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He's here

When Ji Xiao Han left the bathroom, he paused for a moment. His long and strong legs, had already subconsciously walked towards the other room.

Pushing open the door, he saw that the little woman had fallen asleep, hugging her blanket. The medicine placed on the table for her had already been consumed.

Ji Xiao Han was worried, so he walked over to the side of the bed and bent down. He placed his hand on the woman's forehead, which was still boiling hot.

Tang You You opened her eyes in a daze, and when she felt the man's familiar aura, she turned her face to the side.

Although the room was dark, she could still see the man's gaze, deep and dark.

"Go to sleep!" Ji Xiao Han stroked her soft hair and said with an extremely soft tone, as if he was coaxing a child.

"You should go to bed earlier as well!" Tang You You said softly.

"Un, I'll go now!" Ji Xiao Han couldn't help but stoop down and kiss the corner of her mouth. Then, he tucked her in and left.

Tang You You was perspiring profusely, her entire body feeling cold, but because of the man's gentle kiss, she felt much more at ease.

When Ji Xiao Han returned to his room, he saw that the little thing had unknowingly kicked off its blanket.

Seeing his daughter's mischievous look, Ji Xiao Han couldn't help but curl his lips. Today, he was going to abandon his son and take his precious daughter to sleep peacefully.

His big hands reached over, helping Tang Xiao Nai cover her body with the quilt he kicked off.

Just as he reached out his hands, the little fellow used its meaty little hands to hug his hands. Like a little kitten, its little face nuzzled towards him as it muttered, "Mummy …"

When Ji Xiao Han heard his daughter's tender and childish voice, he felt as if his heart was going to melt. It could be seen how dependent his child was on her Mummy.

Even in their dreams, they would instinctively seek the warmth of the Mummy.

However, Ji Xiao Han was a little disappointed. The little fellow wasn't calling him.

"Baby, have a good dream!" Ji Xiao Han turned his body over, and gently kissed the little thing on its little head, after which he sent it his blessings.

It was unknown whether or not the little guy heard him, but it was still sleeping soundly, not letting go of his large hands that were holding him.

Four hours later!

Luo Jin Yu and Luo Jin Yu were currently participating in a clan elder's birthday celebration, and upon their arrival, the two brothers immediately caused a huge commotion.

He was also extraordinarily handsome, but he also had an extraordinary temperament. What fascinated women the most was that both of them were single.

"Brother, look! There are so many women drooling at you!" Luo He Ning immediately teased his brother.

Luo Jin Yu had always been strict. His handsome face also had the same aloof expression that would never change. He was not moved by his little brother's teasing.

Luo He Ning had long understood his brother's unshakeable calmness, so he could only roll his lower lip in annoyance: "Forget it, I won't be walking around with you, I'm going to chat with my friends."

Luo Jin Yu didn't mind parting ways with his little brother, because with this immature little brother by his side, his big brother felt a huge headache.

Luo Jin Yu first went over to greet the elders, and then held onto a cup of wine, leaning on the side and slowly tasting it.

From time to time, a beautiful and flirtatious girl would come over to greet him.

Because today could be said to be the family's banquet, and not a business friend, most of the things he talked about were family matters. Luo Jin Yu had never been interested in these kind of things, so he chose to stay by himself for a while.

Just when he decided to find an excuse to leave after enduring for half an hour, his gaze inadvertently landed on the direction of the main entrance.

What he saw was a beautiful lady with a cute little girl by her side.

Luo Jin Yu's steady heartbeat, suddenly became berserk.

That beautiful noblewoman was his third cousin Cheng Ying, and the one who looked good behind her was her only daughter, Yang Chu Chu.

He should have long ago expected to see Cheng Ying today, but he didn't expect that Yang Chu Chu would actually follow her to such an occasion. However, in his impression, he had never seen Yang Chu Chu at any other family banquet.

Why did we meet today?

Was it a coincidence?

Just as Luo Jin Yu was frowning, the moment Yang Chu Chu walked in, her bright big eyes subconsciously looked around.

In the midst of the crowd, Yang Chu Chu had to put in a lot of effort before she finally saw Luo Jin Yu leaning on the white jade pillar.

She knew that Luo Jin Yu would definitely be there for today's banquet.

Unexpectedly, she had guessed correctly, he was indeed here.

The earlier unease instantly turned into panic and helplessness.

Although Yang Chu Chu had already expressed her feelings to Luo Jin Yu, she was after all, young and had thin skin. Facing such a mature man who exuded an aggressive aura, she still felt fear from the bottom of her heart.

Luo Jin Yu looked at Yang Chu Chu's pair of large, lively eyes through the crowd for a second, before narrowing her unfathomable eyes.

Could it be that this little thing came here on purpose for him?

Luo Jin Yu didn't seem to be a very sensitive person, but in his heart, he was actually an elite.

When he saw that Yang Chu Chu had started looking all around him the moment she stepped into the room, he knew that this girl had probably come to take advantage of him.

Damn it, he was really angry in his heart. He blamed Yang Chu Chu for not revealing her identity earlier, which resulted in this kind of embarrassing situation.

Luo Jin Yu felt that under any situation, he would be able to hold on. But now, facing this little thing, he seemed to have lost control.

It had to be said that Yang Chu Chu was an extremely charming girl by nature. She definitely had the qualifications to step into the entertainment circle.

This was because she was truly beautiful. Even though she was young, the aura she gave off was like that of an elf's, making people yearn for her.

Luo Jin Yu was a man who had no interest in women, but after seeing Yang Chu Chu, he felt that the emotional cells in his body had been activated by her pair of bright eyes. His blood immediately heated up, and he felt an urge to fall in love anytime.

The present Yang Chu Chu was wearing a pure white, long dress, outlining her slender and exquisite figure. Her long, jet-black hair was casually draped over her shoulders, curling up at the ends, and also exuding a girl's coquettish laziness.

Her facial features were only lightly adorned, but it was countless times better than the other heavily made-up women. Because of her purity, her brilliance, and the woman beside her, even though she wanted to see her own sense of superiority, she was still accidentally outclassed.

Yang Chu Chu bashfully lowered her head, the corner of her mouth raised, showing how happy and excited she currently felt.

He was here, and that was the happiest thing that had happened to her today.