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When she saw the title of the book, lanyanxi had an impulse to reach out and touch her forehead. It's really hard for Xinyi to think about her like this, but she doesn't need it.

Wang Xinyi saw her face in embarrassment and lowered her voice and said, "hurry up and don't let anyone see it."

As soon as LAN Yanxi heard this, he quickly held the book in his arms and blocked the curious eyes around him.

"Thank you, sister Xinyi!" LAN Yanxi whispered thanks.

"Don't thank me, I just feel that you are not very good at dealing with men. No wonder you are young and inexperienced. There are many strategies for attacking men in this book. You can learn one or two, and believe that no matter how cold-hearted a man is, he can also take them." Wang Xinyi suggested to her with a smile.

The assistant miss next to listened and couldn't help chuckling.

LAN Yanxi is extremely embarrassed. Is it true that she didn't invite Ling Mo Feng to see this matter? It's really to the extent that everyone knows it?

"Well, I'll take it back to study!" LAN Yanxi forced his face to smile.

Back in the office, during the lunch break, LAN Yanxi secretly turned over a few pages and couldn't help but cover her mouth and snigger. To be honest, the moves taught above really make people laugh and cry. She felt that she didn't learn any of them. How could she conquer Ling Mo Feng's heart defense?

Is he intelligent? Beautiful?

LAN Yanxi is disgusted by her narcissistic ability. In fact, she feels that these strategies are not needed to deal with men. She believes in the word "eye edge". If she likes a person, she will get the feeling of heart at first sight. If the other person doesn't move at first sight, even if she takes a few steps in front of him wearing sexy clothes, it doesn't necessarily attract his attention.

Knowing that he can't use a single move, LAN Yanxi is grateful to Wang Xinyi. Only those who really help themselves can think of various ways for themselves.

At home in the evening, lanyanxi packed the books and brought them home.

When she got home, she threw the book on the tea table.

She first went upstairs to take a bath, changed a set of home clothes, and just walked to the stairs, she found a tall and straight figure standing in the living room. He was holding a book in his hand at the moment and was reading it with interest.

LAN Yanxi's eyes jumped, and after glancing at the cover of the book in his hand, the whole man trembled with fright, and rushed to seize the book in the man's hand. However, the man seemed to have expected it for a long time, and immediately raised the book slightly. She jumped into an empty space, and rushed directly into his arms.

"Ling Mo Feng, return the book to me!" LAN Yanxi was ashamed and anxious. He stamped his feet and shouted.

Ling Mo Feng looked at her with heat in his eyes, and his thin lips made him smile: "Yan Xi, why are you reading such a book?"

"I I was sent by a friend. Please give it back to me quickly. Don't watch it! " LAN Yanxi glanced over it at noon, and the moves inside were all ironic. If it was a woman, it would be nothing. After all, a woman can understand those careful machines, but a man can read them. It's just amazing. She will be greatly impressed by women. The women's thoughts that she will feel will become the heart machine.

"But I've seen it!" Ling Mo Feng smiled more and more. Looking at her angry look, she knew that she must have read the contents of it.

"How much did you see?" LAN Yanxi shivers all over. Mei Mou is more anxious. She stretches her arms to rob her.

However, the man deliberately refused to let her get it. He liked the feeling that she was jumping around in his arms and dallying with his body. When she didn't jump high, he would put his hand around his neck. This feeling was the first experience of Ling Mo Feng. She was warm, fragrant and fragrant, which made him tease her more evil.

"How much do you think I've seen at a glance?" Ling Mo Feng laughed directly.

"You..." LAN Yanxi immediately stepped back from his arms and held out his small hand to point at him: "Ling Mo Feng, if you don't give it back to me, I will be angry."

Ling Mo Feng can see that she is really keen-sighted. In order not to make her angry, the man handed over the book wisely: "shy? It's nothing. I think the moves in it are also made up and scribbled. It's not practical at all! "

LAN Yanxi snatched the book, turned around and ran up the main building, too late to deal with him.

Ling Mo Feng looks at the figure that she is embarrassed to escape, can't help shaking her head and chuckling, the bottom of her eyes is a color of love.

In his opinion, lanyanxi is just like a transparent and pure white paper without any description. Therefore, in his opinion, any behavior of lanyanxi is unintentional. He will not care about her, nor do anything harmful to her, because what he wants to maintain is her undivided childlike innocence, so that she will always be so lovely, so interesting.

After LAN Yanxi ran upstairs, she locked the book in her suitcase. She decided not to let Ling Mo Feng see the book any more, and she would treasure it all her life.

As soon as she locked the box, she looked back and saw the man with his coat in his hand standing at the door of her room, elegant and dignified, with burning eyes and an unidentified smile.

"Is there such a fear for me to see?" Ling Mo Feng asked with a smile.

LAN Yanxi relaxed, got up, walked towards him, and Mei Mou stared at him: "I'm afraid you'll misunderstand me and think I've played something to please you."

Ling Mo Feng's brow slightly picked out: "I can see through all the people who play tricks under my eyes. Do you think you have this ability?"

"Cut, so conceited!" LAN Yanxi's little mouth curled to show that he was speechless.

Ling Mo Feng reached out to her. Although LAN Yanxi was reluctant, he could not help but hand over her small hand. The man reached out and held her tightly and led her directly into his bedroom.

"There was an avalanche in the north because of the heavy snow years ago, and a village was almost buried. Today, Mr. President held an emergency meeting. He needed to send someone to the scene to command the rescue. At that time, the situation was complicated. Finally, I was determined to be the rescue leader. I had two hours to go. You can stay at home and take care of yourself. I have to hurry to the present Go! " Ling Mo Feng hung his coat on the hanger and reached out to unbutton his shirt. He was going to go out with a thicker suit.

"What? Send you? " Lanyanxi was totally stunned. Of course, she knew the damage caused by the snow disaster. Now she has sent a large number of troops to the scene for rescue. Every day, news comes back. It's said that a lot of important personnel have been dispatched to command, but why send Ling Mo Feng?

Are you sure this is not a safe spot?

"I know what you are worried about, but I have promised myself at the meeting today. I can't believe it. I hope you can rest assured that my confidants are all around this time. They will protect my safety. Don't worry, OK?" Ling Mo Feng reached out and stroked her nervous pretty face. The thin lips, unable to control themselves, lowered their heads and kissed her lips. With a sip, they let her go. "I have to catch the plane right away, and wait for me to come back."

"I won't let you go!" LAN Yanxi suddenly hugged him from behind, his voice choked: "I don't want you to leave me, Ling Mo Feng, you know it's a trap, right? Can't you think about yourself once? "

Ling Mo Feng knew that she would stop herself, but unexpectedly, she would cry.

"Yan Xi, no matter where I am, it's my duty to serve the country. In the original election, I swore to all the representatives. Although I knew that this was calculated, if I backed down on this matter, it would mean that I would be disappointed to my people!" Ling Mo Feng fiercely turns around, hugs her slender body tightly into her arms, and kisses her forehead with thin lips. If he is not responsible, why doesn't he want to stay beside her?

"No, I won't let you go!" Lanyanxi has always been reasonable, but this time, her social economy has been broken. She thinks she is selfish. She really doesn't want her loved ones to take risks.

At this time, Ling Mo Feng's cell phone rang.

"I almost have to go, Yan Xi, listen, don't cry, I said, I won't die, I haven't married you, I have to take care of you all my life." Ling Mo Feng said, patting her back with a light smile.

"If you go to such a dangerous task every day, you will have a baby with me. At least, there is a baby There is a child who can be with me. " The tears in the corner of blue Yan Xi's eyes slipped down in an instant.