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C539 passion for love

One night's entanglement, both seem to be more enthusiastic than in the past, inseparable, as if to use up the enthusiasm of this life.

At three o'clock in the morning, Tang youyou fell asleep with his strong arm.

Season owl cold also tired, reach out to embrace the small and tender woman in the bosom, close the eyes.

The next morning, Tang youyou woke up from the man's arms. She seemed to be infatuated with the feeling of waking up in the man's arms. It was really a happy thing to have a warm arms in this cold weather in early winter.

The light outside the window, through the unclosed floor to ceiling window, comes in. The man who has been fighting all night seems to be a little tired at the moment. He doesn't wake up because of the strong light. He still sleeps heavily.

Tang youyou did not move, he opened his eyes, quietly staring at the man's deep and beautiful face like sculpture.

As if to carve his face into his soul, no matter how the world drifts, do not forget him.

She slightly twisted her body, next second, he was subconsciously embrace to the bosom.

The smile of Tang youyou's mouth rises inexplicably, satisfied and happy.

Before, she always thought that when men and women love the sweetest, it's just the moment when two people get married.

But now she knows that sweetness can be very simple. When this man stares at her, when his big hand is tightly held at her waist, she can get the sweet taste.

Although the feeling of being hugged by this man was very good, Tang youyou decided to get up first.

However, he accidentally woke the sleeping man. As soon as he opened his curly and thick eyelashes, the dark ones were like the eyes of stars, he immediately locked the woman with uneasy feelings.

Tang youyou immediately smiled, turned over from his arms and sat up: "it's not early, we should tidy up and go to the next station."

Season owl cold nodded, also turned over to sit up.

When the white sheet slipped slowly from him, Tang youyou felt that his eyes were nowhere to be placed.

The languid posture of a man is charming enough, but his figure full of strength and beauty is hard to open his eyes.

Tang youyou blushed and walked quickly to the bathroom.

When she was ready to brush her teeth, the man was also lazily standing at the door of the bathroom. The only difference was that he tied a white bath towel casually, which seemed to fall off at any time, which increased the tension of Tang youyou.

She brushed her teeth and her beautiful eyes blinked randomly. Since she had substantial development with this man, she felt that she had the disease before, which was really a waste of time.

Every minute and second she spent with Ji Xiaohan, she felt so satisfied and happy.

I really regret that I didn't try to be with him a little earlier. It turns out that feeling is not disgusting or offensive.

When Tang youyou brushed his teeth, the man ran directly behind her, opened his arms, hugged her, and his thin lips fell on her white shoulder.

Tang youyou felt numb and itchy. He could not help but shrink his shoulders. He begged him with coquetry: "don't make any noise. Go to the bath now!"

"Wash together!" Season owl cold low voice proposal.

"All right!" Don youyou finished his toothbrush quickly, and then took a bath with him.

In the whole process, Tang youyou was still embarrassed.

Because, the man's figure is too perfect, lets her from time to time produce some small inferiority.

It seems that in the future, she will also take part in more fitness exercises. She can't give up treatment because she is still young.

"To the next city, the first thing we do is tattoo. I want to tattoo your name here." Ji Xiaohan points to the position of his abdomen a little higher.

Tang youyou's face turned red again: "do you really want to print my name? Do I have to have a tattoo, too? "

"You don't have to. Aren't you afraid of pain? I'll do it alone! " Season owl cold very considerate say.

Tang youyou is directly amused by his sweet words. Indeed, she is afraid of pain, but she hasn't tried tattoos since she was a child. Why don't you go crazy with him once.

She will also print his name on herself.

After taking a bath, the two simply cleaned up and left the hotel.

Tang youyou found that when traveling with Ji Xiaohan, you just need to enjoy the process and not worry about the traffic problems.

If he has money, he can dominate everything.

The next city is a city that Tang youyou used to like very much. It has very beautiful scenery and beautiful buildings.

The two arrived in the city by plane. At the first time, they booked a suite in a seven-star hotel. After a few hours' rest, they found a professional tattoo shop and decided to engrave each other's names on their skin.

As expected, Ji Xiaohan is very patient with pain. In the whole process, he didn't hum. Instead, Tang youyou insisted on tattooing, but his tears were heavy.

Ji Xiaohan stopped several times, but she persisted.

Looking at the position of her name tattoo on her neck, Ji Xiaohan can't help kissing her lips. He knows that Tang youyou has changed a lot for him, becoming gentle and strong.

After leaving the tattoo shop, Tang youyou suddenly wants to seek some thrills, so Ji Xiaohan takes her to bungee jumping.

Jumping from the cliff, the wind blowing in my ear, that kind of cardiac arrest feeling, really exciting.

Tang youyou has tied the safety rope. Ji Xiaohan wants to jump with her. Unfortunately, she refuses. She wants to feel it alone. Ji Xiaohan sees that she is determined to make it up. Although he is worried about her, he can't stop her.

Later, he will accompany her to do whatever she wants to try, even at risk.

"You push me down!" Tang youyou turns his back to the cliff and looks straight at Ji Xiaohan, but his voice is calm.

Season owl cold handsome face slightly froze, frowned: "why should I push you? You know I can't do it. "

"Because you've pushed me down once before, I still remember the feeling of despair, so I need to get used to it." Tang youyou said jokingly.

Ji Xiaohan is shocked again. Looking at her smiling, I can't tell the truth of her words.

"I'm sorry!" He apologized to her in a low voice.

"Well, I don't mind for a long time. You push me. I don't have the courage to jump down myself, but if you push me, I'm not afraid." Don youyou closes his eyes slightly and waits for his action. Ji Xiaohan comes to her, embraces her first, and then releases her hand gently. She slides down as fast as the wind.