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With Pei An Xin on the plane, there was nothing left for Ji Xiao Han to do. The two women's conversation seemed to be endless.

Mu Shi Ye hugged his daughter and was not willing to let go, with his handsome eyes, he looked at Pei An Xin aggrievedly, afraid that she would bring up the matter of taking his daughter away again.

Tang You You was also very tired, the moment she got on the carriage, she leaned against the seat and fell asleep.

"Miss Tang, I believe you guys should be exhausted from your journey this time. Hurry up and go upstairs to rest, Little Young Master and Young Miss still have lessons tomorrow morning!" Uncle Yuan was now completely in charge of receiving and receiving the little fellow. He was also very attentive towards the matter of them going to school.

"Okay, thank you Uncle Yuan!" Tang You You said gratefully.

Tang Xiao Nai also immediately bent over and said loudly: "Thank you Uncle Yuan for preparing this midnight snack for us, it's so delicious!"

Looking at Tang Xiao Nai's cute and interesting expression, Uncle Yuan could not help but laugh. "I was willing to do everything for you guys.

Tang You You brought the two little fellows upstairs and prepared to bathe them.

In the bathroom, two little guys were sitting in the bathtub, their little faces red and tender due to the heat. Tang You You couldn't help but kiss the two little guys on the face.

"Mummy, you said this morning that you would give Father an answer tonight. Have you considered it yet?" Tang Xiao Rui had always kept this matter in mind, because he was truly concerned about it.

Tang You You paused for a moment as he pretended to lose memories and looked at his son. He asked guiltily: "What answer? I don't even remember. "

"Mummy, your memory is so poor! You have to eat more walnuts to mend your brain! " Tang Xiao Nai immediately interrupted the conversation.

However, Tang Xiao Rui glared at her with disdain: Mummy, you are pretending not to remember, I can see that you haven't even considered father's proposal, are you?

"Propose?" Tang Xiao Nai's eyes widened: "Brother, what is a marriage proposal?"

"I can't be bothered to explain it to you, you won't understand no matter how I explain it to you!" Tang Xiao Rui was very unhappy, she was a little emotional.

He suddenly felt that Mummy was untrustworthy, he had clearly agreed to it well, but now he was pretending to lose his memories, it was really too much.

Tang You You's beautiful eyes swept across her son's little face. She was startled when she saw that he was unhappy.

The little guy's temper was actually quite good. He wasn't the kind of person who was uncomfortable and liked to be angry.

But he was obviously unhappy now, could it be that he did not properly consider the matter of Ji Xiao Han proposing marriage?

Sigh, it was quite a headache for the little guy to care so much about this matter.

"Little Rui …"


"Xiao Rui, are you ignoring Mummy?"


"Then what do you want Mummy to do before you care about me again?" Having angered his son, Tang You You was truly ashamed and worried.

She didn't want to make her son sulky, because this wouldn't be good for his health, and she didn't want any estrangement between mother and son.

"Unless Mummy seriously considers this proposal of her father's, we have to consider many factors carefully!" Tang Xiao Rui did not force Tang You You to agree to this matter, he only hoped that Mummy would think about it carefully.

After thinking it through, he gave a very clear answer.

Tang You You immediately answered seriously: "Xiao Rui, Mummy promised you, I will definitely consider it carefully. It has not even reached midnight, and your dad has not come back yet, even if I think it through, I can't answer him right now."

Tang Xiao Nai had been completely ignored by the two. She pouted unhappily: "Mummy, what are you talking about? Why can't I understand? Am I really that stupid? 5555, Mummy, quickly give me some walnuts. I don't need to be that stupid, I also want to talk to you and my brother. "

Tang You You was amused by his daughter's silly and adorable expression. He rubbed her head and comforted her, "Xiao Nai, you're not dumb, but your brother's brain is way too developed. Actually, a child your age is exactly what you are!"

"Mummy, stop lying to me, I must really be stupid!" Tang Xiao Nai said with a wronged and sorrowful expression.

A happy smile appeared on Tang Xiao Rui's face again as he giggled, "Mummy, can you secretly tell me now, whether you agreed or not?"

"I'm still considering …"

"Mummy, hurry up and think about it!"

"I'll tell your dad when he comes back!"

"Alright, then you have to have a good talk with Dad. Don't argue with him!" Tang Xiao Rui sincerely hoped that his father's Mummy could live peacefully with him.

Tang You You could not hold back and laughed: "Don't worry, I will not argue with him. Alright, you can get up now!"

Tang Xiao Rui immediately stood up: "Mummy, help me get dressed first!"

"Brother, shame!" Tang Xiao Nai saw his brother suddenly stand up, and immediately covered his eyes!

Tang Xiao Rui humphed!

Tang You You hurriedly carried the little fellow over and helped him wipe off the water on his body.

"Mummy, I'll be going out first!" Tang Xiao Rui quickly walked out of the bathroom and immediately took Tang You You's phone from the bedside table. He flew out of the bedroom, sneakily hid behind a pillar outside the balcony and easily unlocked Mummy's screen password with his little finger.

Then he flipped through the records, found Daddy's phone, and pulled it out.

The phone call was quickly answered by Ji Xiao Han. His voice was low and gentle, "Slow …"

"Daddy, it's me!" Tang Xiao Rui said anxiously, his large eyes still looking at the door in panic: "When are you coming back?"

"Little Rui? Why did you call me with your Mummy's phone? "

"Daddy, come back quickly. Mummy said that he wanted to talk about marriage with you!"

"Really?" Ji Xiao Han could not hide the surprise in his voice.