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Lanyanxi didn't expect that he was a new comer. On the first day of his report, he forced a job. Besides, I don't know where the third conference room is.

Yang he saw her standing stupidly. He had to be dissatisfied. "You go to the tea room and make a pot of tea and four cups of coffee. I'll take them there." Blue

Yan Xi's brain is blank at the moment. Hearing her words, he instinctively replied, "OK!"

LAN Yanxi put down her work clothes and turned to look at it. It was a big area. She didn't know where the tea room was. She had to ask a woman next to her with a shy face. The woman pointed in a direction.

Lanyanxi walked quickly and saw that there were a lot of drinks in it. Yang he asked her to make tea just now, but she didn't know much about these things. In addition, she had no place to make coffee. Finally, she had to take some bottles of mineral water and drinks from the side. She walked out quickly and came across Yang He. She saw what she had in her hand Things, she looks a little Stern: "what's the matter with you? Clumsy, on such a cold day, do you let the guests drink cold water? " "

me..." "

come on, give me the things. You should go first in the afternoon. Come back tomorrow and study hard. Remember, don't wear your clothes again tomorrow." Yang He looked at her plain clothes, and immediately realized that she almost made a big mistake. Although the personnel department arranged a person to help, she also wanted to use the qualifications of the old staff to call her. Unfortunately, she was wearing plain clothes today, which was not suitable for the guests. "

Yes, I will go first!" LAN Yanxi watched the other side take the plate away from her hand with some heavy movements. She took a deep sigh of relief. It seems that although the job is easy, there are still many things to learn. Starting tomorrow, we have to work hard. LAN

Yanxi goes out with something, and Ling Mo Feng's driver brother is still waiting for her.

LAN Yanxi got on the bus, breathed easily, held the professional clothes in her arms, and her mouth turned up. She didn't expect that the first job she decided to do was because of him. Ji

Shang Qing lay in the hospital for one night. The next day, Ji Lin found the hospital and watched his son's leg break. His face was blue and black with anger.

"Shangqing, don't worry, Dad won't let you break this leg in vain. I'm going to find the elder brother to make the decision for you!" Ji Lin said angrily. "

come on, don't bother grandparents. They live a comfortable life now. If they know that their grandson is playing Wimbledon, they will be very sad!" Ji Shangqing is a light persuading him.

"But you can't break your leg in vain. Ji Xiaohan is really cruel. It's nothing to do with you. He even started directly at you. Why don't you come while I'm here?" Ji Lin is still too angry.

"Don't you really know why he's targeting me? You should know better than anyone else in your heart. I'll let it go. Don't worry about it any more. Besides, should you stop too! " Ji Shangqing sank his tone and directly persuaded him.

"Stop? What are you talking about? Did he break your head? " At the moment, Ji Lin heard the word "close up", as if he was stabbing his heart with a knife. The goal he had been striving for all his life was close at hand. His own son even asked him to close down, which was very sad.

"My brain is not bad. I don't want to play anymore. I don't want the management power of Jijia. I just want to live now. It's good to live!" Ji Shangqing's failure without great ideals made Ji Lin stiff. "

are you my own son or not? Don't you have any fighting spirit? Since I was a child, your talent is worse than that of Ji Xiao. I didn't say anything. I wanted to train well. You can certainly do it. At least you still have my father's education. He didn't. one day, you will surpass him. But now it's OK. You tell me, you don't want to fight. Do you have a chance? " The most terrible thing is that he wants to support his son to become an emperor, but his ideal is only to be a subject of others, which makes Ji Lin unable to accept.

"I admit that I can't compare with him. I didn't work hard. I just found the gap between us after working hard. Dad, do you know what is despair? This is, I could have thought that I was very good, but now, as it turns out, I just can't do what he can do without his excellence. Grandpa also said that I don't have his ability in the management of the company. Grandpa asked me not to compare and let me do what I can. Not everyone in the world is a genius, either Everyone has to be a genius. " Ji Shangqing's voice was also raised. His voice was very excited. He was hit and disappointed. He had already realized his destiny. "

did your grandfather really say that to you?" Ji Lin's brain is empty, and his expression is ferocious: "he is really eccentric. He just wants you to have self-knowledge. He wants you not to compete with Ji Xiaohan for the position of management. My father is really diligent. He has educated you since childhood. But you are my son and my only son. He has three grandchildren. You are not the only one for him. You are still clear. Don't listen to your father You should listen to me, sir. I say you can, you can certainly. " Ji Lin felt terrible when he saw his son's fighting spirit disappear. Ji

Shang Qing was roared by Ji Lin and had a terrible headache. He couldn't help but remind: "this is a hospital. Don't make noise. I'm a patient. I need to be quiet." "

still clear!" Ji Lin is pale and stiff. Season

Shang Qing said lightly: "I have a leg injury now, and I can't help you. Be careful yourself." "

don't you want revenge? Who beat you like this? You don't know. " Ji Lin's expression at the moment is very uneasy. He doesn't want to see his son be content with the status quo.

"Of course I know, and I also know that he didn't kill me, and let me live. If I break this leg, I will be able to eliminate his hatred of killing his father. I think it's worth it!" Ji Shangqing's eyes were fixed on his father. What he said shocked Ji Lin's expression. "

is this the only way to achieve your ambition? Shangqing, you disappoint me too much. One by one, you disappoint me. So is yunning, and so are you! " Ji Lin suddenly felt very sad. After so many years of forbearance, in the end, it turned out that he was just a dream for himself, and everyone was unwilling to stand beside him. "

Blue Weiwei is coming back. Go!" Ji Shangqing doesn't want him to see blue Weiwei, because he doesn't know how to introduce her to this father. "

I don't have any skills in my career, but I'm good at soaking in women!" Ji Lin was furious and couldn't help laughing at him.

Ji Shangqing's sick handsome face is even paler now that he sneers at himself like this. "

forget it, I don't want to talk to you again, but I will never let you suffer such humiliation!" Ji Lin finished and left angrily.

As soon as he came out of the door, Lan Wei came in with her lunch. She saw Ji Lin in the corridor just now, who had left with a black face. She couldn't help asking, "the man just now It's your father. " "

did you see him?" Ji Shangqing frowned.

"Yes, I think he is very angry. Did you quarrel?" LAN Weiwei didn't expect Ji Shangqing and his father would quarrel at this time. After all, as long as he was a father and saw his son hurt like this, he would not leave like this.

"Leave him alone!" Ji Shangqing is in a mess at the moment. He doesn't know whether he is right or wrong to make such a decision. If he doesn't help his father, he is indeed an unfilial son. But if he helps his father, he is the unfilial grandson. He doesn't know how to choose. "

what happened to you? There seems to be something on my mind. " Blue Wei is more concerned about him now.

"Weiwei, if I was a bad person, would you like me?" Ji Shangqing looks up and has a deep vision.

"It depends on what kind of villain it is. If it's a villain who kills people and sets fire to them, I certainly don't like it!" Blue slightly very direct answer him. "

What if I just want to take back some of my own things and have to kill or harm people?" Ji Shangqing asked again. His face was already tense. Blue

slightly stunned.