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Ling Mo Feng is the first time to see such a mess at home. For a man who has a slight obsession with cleanliness, he can't bear it.

Therefore, the vice president can only walk over with a light step, squat down and stare at the sleeping girl. The wounds on her face are all scarred. It's pitiful to see that there are several wounds on one face, but it still gives people a soft and transparent feeling. The man can't help chuckling. Although

it's spring now, and the weather tends to warm up recently, it's easy to catch cold without sleeping under the covers. Ling

Mo Feng frowned, and decided to carry her upstairs to sleep. He had a cold just a few days ago. Don't have another disease.

LAN Yanxi has just fallen asleep and is still dreaming a beautiful dream. In the dream, he lies in Ling Mo Feng's arms and lets him hold him.

But she didn't know that reality and dream overlapped. She was really held up by the man gently and was walking towards the bedroom upstairs.

LAN Yanxi, like a kitten who has found a way to rely on, pastes it to his chest.

Ling Mo Feng looks at her lovely little action. Her mind swings. Other girls are taken care of by their parents. Even if she coughs, their parents will worry about whether she is ill or not. Maybe even the medicine will be fed to her by herself, but lanyanxi doesn't have such treatment. She is too sensible and ill to tell her grandfather and mother to carry it by herself no matter what she meets Then things, she likes a person to bear in silence, this is Ling Mo Feng love her.

The man gently put the sleeping girl on the bed, took off the shoes for her and covered the quilt.

Ling Mo Feng saw that she was holding the quilt, opened her body, and continued to sleep, relaxed a breath. Next, he should clean up her messy desk. After more than half an hour, he finally restored the living room, and the man was sweating. He took off his coat, and he went to boil a pot of hot water and make a cup of tea. It's hard to sit on the sofa and enjoy it once. Since

moved from lanyanxi, Ling hasn't been able to relax at home. Because

for, she is around, his heart strings are taut. Blue

it's over nine o'clock when Yan Xi woke up. She started to sleep at half past six. After she woke up, she felt a bit strange. She was sleeping on the sofa. How could she lie on Ling Mo Feng's bed, and she was still covered with quilt.

LAN Yanxi's heart beat quickly. She got out of bed and rushed downstairs before she could put on her shoes.

She ran to the stairway in one breath and saw that under the bright lights, the man was sitting leisurely on the sofa, with a laptop at his knee, working. Ling

when Mo Feng heard the footsteps, he had stopped his work and looked up at the direction of the stairs.

I saw LAN Yanxi in a white sock, standing there in a daze.

"And your shoes?" Ling Mo Feng saw this and asked her with a frown, with light responsibility.

LAN Yanxi then remembered that he had forgotten in a moment of anxiety. He hurriedly backed away two steps in embarrassment, ran back to the building quickly, dragged a pair of cotton shoes and then came down again. His eyes and eyebrows were smiling happily: "you are so early today. It's really rare to see you!" "

If I don't come here early, how can I know that you've eaten a lot of snacks and slept on the sofa and got frozen?" The man put the computer on the side table, got up and walked towards her, with a light sneer.

LAN Yanxi choked for a moment. For a moment, he didn't know what to say, only his face turned red.

"I heard that you didn't even have supper. You have so many snacks. It's not good for your health. You can eat on time later. No more snacks, OK?" Ling Mo Feng frowned and scolded her. "

OK!" LAN Yanxi nodded. Suddenly, she felt the pain in her stomach. She reached out to her belly and touched it. Her face was red. "It's over. I've really eaten my stomach. I have to go to the bathroom!"

Ling Mo Feng looked at the way she went upstairs, smiling and shaking her head.

LAN Yanxi has diarrhea. She must have eaten her stomach just now. "

it's over. It's a shame!" LAN Yanxi has been sitting in the bathroom for more than ten minutes, holding the tissue while covering his face with shame.

When lanyanxi came out of the bathroom, she felt that the whole person was going to collapse. She pushed the door out weakly, and saw the man leaning against the stairs with his hands around his chest. Her brain exploded. "

you you you What are you doing here? " LAN Yanxi felt very ashamed at the moment and wanted to dig a hole in the ground.

"I'm afraid you need my help!" Ling Mo Feng said seriously.

"What can I ask you to do for me? I asked for it. I deserve it!" LAN Yanxi laughed at himself.

"Is your stomach better now?" Ling asked with concern. Blue

Yan Xi nodded and hung his head in embarrassment: "what a shame!"

"What's so humiliating? This is the life of ordinary people. It's common to get sick, but it's also very important to take good care of your body. Don't eat anything in the future!" Ling Mo Feng came to her and reached for her long hair to comfort her. LAN

Yan Xi knows that eating, drinking, Lhasa and sleeping are all normal lives for normal people, but Ling Mo Feng is her God. It's embarrassing to do these things in front of her beloved man.

"I just cooked you millet porridge. Come down and have a drink." Ling Mo Feng knew that her face was thin, and now she was very shy. She couldn't help chuckling.

"Ah? How can you cook porridge for me? " LAN Yanxi couldn't believe it, but it was a surprise.

"I asked my aunt, she said you didn't have dinner, so I cooked porridge for you, but I didn't expect it would be so timely, just to warm your stomach!" Ling Mo Feng couldn't hold back at last. He burst out laughing.

LAN Yanxi hurriedly went ahead: "you are really making fun of me!"

"No, I just think it's fun for you to beg for help!" Ling Mo Feng said unkindly. Blue

Yan Xi looks back at him! Ling

Mo Feng goes over and holds her small hand: "OK, don't be angry, go down to have porridge quickly!" LAN

Yan Xi didn't expect Ling Mo Feng to be so considerate. Holding that bowl of warm hot porridge, she felt that her life had reached its peak. Ling

Mo Feng sat by and watched her eat. LAN Yanxi's beautiful eyes were nowhere to be placed.

"By the way, I'd like to ask you to help me with one thing." LAN Yanxi quickly found a topic to talk about.

"What's the matter, you say!" Lingmo Feng just found that he seemed to be absorbed in what he saw. He immediately straightened his face, sat up straight and pretended to reach for tea. "

my mother has recently made a new boyfriend. I don't know how his character is. Do you have any way to investigate his details for me?" LAN Yanxi pleaded.

"Your mother has a new boyfriend again? Didn't she say she was going to get married? " Ling Mo Feng looked at her in surprise. "

well, it's a long story. His daughter didn't agree that he married my mother, so they broke up. My mother was very sad. Just as the man was pursuing her, my mother agreed!" LAN Yanxi didn't want to talk about her mother's emotional history. She was afraid that Ling would mind, but if she didn't make it clear, she would treat him as an outsider. Ling

Mo Feng can understand the difficulties of second marriage women, because the reality is so realistic.

"Then you have time to comfort your mother!" Ling Mo Feng exhorted.

"I went there at noon today, but my mother went downstairs to do some shopping. Her new boyfriend is at home. I don't think it's reliable, so I want you to check his background for me!" LAN Yanxi said with a troubled face. "

OK, I'll check it for you. Don't think about it any more!" Ling Mo Feng comforted her in a soft voice.

"Can I not think more? She is my mother. If she is not nice, I will die of heartache. Alas, if my father is still alive, my mother must be a happy woman! " Blue Yan Xi said, eyes red, bear the sadness, put a mouthful of porridge into his mouth, want to reduce that sad feeling. Ling

Mo Feng finally saw her fragile side. Before that, she always pretended to be very optimistic. She didn't care about anything. She was careless. But her inner hurt had left traces long ago. No matter how weak it was, it would occasionally hurt. "

I will honor her with you in the future. She has such a sensible daughter, which is also a kind of happiness and contentment!" Ling Mo Feng took one of her hands and said softly.

LAN Yanxi nodded and held back his tears.