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C1915 Jijia dinner

If the man is not serious, let Xia Xinnian blush. She gives him a look: "I don't want it."


The man teased her on purpose, pretending not to understand.

Xia Xinnian is so hot that he turns around and sits on the chair beside him to open the delicious food brought by the man.

"You mean you still need me."

The man answered for her.

Xia Xinnian chuckled. It's the default.

The food packed in jimucheng is all made by top chefs. There are three dishes and one soup, and fruit cakes are also distributed.

Jimucheng also sat down lazily. Suddenly, he found several colleagues looking curiously outside the door. His lips were thin and he asked Xia Xinnian, "your colleagues are still outside. Would you like to call in for some food?"

Xia Xinnian is shocked. She shouldn't eat alone, so she gets up and goes out with cakes and fruits: "you can have some, too."

"No, no, no, we're off work."

Those girls are just curious about jimucheng, but they don't eat it. In their eyes, the beauty of this man is just showing off his wealth. If it wasn't for Xia Xinnian, they would never meet each other in their life.

Xia Xinnian scares these colleagues away, so she has to take them back.

"They are afraid of you."

Xia Xinnian guessed.

"What am I afraid of?

I don't eat people. "

Jimucheng shrugs and is innocent.

"You don't eat people, but your eyes will call people. If you look at them more, their hearts will fly."

Xia Xinnian said with a funny smile.

"Am I so charming?"

Jimucheng also smiled, very happy that she would praise herself like this.

"Well, I can't even resist it. I'm sure I can't resist it in other people's shoes."

Xia Xinnian tells the truth.

Jimucheng's eyes are deep, and they lock her. At this moment, Xia Xinnian is just holding a gorgeous cherry to bite. The man's heart itches, and suddenly gets up. Before she can bite, thin lips and evil spirits snatch away her cherries and suck her soft lips.

"You..." Xia Xinnian was shocked. He didn't expect this man could be so bad.

"Don't do that. There's surveillance."

Xia Xinnian points to a corner of the ceiling.

Jimucheng didn't take it seriously: "what are you afraid of? It's not to be seen. I'm just kissing you, and I'm not sneaking around."

"Well, I can't tell you."

Xia Xinnian can't laugh or cry. He divides the rice in the incubator into half parts. The two people enjoy a different dinner in this office.

"Why do you work so hard?

Are you short of money? "

After dinner, jimucheng picked up and watched her sit back in her position. He was not happy.

Is he not as important as her work?

"I'm short of money. Who thinks it's too much?"

Xia Xinnian replied casually.

The next second, she put a black card in front of her: "I'll give you my card, you take the flowers."

Xia Xinnian and meimou are surprised to open up, holding the card: "I don't spend your money, I have money myself."

"Then put it here. When you need it, you can help."

Whispered jimucheng.

Xia Xinnian shuddered and returned the card to him: "jimucheng, I still don't accept your money, otherwise, I will feel that I have the potential to eat rice, then I will lose my goal."

"You are stubborn. Which woman doesn't want to spend her husband's money?

Do you want to play AA system with me after you get married?

Well, I'll play in that bed. I'll get on and off, and then you'll get on and off. "

Jimucheng suddenly gets angry. He really doesn't like the feeling of being rejected. It's as if he releases the truth. She doesn't catch it and throws it back to him.

Xia Xinnian was shocked by his metaphor, and his pretty face became more and more red: "where are you talking about?

I just don't think we're married. I'm not comfortable spending your money. "

"Then don't spend, but you have to take this card."

Jimucheng also has his insistence.

Xia Xinnian had to take his handbag, open his wallet and put the card in: "OK, I'll take it."

Jimucheng is in a better mood.

Jijia! Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou sit at the dinner table and watch xiaoyuchen eat.

The little guy took a few mouthfuls. He took a pair of big black eyes and looked around. When he found that his grandparents didn't eat, he watched him eat. He suddenly got nervous.

"Dad, mom, you scared Yuchen."

Jixilin said at once.

Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou realized that their behavior was excessive. They quickly took chopsticks and put the dishes into Yu Chen's small bowl together.

Ji Siyi chuckles: "xiaoyuchen is afraid to be spoiled by you."

Tang youyou looks at his daughter and says, "have a good meal."

Ji Xiaohan also quickly put a piece of meat into his daughter's bowl, with a gentle voice: "Siyi, after dinner, you and Xilin can send Yuchen back together."

"Well, I like my nephew best."

Ji Siyi looks at the little guy with a smile, happy.

Ji Xilin said softly: "I think you want to knead him as a dough."

Ji Siyi kicks his brother under the table. Xiaoyuchen blinks with big black eyes. Her little shoulder quivers. She likes to hold his face. He is really afraid of her.

The more Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou see this grandson, the more they like him, just like their eldest son when he was a child.

"Mom, do you think if my sister-in-law had a second child, he would have a dragon and a phoenix?"

Ji Siyi asked curiously.

Tang youyou shakes his head: "it's not true. I gave birth to you because our family has genes."

Xiaoyuchen immediately asked curiously, "will my mommy still have a baby?

I want a sister. "


That's great. Elder brother and sister-in-law can have a second child. "

Ji Siyi is very happy.

"Mom, do you mean that if Siyi gets married later, does she have the gene to have a dragon and a phoenix?"

Jixilin asked immediately.

When Ji Xiaohan heard this, he looked seriously at his son: "you and Siyi are still young. Don't think about love."

Ji Siyi immediately said angrily, "Daddy, I heard in school that big brother plays basketball and many girls are sending him water and towels."

Ji Xiaohan's eyes sank, and Ji Xilin's handsome face suddenly turned white. He anxiously explained: "Dad, don't listen to her nonsense. Those are girls who adore me. I haven't responded to any of them."

"In any case, you should focus on your studies now, and think about love after you graduate from college."

Ji Xiaohan still believes in his son.

"Don't worry, I'm not interested in girls."

Jixilin glanced at her sister.

"Brother, don't you like men?"

Ji Siyi immediately asked curiously.

"I Of course not. "

Ji Xilin has been gnashing his teeth. He has such a nosy sister. He can't talk and love with other girls. She has such a big mouth that she can't hide any gossip.