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Stay with him? Yang's clear nose is inexplicably sour. This sentence sounds warm. Can you really do this?

"Luo Jinyu, porridge is ready. I'll help you to serve it. Please sit on the table." Yang ChuChu can only force himself to look away.

Luo Jinyu also feels that her demands are too overbearing. Now the relationship is not that she doesn't want to be around her, but that she has her stubbornness and self-esteem. He also needs to persuade his mother to agree. "

OK!" Luo Jinyu did not continue to stick to this topic, and followed her to the table to sit down. Yang

he took a bowl of porridge and said in a low voice, "it's a little hot. Blow it yourself!" "

have a drink, too." Luo Jinyu low judo. "

I have supper. I'll help you wash your clothes!" Yang ChuChu said, and really turned away. Luo

Jin Yu looks at the white and soft rice porridge in front of the table. He feels warm inside. However, if he wants to eat what she made, he doesn't know when. Ji is sitting in the car and returning home. He was shocked in the hotel just now and didn't have time to take a bath. At this moment, the first thing he did when he got home, he went into the bathroom.

I don't know why, his body is also slightly painful, he frowned, maybe for the first time, no experience to feel the pain.

Ji Shangqing lowered his eyes and saw a faint red melting in the water. His heart was shocked again Jishanghalal wanted to slap himself. He knew he would make such a low-level mistake, so he didn't drink so much wine.

Wine, it's really not a good thing, it's bad, it's messy. Ji received a message from his father after he took a bath. "

blue? Junior! " Ji Shangqing frowned and murmured. Look at some of the photos above. They look good, but they are a bit rustic. "

is that you?" Ji Shangqing couldn't believe that he would have slept with such a native woman, lost his first kiss and lost his first time.

Ji Shangqing's remorseful intestines will be green now. I really want to erase this as a nightmare, but I can't.

Ji Shangqing understands that anything at this moment may become a stumbling block to his father's plan.

What's more, it's him who makes this woman strong. In case Ji Xiaohan knows about it, it will be really bad after that. Xiao Han also sends people to stare at their father and son, looking for the weakness that will give them a fatal blow. Time


Ji Shangqing drove to the university where blue Weiwei was. He holds all the materials of blue Wei in his hand, so he can easily find the classroom of blue Wei.

"Excuse me, is blue faintly in it?" Ji Shangqing smiles and asks a female student. The

female student was charmed by his charming smile: "you look for blue Weiwei. She is not feeling well today. She didn't come to class. Who are you? She's resting in the dormitory. " "

Oh, I am her friend, are you her classmate?" Ji Shangqing found that the woman seemed to know blue a little bit.

"You asked the right person. I am her roommate. Go to find her by yourself. She seems to be ill!" The schoolgirl replied with a smile.

"Girls' dormitories don't let men in and out. Could you please call her out for me?" Ji Shangqing finished, and showed a pleading expression. "

well, come with me!" That female student is also warm-hearted person, took Ji Shangqing to the girl's dormitory building. Season

Shang Qingyin breathed, leaned against a nearby tree trunk, and waited for the blue to come down slightly. Didn't

think of it, blue is still coming down, but her face is a little pale. "

it's the gentleman who wants to see you and says it's your friend!" Blue

she looks here slightly. When she sees Ji Shangqing, she is shaking with anger.

Ji Shangqing frowned and looked at her from head to toe. The real person is more rustic than the photo, but the long one is not bad. "

PA!" Ji Shangqing is looking at her. Suddenly, he sees her running fast. He wants to say hello, but unexpectedly, he is slapped by others. Ji was blindfolded by Shangqing. Junjun's face was burning and his eyes flashed. But he soon suppressed him.

"Lan Wei, I'm sorry. I had too much yesterday..." "

bastard, get out of here, or I'll see you once and hit you once!" LAN Weiwei was a grumpy girl, but at this moment, when she recognized that this was the man who destroyed her innocence last night, her anger rushed up and pointed to him.

"If you can blow me up, you can give me another slap. I sincerely apologize to you!" Ji Shangqing can only hold back his inner dissatisfaction at the moment, and still has a sincere expression on his face. There are many students around to watch the activity. Ji Shangqing looks down and doesn't talk. Blue

Weiwei didn't have soft hands. She raised her hand and slapped him. The girl next to her hurriedly grabbed her: "Weiwei, don't hit him. What's your hatred for him? You see, you've swollen people's faces. You can handle such a handsome man. " "

don't stop me, I have the heart to kill him!" Blue slightly resentful teeth. "

sorry, I'm not good!" Ji Shangqing endured the pain on his cheek, and his voice was full of remorse and apology. "

is this something you can forgive by saying sorry? Do you know... " Blue Wei originally wanted to swear, but she could see so many students gathered nearby. Her words were blocked in her voice and she was afraid to say them for a while. "

can I invite you out? Let's have a good chat about it! " Ji Shangqing knows that she must have something else to say. However, with so many people around at the moment, it's not appropriate for them to make their words clear. "

hum!" Blue slightly annoyed hum, straight to the direction of the school gate.

Ji Shangqing had to follow her quickly. Blue

as soon as she left, there was a lot of hot discussion. They were curious about the relationship between this extraordinary and well-dressed man and her.

Lanwei is also famous in the school. However, she is famous for her lack of money to do odd jobs. In addition, she has a gambler father who will come to ask her for some money every three to five days. Therefore, Lanwei is the news of the gambler's daughter, which is also known throughout the school. Although she is beautiful, no boy dares to approach her, so she is afraid to get involved in it and gamble Bottom hole, not filled.

But at present, Ji Shangqing's appearance immediately changed her situation. Everyone thought that this was the new master of gold, waiting to see her turn over.