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Tang You You shook his head and replied: "I'm fine, what about you? Are you hurt? "

"I'm fine too!" Ji Xiao Han replied.

However, one of the bodyguards said worriedly, "Young Master, your leg is bleeding!"

Tang You You hurriedly looked towards his legs. Sure enough, the water flowing on his body was drenched in a bright red color.

"What's wrong with you? "Are you hurt?" Tang You You immediately became anxious and worried, his face turning white.

Ji Xiao Han glanced at it, "It's probably something that has been scratched, it's fine, let's go back first!"

"Young Master, there are already many people spectating from above. Should we go over to clean up?"

Ji Xiao Han frowned, and said indifferently: "There's no need, let's go!"

After Ji Xiao Han finished speaking, he reached out his hand to hug Tang You You, but Tang You You hurriedly dodged his hand, "There's no need, your leg is injured!"

"Are you still angry with me?" Ji Xiao Han, on the other hand, had a look of loss and injury on his face.

Tang You You looked at the spirited man, who was now drenched with water. She shook her head, and suddenly pounced on him, her lips lightly touching his lips: "I'm not angry anymore, when you held me up, I already thought about it, I want to marry you!"

Ji Xiao Han was startled, then he smiled: "It seems like your heart knot has been resolved as well?"

"Yes, five years ago, you did not know my name. If you knew my name, you might have called me!"

Seeing her consoling herself like this, Ji Xiao Han could only reach out and touch her head: "Let's go, let's go home, don't let the children see us like this, if not, I'm afraid they will be worried."

"It's all my fault. I should have left with you earlier, but I still brought you down with me!" Tang You You was extremely remorseful.

Ji Xiao Han chuckled: "Alright, stop blaming yourself, aren't we all fine? As long as you are not angry with me! "

Seeing the man's relaxed expression, Tang You You smiled. That's right, a man who was willing to accompany her to jump into the river, a man who was willing to pull her out of the water, she really couldn't think of a reason to make him angry.

"Mm, let's write off all the grudges from the past!" When Tang You You said these words, there were no waves in her heart.

When they left, although they gathered some cars to watch the show, Ji Xiao Han took out a black suit that the bodyguard handed over to him to cover his face, so no one could really see their appearances.

The entertainment circle had never been a peaceful place. There were waves after waves of hot news. There would always be people stirring up hype. It was always to the point of watching.

And at an entertainment banquet in the afternoon, the newly bloomed Little Flower Yang Chu Chu held onto a young, red, fresh meat, and sang a passionate song on the stage, setting off quite a wave.

Almost all the media outlets were guessing what the relationship between Yang Chu Chu and this little fresh meat was.

Not only did the two of them exchange glances frequently as they sang on the stage, but even when they sat together on the stage, they were talking and laughing. From the looks of it, the atmosphere was very good.

Ever since Yang Chu Chu came out of the industry, she had almost only known about everything. Of course, occasionally being tied up with Ji Yue Ze could only prove that it was the relationship between the boss and the employees.

Of course, although the relationship between the two of them had always been a blur to the outside world, they had never truly admitted it. The two of them had not really admitted it, the two of them had always been very close to each other in private, causing the people who had always wanted to uncover the truth to immediately be angry to the point of jumping in anger.

At today's banquet, it was the first time Yang Chu Chu had sung on stage with another male star besides Ji Yue Ze.

Yang Chu Chu's eighteenth birthday had already passed, and she had officially entered adulthood, so the topic of her love life had always been one that made people interested in her.

She felt that most of the young girls nowadays liked to find boyfriends who were a lot older than her. Whether it was for money, profit, or power, in short, almost all of them liked to find older men. For girls like Yang Chu Chu, who had found a relationship with a person of the same age, it had become clear.

Around 3 in the afternoon, the banquet had ended. Yang Chu Chu sat in the car and decided to return to the company.

When she was about to drive her car to the entrance of the company, suddenly, a black off-road vehicle appeared and blocked her car, scaring Driver brother to the point that he was covered in cold sweat. Seeing the worth of the luxury car, he thought to himself, Luckily it was easy to brake, otherwise, even a little scraping would have caused his year of work to be in vain.

Yang Chu Chu, who was sleeping in the back seat, was suddenly awakened by the sudden outburst. She immediately asked worriedly: "What's wrong? Did you crash into a car? "

The driver quickly pointed at the car in front of them. "I wonder what's going on with this guy. He suddenly turned around and blocked our way."

"There's actually such a person. Just you wait, I'll go down and take a look!" When Yang Chu Chu heard that there was someone intentionally blocking her path, she was also very angry.

Thus, ignoring her status as a public figure, she opened the car door and stepped out.

As soon as she got out of the car, she immediately looked at the gap of a few centimeters between the two cars. Then, she directly knocked on the closed black window and raised her finger to knock on the window.

As the car window rolled down, a cold and handsome face made Yang Chu Chu swallow all the words that she wanted to say.

"Why is it you?" Yang Chu Chu could not believe his eyes. The person who was blocking her path was actually Luo Jin Yu.

Moreover, he seemed to have come alone today. He was driving the car by himself and did not have a long line of bodyguards following behind him.

Yang Chu Chu narrowed her eyes slightly. However, she was still happy when she heard his invitation to chat with him.

However, when he thought about how he had coldly rejected her, Yang Chu Chu could not be happy. If she let him know what she was thinking, she would still make him happy.

"Are you inviting me?" Yang Chu Chu took out her pride as a little girl, and raised her chin, her bright eyes looking at Luo Jin Yu as she asked.

"Then I won't disturb you …" Luo Jin Yu Tu Ran started up his car again, looking like he was about to leave.

"Hey hey hey, don't leave, I have time!" Yang Chu Chu's pride only lasted for less than two seconds. She immediately reached out and grabbed the door of his car, preventing him from leaving.