the day.

Lu xuanchen squints his eyes. He feels that these reporters seem to deliberately embarrass him. It must have been the people in the nebula. Because Wu Chang called him several times last time. After he refused, he was dissatisfied. Since he couldn't recruit him, he killed him. This is a common method in the entertainment circle.

Lu xuanchen didn't expect that Nebula media could be so insidious, so he chose to attack him at this time.

"Are you going to inquire about Tang youyou? It may be more appropriate to ask me. Sister youyou is my friend! " Yang ChuChu saw the scene suddenly cold, she quickly took over the microphone, said frankly.

Those reporters nearby have achieved their goal, but Lu xuanchen's silence and evasion are enough for their close-up in capitals.

"Well, we want to know your emotional problems. Is it convenient for us to talk? For example, what kind of man do you like, Lu xuanchen, do you like it? " Some reporters continued to ask questions. Yang was stunned for a moment, then she said with a smile, "Lu xuanchen is a very good man and takes good care of the girls. However, he and I are really just friends. If I meet someone I like, I will tell you!" "

Yang ChuChu has revealed that you have a delicate relationship with Luo Jinyu, the eldest young master of the Luo family. Can you talk about him, please?"

When Yang ChuChu saw that it was the reporters who asked, she was not happy.

What happened to the organizers? Just now, it was clearly said that the questions asked would not be too difficult, just talking about the surrounding and related matters of the film. Now, it's a well planned digging opera. Even if her acting skills are no better, she and Lu xuanchen can't cope with it.

"Do you have any questions about the film? If not, we'll see you next time! " Yang ChuChu is more direct. If she does not want to answer, she will not answer. "

Yang ChuChu, why do you choose not to mention him? Did he hurt your heart? Let her not want to hear his name again! " The reporter went on questioning.

"I'm sorry, these questions are too personal. I don't want to answer them!"

Lu xuanchen and Yang ChuChu were quickly sent back to the rest room, and their expressions were ugly.

"What's the matter? Didn't it just say about the movie? Where did these journalists jump out? They asked too much! " Yang ChuChu said angrily. "

it must have been sent by the nebula to make trouble!" Lu xuanchen said lightly. "

it's a nebula again. They are so deceiving. Are they going to die as long as they don't cooperate with them? I don't know! " Yang ChuChu mentioned nebula, but also a bellyful of resentment.

"It's normal. We should be careful ourselves!" Lu xuanchen said with a frown. "

this is not something we can solve carefully. Just now, it was a live broadcast. We two were asked, and their expressions must be very rich. I don't know how they want to write!" The more Yang ChuChu thought about it, the more annoyed she became. However, she quickly reflected and looked back at Lu xuanchen and asked, "you and sister youYou know each other before, don't you? Why didn't you just tell me? " Lu

xuanchen suddenly felt guilty of being pulled by mistakes. His deep eyes blinked two times: "I used to know her, but we haven't seen each other for a while!" "

just knowing?" Yang ChuChu is not a fool. Lu xuanchen's expression is too obvious.

Lu xuanchen sighed: "well, it's not just about knowing each other, we're growing up together!"

"Lu xuanchen, tell me the truth, are you Like sister youyou Yang ChuChu was also frightened by his bold question. Lu

Xuan Chenjun's face crawled over a blush of embarrassment, then he bit his lips and nodded: "yes, I like her, I like her for a long time!"

"Ah!" Yang ChuChu took a breath. Then she reached out and touched her head. She said with a blank face: "then you asked me to ask her to have dinner, you are not using me..." "

sorry, I shouldn't have done this. If you don't want to, cancel the dinner!" Lu xuanchen sincerely apologizes.