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She has someone else?

Under the protection of the six black car, they rushed back to Ji Family's villa.

Ji Xiao Han finally got the feeling of returning home with an arrow, but this feeling, was very good!

If it wasn't biological, then what was it?

"Who did you give birth to this child?" Ji Xiao Han had heard quite a bit about the rumours that Mu Shi Ye had about the sunset. Honestly speaking, it was not unexpected for him to have such a little fellow salivating over his life.

"Hey, what do you mean? As if I've had a lot of women before. " Hearing that, Mu Shi Ye's face turned black, he felt that his character had been slandered.

Ji Xiao Han said as he ridiculed, "Could it be that it's not true? As far as I know, the women you've dated are in every field. "

"Please, if we get caught eating a meal, it would be considered a scandal? I won't take any of these crimes. " Mu Shi Ye had always insisted that he was absolutely clean of his body and mind, so he could only blame the media who loved to catch him by surprise. Things that did not happen, after they were passed down, could even be described in detail.

Ji Xiao Han nodded his head: "However, if this child was given to you by Pei An Xin, then I won't be worried for you."

"Why?" Mu Shi Ye raised his eyebrows.

"Because you will marry her sooner or later. Before, you had so much trouble chasing after her, yet you still couldn't bear to bear fruit. But now, the child is so old, so the marriage between you and her can be said to have come naturally." Ji Xiao Han was naturally hoping that his brother would find a happy marriage.

Mu Shi Ye's expression became much better: "Thank you for your blessings, but Pei An Xin still doesn't seem to be interested in me, she is only interested in her work now, and I don't understand women anymore. Previously, I loved her so much that I felt like a different person, after being cold for a while, she gave me all his passion and energy, and now that he has even left his daughter with me, she doesn't even know what I want."

"You didn't give her enough security, so she placed her hopes on work. The problem is with you, you find the reason yourself." Ji Xiao Han reminded him in an experienced tone.

Mu Shi Ye was startled, then silent, he lowered his head and looked at his daughter crawling towards him, his eyes suddenly filled with gentleness: "Come, Cheng Cheng, come to father's place!"

Tang Xiao Nai held her father's neck tightly with her two small hands, her small head quietly leaning on his shoulder, staring at the little sister blankly, without saying a word.

"Is your Mummy back yet?" Ji Xiao Han caressed her daughter's small face and asked softly.

"Yes, she's upstairs!" Tang Xiao Nai replied softly.

"I'll go upstairs to look for her. Can you play with my sister, Uncle Ye?" Ji Xiao Han lovingly kissed his daughter's small face.

"Alright!" Tang Xiao Nai was rather interested in this little sister.

After Ji Xiao Han put his daughter down, he turned and went upstairs.

Tang You You was sitting cross-legged on the sofa in her bedroom with a laptop on her lap. She was staring at the news on the internet with a focused expression.

When Ji Xiao Han pushed open the door and entered, he saw her staring at the computer with rapt attention, frowning slightly.

"What are you looking at?" He had to remind her not to startle her again.

After Tang You You heard his voice, she quickly closed her laptop and looked at him somewhat panickedly: "Nothing, why are you back so early?"

Ji Xiao Han could clearly feel that she was hiding something, he did not know how many more secrets this woman had.

"Is there anything I can't know? You seem very nervous. " The more he saw her secretive appearance, the more Ji Xiao Han's curiosity increased.

"It's nothing, it's just a matter of work!" Tang You You did not dare to tell him that he was actually looking for the jade pendant online.

The repair shop's uncle had mentioned that more than ten years ago, there was a jade pendant that was very similar to the one her mother had left her.

Unfortunately, the online content was too messy. She had looked through it carefully, but she still could not find anything useful.

Ji Xiao Han could clearly feel that she was hiding something, but when he suddenly thought of Lu Xuan Chen, could it be that this woman had peeked at his photo again?

When he thought about this, Ji Xiao Han felt an indescribable jealousy.

"We've almost gone to the dining hall for dinner. Prepare some food for the children." Ji Xiao Han's voice instantly grew indifferent.

He didn't understand what kind of beauty this woman was. He had also paid attention to the series of photos that Lu Xuan Chen had taken online, and it was obvious that her figure wasn't very good. This woman was actually interested in that kind of woman who carried the temper of a woman.

"There's nothing to prepare, you can leave now!" Tang You You replied indifferently.

"Then come down!" Ji Xiao Han turned and walked towards the Walk Outside with a calm and handsome face.

Tang You You went to the Toy Room and grabbed his son who was happily playing with the elevator, "Let's go, let's not play anymore. Let's go out to eat."

"Daddy hasn't come back yet. Let me play a bit more."

"He's back!" Tang You You dragged his son downstairs immediately.

Mu Shi Ye hurriedly carried his daughter: "I'll go with you guys. There's no objection, right?"

Tang You You smiled: "Of course not, your daughter is still drinking milk powder, you should hurry up and prepare the things she needs."

"I don't know what to prepare!" Mu Shi Ye shrugged his shoulders.

Tang You You could only help tidy up a bag of necessities for the children.

Seeing that Tang You You and Mu Shi Ye's interaction was good, Ji Xiao Han's handsome face sunk even deeper.