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C1688 set out with heart

The old man saw four big words in his granddaughter's eyes. He couldn't help but caress his forehead and sigh: "it's warm. You are sure that Grandpa will promise you, so you came to see me, isn't it?"

"Grandpa, if I didn't know that you really love me, how dare I come to you?" Ling warm tears for laughter, there is a good feeling, Grandpa will agree to her.

"If you really think about it and make a decision, then you can talk to your parents about it. If they promise you to practice, I can arrange for you to go to Mu Weicheng's side." The old man also broke his heart. His granddaughter fell in love with others secretly. It's a shame. Where's the man who loves his family?

"Really?" Ling warm a pair of eyes open, full of joy.

"I only promise to send you there, but I won't help you pursue others." The old man said very unhappy.

Ling warm warm smile in the heart of the happy satisfied, she actually did not tell the truth, only said that she likes Mu Wei Cheng, but not mu Wei Cheng also like her, Grandpa this worry, is completely redundant.

"Don't worry, I can handle this by myself, as long as Grandpa arranges me to his side." Ling warm only felt that there was a flower in full bloom at the bottom of her heart. There was nothing more happy for her than this moment.

"Women can't stay. Since you like people so much, you can go. Mu Weicheng is a man. I've heard of him. He has a good character and excellent ability. If you can make him like you and can blossom and bear fruit, it's a good thing to know the grudges between the two families." The old man sighed. He just loved his granddaughter. If Mu Weicheng didn't like her, what a blow she would have to take.

"Grandpa, do you really think it's good to admire the prime minister? Do you think he will have any opinions on our Ling family because of his uncle Ling asked curiously.

The old man frowned: "if he has a problem with Ling's family, you are doomed to have no fate. You have to promise to Grandpa, like it and have dignity. You can't beg for a relationship without self-esteem, which will only make you embarrassed and painful, and won't have any happiness."

"Don't worry, Grandpa. If I find out that Mu Weicheng is not interested in me, I will come back immediately. I will never drag the water." Ling warm hands out immediately to ensure.

"It's too young. It's always going to take a few things to grow up. Go ahead, Grandpa." The old man passed the test.

Ling wennuan smiled and had the support and concern of her family, which is her courage to fight against the world. It's so good. She hopes that no matter what happens to her, she will be supported by her family behind her back, so that she won't be afraid of any wind and rain.

Ling wennuan took out her three inch tongue at dinner, lobbied in front of Ling's father and Ling's mother all night, and finally let them nod their heads, allowing her to suspend school for three months and go out for exercise.

The old man intervened at this time, saying that he just had a suitable place to let Ling warm exercise.

Of course, Ling Fu and Ling Mu trust the old man. He has a wide range of contacts and a hard relationship. Moreover, he loves his granddaughter the most. The place he arranged will not be too bad.

That's how it's settled.

Ling wennuan couldn't believe it.

The next day, Ling Mo Feng's phone call came, Ling wennuan saw brother's call, and she looked disgusted.

"Sure to stop me again. Hum, don't take it." Ling warm in front of big brother, is a wayward child.

But Ling Mo Feng's second call came back.

"How noisy!" Ling wennuan covers her ears, but she finally decides to answer her elder brother's phone.

Anyway, elder brother, it will pass sooner or later.

"Hello, brother, why do you suddenly think of calling me?" Ling warm immediately said with a smile.

"Just now my mother called me and said you were going to take a break from school to practice. What's the matter?" Ling Mo Feng is very concerned about this matter.

"It's no big deal. I feel like I've been in the greenhouse for too long, and I can't connect with the society. I want to go out to see the world, and I want to feel bitter. Don't worry about me, brother. I'm not as delicate as you think." Ling warm immediately comforted and laughed.

"How do you practice?" Ling Mo Feng frowned.

"Grandpa said to let me go to a remote place to teach. Brother, you can rest assured that grandpa has arranged everything." Ling warm smile said, I hope elder brother can really rest assured of her.

As soon as Ling Mo Feng's face changed, he became serious: "are you going to teach? Where is it? How far is it? How can grandpa arrange such things for you? "

"Brother, are you worried that I can't bear the pain?" Ling wennuan didn't expect that her elder brother reflected so much. She asked with a little guilty heart.

"No, I'm afraid you are in danger. Grandpa is old. I'll arrange this. I'll find a better place for you to practice..."

"No, no, please don't bother me. I have discussed this matter with Grandpa." Ling wennuan is scared when he hears that elder brother wants to help. Don't spoil her.

Mr. Ling has contacted one of his old friends for her. He used to be the leader of the base. Later, he got married with a local girl and settled down there. This time, Mr. Ling lived in the other's home, not far from the base, only half an hour's drive away. There is a primary school next to him. This time, there is a donation activity. Mr. Ling warms up Well, I can borrow this volunteer's identity to go there for another three months. Although she has not graduated from University, it can be done to teach children to sing, dance and read words. Moreover, she will support some things in the past.

"What are you doing with Grandpa?" Ling Mo Feng always feels that his younger sister has something to hide from him, and it's still a big deal.

"Elder brother, what do you say? You can doubt me, but you can't doubt Grandpa. Grandpa is very kind to me. Well, I'm a little busy now if I don't tell you." Ling wennuan said and hung up directly.

Ling Mo Feng looked at the hung mobile phone and sighed: "what do you want to do, little girl?" Ling Mo Feng had to call grandpa again. The old man's words were basically the same as Ling Nuan's. Ling Mo Feng couldn't help doubting himself. Did he really think more?

Ling wennuan has gone to the school to go through the suspension formalities. In the afternoon, she went out with the old man to buy a batch of children's gifts and donations. The old man also sent some sincere gifts to his old friends.

"Grandpa, I'll follow the charity team tomorrow. The time is a little short, but I'm really happy. Grandpa, you must take good care of yourself and wait for me to come back." Ling wennuan reached for the old man's arm and told him with concern.

"Of course, I'll take care of myself. I'm worried about you. When I get there, I'll call. My old friend has two grandsons and granddaughters. It's said that grandsons are working in the base. This time, when you go there, he'll come to pick you up. When you see Mu Weicheng, you'll get along well with others. If the other party really doesn't mean anything to you, you'll almost come back. Don't hang around , lost our face. " The old man was also very uneasy and told her over and over again.

"I know. I'm sure I won't lose my family's face." Ling warm immediately laughed, she was confident.

That night, Ling Mo Feng brought LAN Yanxi back to Ling's home for dinner. When LAN Yanxi heard that Ling Nuan suddenly decided to teach in a remote area, she was surprised.

After dinner, Ling wennuan dragged LAN Yanxi upstairs.

"Sister in law, you must keep it secret for me. You can't let my brother know, at least not now." Ling Nuan looks at LAN Yanxi pleadingly.

LAN Yanxi chuckled: "don't worry, of course I won't tell him, but this time you should be for him."

"Well, it's for him." Ling Nuan nodded shyly.

"Then I wish you good luck and win his heart." LAN Yanxi joked with a smile.

"Thank you, sister-in-law. Elder brother will take care of you. If he doubts anything, you can hold it for me first. When I come back, I will be very grateful to you." Ling wennuan believes that if sister-in-law says something, elder brother must listen to it. It must be the right choice to let sister-in-law cover for him.

"Why can't he know? Are you afraid he will object? " LAN Yanxi can't laugh or cry.

"No, Mu Weicheng is his best friend from childhood. I'm afraid his heart can't bear the sudden change of role." Ling warms up and chuckles.