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Tang youyou's situation in the company is really different from the past. Although no one talks about her in front of her, as soon as she appears, it will attract everyone's attention, as if she has done something extraordinary.

Tang youyou tries hard to let herself not care about these people's eyes, but she also knows that the result of a fierce love affair with Ji Xiaohan is that she can no longer go back to her former transparent life.

Now, she seems to be living under the spotlight, with hundreds of thousands of pairs of eyes staring at her every move. I don't know whether to wait for her jokes or to wait for her more tragic results. In short, what people lack most is the topic.

Tang youyou hides in the office. Fortunately, Liu Xi, the godmother, covers her up. No one dares to do anything to her.

In the afternoon, Tang youyou left work ahead of time. When she got to the hall, she saw a man blocking her way.

The other side is wearing fashionable clothes, a pair of hateful high, wearing sunglasses, temperament is very good.

As soon as Tang youyou saw her, his face changed for a moment. Unexpectedly, Tang Xuerou, who had not seen her for a long time, could not wait to run over and step on her feet.

Tang Xuerou directly took off his sunglasses and smiled: "tut Tut, it's only a long time since I've been abandoned. Tang Youyou, I can't help sympathizing with you. You're much faster than me. At best or not, I have an affair with Ji Zong, and I can still pass it on for several years."

Tang youyou knows that as long as Tang Xuerou has a chance to fall, she will definitely seize the opportunity, which is her most annoying advantage.

Tang youyou raised his chin slightly, pretended to ignore her, and walked directly from her side to the direction of the parking lot.

When Tang Xuerou saw that she dared to ignore herself, she immediately stepped forward proudly, blocking her and her way: "Tang Youyou, an abandoned woman, what do you pretend to be? Yes? No face to see anyone? "

Tang youyou didn't expect Tang Xuerou to be so arrogant that she blocked her way.

"Who has no face to see? I'm not wearing sunglasses! " Tang youyou sneers.

Tang Xuerou's face suddenly became ugly: "you are ashamed because of your thick skin."

Tang youyou sneers: "I have a thick skin. That's my skill. Tang Xuerou, I'm not in a good mood recently. Don't provoke me!"

"What's wrong with you? What else do you have? " Tang Xuerou resents Tang youyou for a long time, but she has not found the chance to vent her evil spirit. Now she has a chance, of course, she will not let it go.

Tang youyou hums quietly: "even if I am abandoned by Ji Xiaohan, I am still the mother of his children. No matter what, he will not treat me as he did to you!"

Tang Xuerou's whole body is stiff, which makes her realize that there is still a gap between herself and Tang youyou.

Indeed, even if Tang youyou is abandoned by Ji Xiaohan, she still has a layer of identity that will never change. The mother of Ji Chengren in the future.

After Tang youyou returns to the situation, he ignores Tang Xuerou's hatred and resentment, and strides to the sports car he is parked in.

Tang Xuerou turns around angrily and glares at Tang youyou. She really wants to stare several holes in her body.

Well, let you be proud for a few days. Sooner or later, you will be planted in my hands. Tang Xuerou has come up with an excellent way to completely destroy Tang youyou's life.

Thanks to her identity as Jishao grandma and the support and help of jiyueze, Tang youyou has a place in the design industry. This is the difference between Tang youyou and Tang Xuerou. With her own ability, she has at least a good career.

Tang Xuerou sneers and believes that soon, she can let Tang youyou's career step down.

After Tang youyou left the class, he didn't go back to Ji's house directly. Instead, he took the key and went to her house to clean and tidy up.

After furnishing the house, it's much more warm. Lu xuanchen paid for the furniture. Tang youyou was really embarrassed. So, she calculated more for Lu xuanchen in the rent.

Lu xuanchen knew that what she wanted was a peace of mind, and did not refuse her any more. After collecting the money, he gave her the key.

Tang youyou made a cup of tea for herself. Seeing the tea spreading in the boiling water, her mood seemed better.

From here, you can see the building of Jijia headquarters, rising from the ground and towering into the sky, which is very spectacular and domineering.

Looking at his office building, Tang youyou suddenly thought of his man, his heart throbbing, turning around, just like ripples. Tang youjue can't escape the charm of that man in her whole life. She's not easy to be moved. But once she falls in love with someone, her heart can't hold anyone else. Besides, a man full of male charm like Ji Xiaohan can't see Tang youjue anymore. At the beginning, her vision is higher.

Looking back at her family, Tang youyou still gave a severe frown. Tomorrow morning, she will move here.

Anyway, the child now has the care of jijiaer, which doesn't have to stick to her. Of course, if the children like to live in such a small house with her, she won't refuse.

When it was dark, Tang youyou received a phone call from her daughter, Tang xiaonai. She pleaded with her on the phone: "Mommy, come home soon. It's dark. Daddy is sick. He must be thinking you're sick. Come back soon."

The child's mind is the most simple. Tang youyou listens to it. It's hard for him to say.

I wish, as my daughter said, Ji Xiaohan was sick because he missed her so much.

"Xiaonai, you take good care of Daddy. I'm almost back." In fact, Tang youyou also wants to go back quickly. Although he will pretend to be a stranger with Ji Xiaohan after going back, the feeling of being under the same roof with him can also make her feel a little sweet atmosphere.

"OK, Mommy, come back quickly. I'll see if daddy is better now." Tang xiaonai hung up his phone watch and ran directly to the second floor.

Ji Xiaohan is sitting in his study to deal with today's affairs. He is in a bad condition. His handsome face loses the spirit of the past.

"Daddy, Mommy said she would come back to take care of you soon!" Tang xiaonai knocks on the door, gets permission, runs in and tells Ji Xiaohan with a smile.

Seeing his daughter's happy smile, Ji Xiaohan can't help waving to her: "xiaonai, come here, daddy hug!"

Tang xiaonai immediately ran happily, and Ji Xiaohan opened his arms, put her little body around her legs, and let her sit. Looking down at his daughter's little face, it's all the shadow of Tang youyou. It's because of those big clear and beautiful eyes. It's just like her. Ji Xiao can't help but look down and kiss her little face.