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C724 the importance of trust

Mu Shiye also changed Pei Anxin, but he didn't care. He held his daughter Xiao Orange Orange in his arms, and his face was sullen, because Pei Anxin's mobile phone seemed to ring again. A male voice came from her mobile phone. It came from the end and directly interrupted their chat.

Pei Anxin is now looking for a very challenging job. She went directly to the business department. Therefore, her daily work is very busy. This is one of the most resentful things at Moshi Ye.

After finishing the call, Pei Anxin's beautiful eyes glanced at his face, and then he laughed: "What kind of madness are you? My job is like this, you should understand me, right, you were with me before Aren't you so busy when you're together? "

After listening to Mu Shiye, Jun's eyes widened suddenly, and Zhang Jun's face was even more grievous: "An Xin, you really will hold revenge. It turned out that you were looking for revenge for this job?"

Pei Anxin raised her eyebrows and smiled slightly: "I'm not revenge on you, I just want to make my career more challenging."

"You are!" The eyes of Mo Shiye were extremely wronged.

Pei Anxin said lightly: "If you have to think so, then it's OK."

Mu Shiye bowed his head with a look of loss, as if hurt, and didn't say a word for a long time. Pei Anxin glanced at him, seeing that he seemed to have suffered a great grievance. She could not help but reach out, and patted him on the back of his hand: "Mushi Ye, are you angry?"

Mo Shiye lifted his eyes, his face was still a little depressed: "How dare I be mad at you, what if I ran away with you again?"

"I won't run, where Orange is, I will be there." Pei Anxin answered leisurely.

"If you can't run, let's get married!" Since Mo Shiye ran abroad to bring Pei Anxin back, although the two got along well, Pei Anxin said nothing about marriage. This made Mu Shiye always be worried, fearing she would run around again.

Pei Anxin frowned. "We get along well like this, why should we get married?"

"No marriage, I don't have a sense of security!" Mo Shiye held her little hand backhand, adding a touch of sorrow.

Pei Anxin mocked lightly: "I didn't expect Master Dang Mu to be insecure."

"Han Han and Tang Youyou are getting married." Mu Shiye said suddenly.

Pei Anxin froze: "You are envious of marriage."

"Of course!" Mo Shi Ye did not hide his envy.

Pei Anxin said lightly: "Your mother hasn't officially met my family yet. It's early to mention marriage."

When it comes to this, Mo Shiye's manifestation is deadlocked.

Indeed, although her mother seems to have accepted Pei Anxin and no longer noisy and noisy, she did not come to see Pei Anxin either. The two people have been deadlocked in this way. This is one of the most disturbing things at Moshi Already.

"If I convince my mother to meet you, will you agree to get married?" Mo Shiye asked in a low voice.

Pei Anxin bit her lip. "Forget it, if she doesn't like me, she won't like it even if she meets."

Mu Shiye was silent again.

After driving down the highway, the car drove directly into the resort's villa hotel.

Ji Yanhan has asked assistant Lu Qing to help arrange everything here, so when they got out of the car, they only took a short break in the hotel and set off for fishing by the lake.

Although it is winter at this time, there are still many people who come here for fishing. Because it is a weekend, most of the parents here come with children to experience leisure life.

When Ji Hanhan and Mu Shiye brought their children and their women over, they instantly caused a sensation, because the values ​​of this group of people were all against the sky.

Both men are tall and strong, with handsome faces and clear temperament, with the unique aura of the rich master.

And the few children around them, at an early age, also inherited the excellent genes of their parents, and they were as delicate and beautiful as a doll.

Tang Youyou and Pei Anxin lag behind. The two women talked as they walked, and they talked about the children's interesting things, so funny laughter came from time to time. Many men set their eyes on the two, Tang Youyou, a white down jacket, looks pure and clean, beautiful is dazzling, Pei Anxin is a black nezi coat, short shoulder-length hair, looks the same Exquisite and gorgeous, with the ability and playfulness of a professional woman


Ji Hanhan and Mo Shiye occupied an area of ​​fishing, and his bodyguards devotedly brought them chairs and simple coffee tables, and also brought hot tea.

On the grass next to it, there was thick white snow. The two little guys each carried a small bucket with various playing tools in it. It was very natural to see the picturesque scenery here, and they were also very excited.

"Yuyou, you and Ms. Pei are sitting here drinking tea and chatting. If we lose the game, we will have dinner tonight." Ji Yanhan walked to Tangyouyou with a smile and said gently.

Tang Youyou smiled and nodded: "Okay, you guys fishing."

So, the three little guys were around the two men, all wearing thick as buns, wearing cute knitted hats and gloves. Although the weather was cold, but the children who were happy, but As if not afraid of chill, still holding gadgets and having fun.

Little Orange Orange swayed like a little penguin, followed by Tang Xiaonai, and a sister took a bite. It was sweet, and it often caught the attention of the adults next to him.

Pei Anxin looked at Shi Yihan who was talking to Tang Youyou just now, and her eyes were full of coquettishness and warmth. She couldn't help admiring: "You and Mr. Ji have a good relationship."

Tang Youyou shyly smiled, "Yeah, being able to meet him is really the luckiest thing in my life." "Your feelings have been triumphant along the way, unlike Meshi Ye and me. Hehe, noisy, no matter how good the relationship is, it's noisy at the moment. It's hard to get back the whole-hearted trust of first love.

Ye Qing fell in love, she just didn't dare.

Tang Youyou also saw that they always seemed to be separated by an invisible wall. Even if they talked, laughed, discussed, and discussed, they lacked a sense of intimacy from the heart.

"Establishing a trust is not an easy task. Love and marriage are the most suspicious of you. I think Master Mu is very good. Maybe you can open your heart and accept him again." Tang Youyou urged softly. "I really hope that time can flow back, back to the day when I and he first met." Pei Anxin's beautiful face was filled with sadness.