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C1373 no more fighting

Across the screen, looking at her red eyes, Ling Mo Feng's heart, it hurt so much that she really seemed to run to her side, hold her tightly, and comfort her all the fright.

LAN Yanxi lowered his head, put up his tears again, and looked up with a smile in his eyes: "I'm ok, don't worry about me!"

"Don't worry, Joe Zhuo. I'll find someone to clean him up now!" Ling Mo Feng is already in a hurry. Qiao Zhuo dare to bump into her door. It's against the weather. It's enough for him to bear this accusation alone.

"Will you kill him?" When LAN yanshiton was nervous, she was afraid that Ling Mo Feng would do it, because Qiao Zhuo was not far away from his death.

"If Cheng Yuan's disappearance is related to him, I can cure him. However, at present, Cheng Yuan's whereabouts are unknown. Of course, I won't arrest him for no reason. It's OK to let him repay the feeling of despair!" Ling Mo Feng still has the bottom line. Although he hates the man who hurt LAN Yanxi, he will not rashly kill him. There are many ways to attack a person in the world. There is always one way that he will use it on him.

"Then I'll be relieved. Although he hates it, he can't be killed. Just let him leave the general office." LAN Yanxi's inner uneasiness has been eliminated. She was a kind-hearted person. She really didn't want to touch such bloody things as killing people and breaking the law.

"Well, I know. Hasn't Cheng Yuan contacted you?" Ling Mo Feng frowned and asked.

"No, her cell phone doesn't work. Do you think she will be caught?" LAN Yanxi's brain is in a mess at the moment, and he can't think any more. He can only ask him silly questions.

"Cheng Yuan's skill is very good. She won't be caught easily. Maybe she's just staying in a place where there's no signal at the moment. I've sent Chu lie there. He'll find Cheng Yuan." Ling Mo Feng saw her face was pale and she couldn't keep her back. He calmed her quickly.

"I hope so!" LAN Yanxi buried his cheek in his palm and relieved his uneasiness.

Qiao Zhuo arrived at the mayor by car. Facing the big and prosperous metropolis, he was confused.

After all, this is not the place he is familiar with. If he wants to find lanyanxi in the vast sea of people by himself, it's just a fool's dream.

However, he couldn't bear his anger. He was fooled by lanyanxi. He really hated that woman. If he didn't show her some color, JOJO couldn't calm down his anger.

Just as jodro was standing on the street, confused, suddenly, a business car stopped beside him. Then, two masked men jumped down and tied him directly to the car.

"Let go of me, who are you? What do you want to do? " Qiao Zhuo didn't expect that he would be tied to the car directly. He was scared half to death and took out his momentum to intimidate the other party: "do you know who I am? I am an exchange student from abroad. If you do this, you will trigger two countries... "

"JOJO, you don't need so much nonsense here. Can't you guess who sent us?" One of the men laughed coldly and looked at him as if he were looking at a pile of garbage.

Qiao Zhuo's whole body trembled violently. The cold spread from his heart to his pores. He was so scared that he pointed to the other side's face and asked aloud, "you Was it sent by Minister Zhang? "

Qiao ZhuoZhi will be the first to guess Zhang Lu, because he only told Zhang Lu that he would come to the city to find lanyanxi. Except for him, Qiao Zhuo can't think of anyone else who can find him at the first time.

"Yes, we are sent by Minister Zhang." The man's eyes changed for a moment, and then he sneered and replied, "do you know why minister Zhang sent us to look for you?"

JOJO's face was pale with fear at the moment. His hands were tightly held by two strong men. He had no strength to resist, because he saw that there was a gun in the waist of the other side. He was even trembling with fear.

"Do you want to kill people?" Qiao Zhuo's imagination is still good. When he believes that the people who are looking at the murderous are sent by Zhang Lu, and he uses such a tough means to tie him to the car, there is only one purpose. He knows too much and wants him to shut up.

The dead man's mouth is the most compact. Qiao Zhuo's whole body is paralyzed with fear and almost has no soul.

"Oh, you know yourself!" The man sneered.

"No, no, no, I didn't betray you. What I have done will never be revealed to others. Please forgive me, Minister Zhang. He came to me at the beginning. I promised to help, but I didn't expect to fail. How can I ask for my life?" Qiaozhuo has no momentum. At the critical moment of life and death, he just wanted to live and cried out: "minister Zhang can't kill me. It's against the law. Isn't he afraid to be found out?"

"Check? Who dares to check minister Zhang? There's a president standing on his back. Besides, this is a foreign country. It's easy for a foreign individual to die. If he throws you into the sea, the shark will leave you with no residue. Who can pursue legal responsibility? " The masked man sneered and ridiculed him, and his words even frightened jodrow, making his eyes round with fear.

"I didn't expect that Zhang Lu was such a man with no credit. He asked me to get close to lanyanxi at the beginning, but it's not my responsibility to fail to catch her. Lanyanxi is a proud woman, and no one pays attention to her. If he thought I would fail at the beginning, he shouldn't come to me to die. Even if I was dead, I would go to him as a ghost. I want to go to him Drag him to hell. " Qiao Zhuoyan saw that there was no chance to live, and he suddenly burst into tears and yelled out of control, with a look of death in his eyes.

He is such a coward that everyone on the scene sneers at him. Zhang Lu's vision is really poor. He even found such a man with no backbone or brain to help him. Failure is doomed.

"Want to live?" The man suddenly asked Qiao Zhuo when he was crying.

Qiao Zhuo gradually became stiff, immediately looked up at each other: "what do you say?"

"Do you want to die or live?" I asked The man asked him in a cold voice again.

"Will you let me go?" Jodrow opened his eyes, as if to see a ray of hope for survival.

"To tell you the truth, we are not Zhang Lu's people, but we just heard what you did with Zhang Lu. Qiao Zhuo, do you think Zhang Lu will let you go when you disclose such important information to us?" The man leaned over, showing his eyes, laughing even harder.

"What? You're not from Zhang Lu? So who sent you? What do you want me to do? " Qiao Zhuo's whole person was shocked again. He suddenly regretted that he didn't want to bite off his useless tongue. He didn't fight for himself. That's his stupid behavior.

"Who sent us won't tell you, but remember, if you want to live, tell us everything you know. Only in this way can you live. Otherwise, you will die soon, and your family can't find a hair of yours!" The man's cruel words hit him on the top of the head, which made his hair stand on end.

"Ling Mo Feng? Are you sent by Ling Mo Feng to kill me? " Qiao Zhuo is not stupid. There are only two schools in China. If it's not Zhang Lu, it must be Ling Mo Feng. He's trembling with anger. He didn't expect to be trapped by them. It's hateful.

"Mr. vice president is worried about the state affairs. How can you take care of such a small person? Don't take yourself seriously. I just want to ask you now. Do you want to live?" The man sneered.

"If I cooperate with you, will you really let me go?" Qiao Zhuo is still timid. Seeing the chance to live, how can he give up? Even if he needs to compromise with the man he hates the most, he will.

"Heaven is kind and life is precious. We are not murderers. Don't worry, we won't kill you, but only if you spit out what you know!" The man reached out and pulled out a sharp knife from the root of his shoes. The knife shone out of JOJO's pale face, and he could not hide the fear in his eyes.