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When Ji Xiao Han said the word 'powerful', his serene and deep eyes looked towards the woman beside him as if she had lost her mind.

Tang You You did not hear the hidden meaning in his words, because she felt that she was not strong enough.

The group entered the living room, Mu Shi Ye's butler and servant were doing the final preparations for the dinner.

Tang You You didn't think that Ji Xiao Han would actually say such words so straightforwardly. She raised her head and glanced at him.

He pursed his lips but didn't say anything.

The atmosphere for the dinner was pretty good. At dinner time, Tang You You could only lower his head and eat silently, while Ji Xiao Han talked about a lot of work matters with them.

After dinner, everyone dispersed!

"Luo He Ning, wait a moment, I will take your car, you're on the way." Mu Lin suddenly said.

Luo He Ning's entire body shivered, the surprise came too suddenly, and his entire body tensed up.

"Alright, I'll wait for you in the car!" Luo He Ning suppressed his joy and replied as usual. As he walked towards the carriage, he started to float.

After all these years, he had finally found a chance to be alone with her. It wasn't easy at all.

Ji Xiao Han and Tang You You also walked to the side of the carriage, after greeting Luo He Ning, they sat in the carriage and left.

Luo He Ning nervously flicked his fingers on the window a few times, his eyes were as deep as the ocean, looking at the woman who was walking out from the hall through the rearview mirror.

She had a windbreaker in her hand and a handbag in her hand.

Luo He Ning's heart trembled slightly. Three years ago, he had fallen in love with Mu Lin in this way.

The elegant and moving aura she exuded instantly attracted his attention as soon as she exited the car.

From then on, he would pay attention to Mu Lin from time to time. In the magazines and under the lens, only her shadow could be seen.

All along, he didn't dare to reveal this emotion of his, and hid it deep within his heart. Because he was well aware that he wasn't excellent enough to confess his feelings to her, not to mention that she was his good friend's big sister.

"Sorry to keep you waiting!" Mu Lin walked over and smiled as she said that. She opened the door of the passenger seat and sat down.

The lady had a faint fragrance on her body, Luo He Ning suddenly felt that the space in the carriage was too narrow, he felt extremely hot and stuffy.

"No, can we go now?"

He put his hands on the steering wheel and pretended to be calm as he asked.

"Hm!" I want to sleep for a while. I need to have a video conference tonight, so wake me up when you get there. " Mu Lin's beautiful face looked a little tired. After she finished speaking, she leaned back in her chair and quickly fell asleep.

Luo He Ning was startled.

The ecstasy in his heart slowly calmed down.

As he drove, he stole glances at the sleeping woman beside him.

In Luo He Ning's heart, Mu Lin had always been a strong and fierce woman. His actions were decisive, and unlike the other elite women in the workplace, her aura was stronger, because she was now the CEO of the Mu Family company. She had both status and power.

Luo He Ning secretly sighed, he truly wished that he had the ability as his brother to boldly and confidently pursue her.

Under the cover of the night, another fleet of carriages was rushing towards the villa in Ji Family.

Inside the car!

Tang You You and Ji Xiao Han sat on both sides of the backseat, each with their own thoughts.

"Nothing my friend said is unpleasant." Ji Xiao Han saw that the woman immediately sat far away from him when she got on the car. He thought she was angry.

Tang You You shook his head: "No, your friend's cultivation is extremely good."

"I've always had good eyes, whether it's a friend or a woman." Ji Xiao Han smiled lightly, a little pleased with himself.

Tang You You was startled, then mocked indifferently: "I can see it!"

The conversation came to a halt.

The atmosphere inside the car returned to its previous stiff state.

"I wonder if the children have cried yet." Ji Xiao Han didn't like this kind of feeling of boredom, so he indifferently looked for a topic to talk about.

"Probably not." Tang You You was not sure, but her son would not cry, but her daughter might not.

Ji Xiao Han's serene eyes focused on her face, and he asked with a low voice: "Can you tell me about the matters of the children? And their pictures, do you have them? I want to see it. "

Tang You You said indifferently: I have the pictures, but I feel like there is nothing much to talk about.

"It's all my fault, I didn't find out in time that you fell out with Tang Xue Rou. That night I … I was drugged and lost my mind. I didn't hurt you, did I? " Ji Xiao Han's low voice revealed a few hints of remorse.

Thinking about what happened five years ago, Tang You You's heart tightened and her eyebrows knitted together. If she remembered correctly, after being bullied by him, she still felt pain walking for the majority of the day.

"I don't remember." She turned her face away, her voice cold.

"You said that you were unconscious that day. Did something happen?" Can you tell me? " Ji Xiao Han couldn't help but be curious.

Tang You You didn't want to talk about her private matters with him.

"I don't want to say it!" How could she tell Ji Xiao Han that she was not the biological daughter of the Tang Family?

Ji Xiao Han frowned, and said with disappointment: "You're not willing to tell me anything, and you're still taking precautions against me?"

"Those are my scars. I don't want to talk about them because I don't want to remember them. Don't you have any secrets? If I ask you, will you tell me? " Tang You You laughed.

Ji Xiao Han's body froze, he suddenly thought of his mother, and he immediately froze.

Following that, the two of them did not speak anymore, but Ji Xiao Han was deeply immersed in his memories.