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Tang youyou only felt hard to breathe. His ears roared and his eyelids were heavy.

Is she dead?

The feeling of whirling and shaking all over seemed to shatter her bones, and her whole body fell into endless darkness.

No, she doesn't want to die, and she can't die. She has to grow up with her children and hasn't married her beloved one.

Tang youyou feels that everything around has become slow. She tries hard to breathe and try to open her eyes.

But she can't?

It's like being trapped in a terrible black hole, surrounded by a dead silence, she can hear her weak heartbeat, which is heavier and slower than before.

In her ear, she ignored the children's lovely smile and the beautiful face that made her unforgettable.


Who can save her? She doesn't want to die like this.

She still has a lot of things to do, and a lot of words to say. She can't let go of her two children.


All of a sudden, a deep and eager male voice sounded in her ear, and her consciousness trapped in the dark suddenly woke up.

"Long, wake up, don't sleep, open your eyes and look at me!" That voice, so familiar, is Ji Xiaohan, her favorite man!

"You can't die, you know? I won't let you die! You have to wake up! " The man's tone becomes scorched, domineering, and heartbreaking.

"Wake up, wake up, I need you!" She felt something warm dripping on her face. She heard what he said. Every word was so heavy and reluctant.

He needs himself

"Brush!" She seemed to be pulled into the light by a force from the dark. When she opened her eyes, she saw a familiar handsome face.

Close at hand, tears, dyed that pair of deep eyes.

Consciousness seems to have no time to wake up, but her eyes have touched his eyes.

In the chaos, she felt the man lying down gently, holding her feeling, so familiar with the atmosphere, so warm.

After more than two hours of operation, Tang youyou was pushed out of the operating room. Her head was hit, her leg was cut, and there were countless bruises. The whole human figure suffered a great suffering and finally returned to the world.

In the long process of waiting, Ji Xiaohan's heart was suffering from pain all the time. Every minute, every second, seemed to him to be too late.

The heart contracted, eyes fixed on the lamp on the top of the operating room.

And Ji Yueze, who suffered the same as him, rushed to the hospital in pain and haste, but did not dare to appear at the door of the operating room. He could only stay far away, hiding in a place where his brother could not see. He was alone uneasy, nervous and prayed.

I hope God won't take her away so cruelly. I hope she can live safely.

Ji Yueze pasted on the wall, hurriedly wearing masks and sunglasses on his face, hiding his face that was hard to hurt like a knife.

He kicked the wall hatefully and didn't know how to vent his pain and tension.

All of a sudden, several girls passed by him. They were all his loyal fans. When they saw the dress on him, a girl immediately gave a surprise low cry: "Ji Yueze also has this dress. Will he be Ji Yueze?"

"Go and say hello. I'm sure I know he's a handsome man by looking at his figure."

There was a bold girl running over at once, smiling sweetly: "little brother, little brother, would you please..."

"Go away!" Ji Yueze turns around and turns his back to them. His mood at the moment is no longer suitable for talking to people.

Several girls across the street were shocked. Then, one of them said angrily, "what? He can't be Ji Yueze. Ji Yueze left him a lot of streets. It's rude."

"That's right. We are all girls. Let's go. It's really rude."

Ji Yueze ignored the girls' taunts. He still lowered his head and closed his eyes painfully.

The girls didn't pay any more attention to him. They left quickly.

Through the glass window, Ji Yueze looked at the stiff figure in the corridor. He had been calculating the time. It had been more than an hour since he received the call.

Tang youyou is still lying in the operating room. Is she seriously injured?

Will she die?

Will you leave them?

Ji Yueze was in a state of panic. The strong sense of loss made him feel desperate and sad.

It was as if when he was ten years old, his father left, and then his mother left. At that time, he felt that the whole world was gray, everyone wanted him, and his existence became so redundant.

Now, his feelings for Tang youyou have blurred the boundaries. He knows that he can no longer love her with men's and women's feelings, but he knows that he can't lose her.

He would rather let this retribution be reported on him. He has trampled on the bottom line of morality and made his own confession.

He is willing to change his life for her to wake up. He just wants her to live and live beside his brother and little nephew.

Finally, he saw the figure of big brother in the corridor. He found that the light in the operating room was off.

Soon, a doctor came out of it.

He was talking to Ji Xiaohan, his face was a little heavy. Ji Yueze couldn't hear him. He was very upset. He really wanted to rush over and hear every word of the doctor.

But, too far away, he only saw the big brother's stiff back.

What's the matter?

What is the doctor talking about?

What's wrong with her?

Is it serious?

Soon, Tang youyou lay on the cart and was pushed out carefully by the nurse.

The season owl cold fierce turn pours over, the hands support in the cart above, anxiously and painfully looking at the woman who still faints does not wake up.

Ji Yueze followed him all the way to the ward, and he stopped again.

Big brother will take good care of her.

At this moment, in the ward, Tang youyou woke up. In the half hour long sleep, she finally woke up.

"Long..." Season owl cold handsome face, flashing surprise, he carefully touched her pale cheek: "you finally woke up, you scared me, you know?"

"Season owl cold..." When Tang youyou called out to him, he found that his voice was dry and astringent, and the pain was hard to deal with. Even his strength seemed to be gone.

She clearly wanted to shout his name, but when the voice came out, she could hardly hear him.

"I'm here, don't be afraid, it's all right!" Season owl cold gently pastes in her ear, comforts her: "if you feel tired, you sleep for a while!" Tang youyou is really tired. Her eyelids are heavy. It seems that she heard his voice. She finally fell asleep again.