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Tang You You couldn't even concentrate when she was driving, the shock that Ji Yue Ze gave her was really big.

Although only the two of them knew about it, it was as if it was locked inside their hearts and they could not return to their previous relationship.

Arriving at the Ji Group Headquarters, Tang You You easily arrived in front of Ji Xiao Han.

Ji Xiao Han's handsome face carried a smile, and when he saw her enter, he immediately stood up from his office chair. With his long and slender legs, he stood in front of her and spoke with a mysterious voice: "Guess what I want to show you?"

Tang You You was a little expectant, but she shook her head. "I can't guess what you want to show me."

Ji Xiao Han held her small hand and went to his office chair. After he sat down, he directly pulled Tang You You onto his firm leg and sat down.

Even though their skin was stuck to each other's clothes, they could still feel each other's warmth. A slight flush surfaced on Tang You You's snow-white face.

Ji Xiao Han opened a drawer beside his, and took out an exquisite small box. Tang You You's beautiful eyes widened, as he looked at the man with surprise and excitement and asked: "Is it a wedding ring?"

"Yes sir!" Ji Xiao Han replied softly. Then, he opened the box and saw a shining diamond.

"What a big diamond!" Tang You You couldn't help but exclaim in surprise. Ever since he was young, this was truly the first time he had seen such a extravagant diamond.

"Do you like it?" Ji Xiao Han asked gently.

Tang You You could no longer hide the joy on her face, and strongly nodded: "I like it! It's really dazzling! "

"And then?" The man raised his eyebrows sinisterly.

"And then what?" Tang You You was startled.

Ji Xiao Han reached out and caressed her smooth and long hair, then pressed her head in front of him and easily kissed her lips. "You should reward me!"

Tang You You's beautiful little face became even redder. She lowered her head, her heart beating extremely fast.

"On the day of marriage, I will personally wear it on your finger. From that moment onwards, you will be my, Ji Xiao Han's, wife." The man's gaze was fixed on her face, as if he wanted to pierce deep into his soul.

Tang You You nodded her head, looking like an obedient child: "I am starting to look forward to this day. Honestly speaking, I have never thought of marrying you.

"You are not allowed to think about other men other than me. Do you remember that?" Ji Xiao Han didn't want to hear her talk about another life. Her life was destined to belong to him alone.

Tang You You chuckled: "You're so tyrannical!"

"This isn't the first time you've met me. Now, you can carefully consider whether or not you want to marry me!" Ji Xiao Han joked.

Tang You You tilted his head, and seriously thought for a moment: "Do I have any other choice?"

"No, other than marrying me, you have no other choice. The children can't wait to attend our wedding." When Ji Xiao Han slept in the same bed as his son, the little guy continuously urged him to hurry up and marry his Mummy in.

Not only was the child impatient, Ji Xiao Han was even more anxious than them.

Tang You You looked at the pair of enchanting deep eyes in front of him, reached out, wrapped her arms around his neck, and gently buried her face into his shoulders: "Ji Xiao Han, I will not have any other choice. In this life, I just want to live with you, to grow up together with your children."

Ji Xiao Han reached out his hands and hugged her back. He liked to hear her say those emotional words.

The airport!

Luo Jin Yu finished dealing with the matter of the day at noon. At around half past two, he drove to the airport to pick up the car.

It was Yang Chu Chu. She landed on the 2: 40 PM plane. Luo Jin Yu originally wanted to go in and wait for her, but he strongly urged her to sit in the car and wait for him.

Luo Jin Yu knew that Yang Chu Chu was afraid that someone would beat him up, and it would bring him no small amount of trouble.

Luo Jin Yu sat in the carriage and quickly looked at the watch in his hand.

In the end, he still did not listen to Yang Chu Chu's words. He opened the car door, stood next to the car door, and looked towards the airport entrance with a solemn gaze.

Suddenly, Luo Jin Yu saw a familiar figure, but it was not Yang Chu Chu, but someone else, his ex-girlfriend, Mi Fei Er!

She was a great beauty with an aura that combined both beauty and grandeur.

At this moment, she was pushing a white Tour Box, her entire body was filled with indolent beauty, dressed in an elegant dress, and with her tall figure and long hair, she casually pushed them to one side of her chest.

Mi Fei Er had already seen Luo Jin Yu from far away because Luo Jin Yu was also the most eye-catching person amongst the crowd. He was tall, handsome, had a distinguished temperament, and also had the air of a tyrant belonging to someone in a superior position.

Mi Fei Er took off her toad glasses in disbelief. The two of them stood there, separated by a crowd of people, as if they had just met again after many centuries. Even time had stopped.

"Jin Yu, long time no see!" Mi Fei Er's face revealed a hint of joy. She pushed the Tour Box and stood in front of him, her beautiful eyes carrying a trace of infatuation. She looked at the man in front of her who was getting more and more mature, with extraordinary charisma.

Luo Jin Yu also did not expect to meet her here, his handsome face froze for a moment.

It was only when heard her call out to him that he finally said indifferently: "Yeah, it's been a while!"

"You've changed. You're more mature and have more of a male charm." Mi Fei Er sighed.

Luo Jin Yu's handsome face slightly turned cold: "Really? "Did you only discover these virtues of mine today?"

"Jinyu, all these years, I've actually missed you a lot. When I thought about the time I spent with you, I knew I wouldn't be able to return, but that really was a precious treasure in my life." Mi Fei Er said somewhat sorrowfully.

Luo Jin Yu said coldly, "But I don't feel that those things are worth remembering."

"If it's not worth it, what are you doing here? Aren't you here to pick me up? " Mi Fei Er was still as proud and confident as before.

Luo Jin Yu frowned: "I'm not here to pick you up, you might have misunderstood."

"Not for me? Are you waiting for another woman? " Mi Fei Er was startled, but soon after, a little disappointed.

Luo Jin Yu did not want to answer her, so he turned and left.

But just at this time, Mi Fei Er suddenly pounced over from behind him, her two slender arms wrapped around his waist, hugging him tightly: Jin Yu, to be able to see you again, I'm so happy!

Luo Jin Yu's handsome face changed. Just as he was about to extend his hand to pull away her hand, he glanced over and saw that at the exit of the passage, Yang Chu Chu was standing there dumbly.

Luo Jin Yu's handsome eyes also stiffened.