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C1852 misunderstood husband

"No such exaggeration!"

Xia Xinnian thought of leaving his lips and thought of the man who robbed his son, so he felt uncomfortable.

"Is it true?

I'm afraid that mommy is riddled, so come up and show you the way! "

The little guy immediately showed a cute little warm male expression.

Xia Xinnian looks at the bright light in his son's eyes, and feels sad.

It can be seen that the little guy found his father, very excited, very happy.

When he gave birth to a son, Xia Xinnian secretly vowed that he would make his son happy and happy in his life, no matter how much he swallowed.

But at the moment, her son is so happy. All she thinks about is to separate him from her father.

This is contrary to the original oath.

"Come on, daddy is waiting for me!"

The little guy grabbed one of her fingers and was going to take her downstairs.

As soon as he walked out of the door, Xia Xinnian felt like a trance.

If her son hadn't dragged her in one direction, she would not have found the direction of the stairs.

This man's home, abnormal big, room abnormal many! Down the stairs, the mother and the son entered the dining room.

The decoration of the restaurant is very luxurious, so is the splendor.

Xia Xinnian feels that he is out of place with this environment.

"Mommy, sit next to Daddy!"

It's a very considerate arrangement.

Xia Xinnian didn't set off his heart, so he took a chair far away from jimucheng and sat down.

The distance between them makes men's eyes sink.

The little guy stood in the middle of the two and stared at his face. Finally, he jumped into the chair beside Xia Xinnian and sat down.

Jimucheng always sits at the top of the table, but seeing his mother and son so far away from him, he stands up in condescension, takes long legs, comes to the little guy's side and sits down.

Xia Xinnian only felt nervous tension.

Little guy is very happy. It's nice to be surrounded by mom and dad.

The servant continued to eat.

The dishes are rich, good-looking and fragrant.

After seven courses, Xia Xinnian was amazed. Does this man eat so many dishes in every meal?

What a waste! "Son, eat it. What do you like? Daddy will bring it for you!"

Jimucheng's voice is gentle, and his father's image is instantly tall.

The little guy is not polite. He reaches out and points to some dishes.

Xia Xinnian frowns and doesn't make a sound.

Jimucheng has a lot of his favorite dishes in his son's bowl, and the little guy has some difficulties in taking chopsticks and eating one.

The man immediately reached for a piece of meat for Xia Xinnian. Unexpectedly, the woman went directly to his son's bowl.

"I don't like to eat what others have touched."

The woman saw the man's face turn black and said a light word.

The little guy blinked and asked, "Mommy, when did you have the habit of cleanliness?"

"Just now!"

Xia Xinnian makes it clear that he doesn't want jimucheng to be better.

Jimucheng has never been rejected like this. He is strong and tight, and his steel teeth bite his thin lips.

The little guy secretly looked at daddy's black face, and he couldn't help shaking.

Just now, did you do something that is not conducive to the establishment of a good relationship between mom and dad?

The little guy is young, but he has a lot of heart and eyes. He is smart to find that mommy hates daddy.

What can I do?

Next, he will continue to work hard to join them together. He doesn't want to be a child in a single parent family any more.

Xia Xinnian bowed his head and ate silently without looking at jimucheng.

Jimucheng, who has never been rejected, is now in a rage. It's good to dislike him?

After a boring meal, Xia Xinnian didn't eat much, just wanted to take his son away.

"Yu Chen, it's late, let's go back!"

Put down the chopsticks, Xia Xinnian began to say, this time, with a little sense of severity.

I can understand the majesty of Mommy's words best. I dare not be naughty at once.

"Daddy, can you take me and Mommy home?"

The little guy turned around, his eyes full of expectation.

Jimucheng nodded and said in a gentle voice: "Daddy would be happy!"

Xia Xinnian immediately said in a stiff voice: "don't bother, you can send a driver to see us!"

"I'm not sure!"

A word from jimucheng stopped her saying: "I want to get along with my son for a while!"

Little guy's mouth is on stilts. It's nice to feel like a dad.

Xia Xinnian didn't even have the chance to resist. In the end, Ji Mucheng drove a car to send their mother and son back.

Just get on the car, Xia Yuchen also asked the east to ask the west, but soon, he was sleepy on the idea of surging.

A few minutes later, the little guy was lying on his back in Mommy's arms, snoring and sleeping.

The atmosphere in the car became more and more stuffy after the little guy fell asleep.

Two strangers now share a child.

This kind of atmosphere is no longer embarrassing to describe.

"Where to live?"

Jimucheng thought that he didn't know her address.

Xia Xinnian opens his mouth and answers, then falls into a long silence.

Arriving at the gate of the community, foreign vehicles need to be registered. Jimucheng is not a tyrant.

He planned to go down to make a registration, but he didn't expect Xia Xinnian had opened the door to go down.

However, Xia Xinnian is holding a little bit of weight in her arms. It's very difficult for her to get off the car.

Jimucheng quickly pushes the door to get off, walks to her side, the long arm nature carried the son over, lets him lie on his broad shoulder to sleep.


The little guy didn't sleep very well. He felt that daddy was holding him now. He immediately put his two hands around the neck of Jimu City, and put his face closer to him, murmuring like a dream.

Xia Xinnian also heard that there is only a corner in the bottom of his heart, which is collapsing.

Just after we met each other, our son had such a strong sense of dependence on Jimu, which was not a good start.

"You must be tired after holding all the way. I'll take you upstairs!"

Jimucheng cares about her.

Xia Xinnian didn't want him to go upstairs, but she just held her son in a posture. Her arms were really weak, and her legs were slightly numb.

"Thank you so much!"

Xia Xinnian doesn't fight with him. Since his son is fighting for something, it's up to him to be a coolie.

Two people go to the community.

Suddenly a warm-hearted aunt came up.

"Miss Xia, is this your husband?

What a handsome look! "

Xia Xinnian saw that it was the old lady who lived next door to him, and immediately smiled and said hello.

However, hearing that she misunderstood jimucheng as her husband, her face was still full of shame, embarrassment and heat.

What else does aunt want to gossip about? Xia Xinnian reaches out and yanks jimucheng's sleeve, dragging him to move forward quickly.

Jimucheng didn't expect that she would suddenly drag him. He almost stumbled with grace.

I don't know. This woman is very strong.

"Nervous what?"

There was a slight sneer from the man.