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C1851: a slight easing of relations

Jimucheng found that this is a wild woman who is hard to tame and can't get oil and salt. Is it a woman who eats soft but doesn't eat hard?

Unfortunately, he will only come hard.

After the conditions are settled, Xia Xinnian proposes to take a bath for his son, so that he can sweat all over and blow the cool wind outside, afraid of his cold.

"Well, I'll have his clothes ready!"

Jimucheng nods.

Xia Xinnian took his son to the bathroom on the second floor and filled the bathtub with water. Xia Xinnian took off his suit and jacket and sat in front of the bathtub wearing a white shirt to bathe his son.

The little guy washed his head. His short black hair stuck to his little head. His face was washed by water. It was exquisite and beautiful.

Xia Xinnian looks at his son carefully. At a certain moment, he really has the shadow of Jimu city.

Is gene really so powerful?

Xia Xinnian sighs that the DNA has been compared. Naturally, it's like that.

"Mommy, what are you talking to Daddy about?"

The little guy asked curiously as he wiped the bubbles.

Xia Xinnian said lightly: "nothing, Mommy promised to move here tomorrow."


Mommy, I love you so much

As soon as the little guy was excited, he stood up directly and rushed over. Two short hands were clasping mommy's neck, and the little mouth kissed her twice in the face.

"Well, well, you have water on you and Mommy's clothes are going to get wet!"

Xia Xinnian is embarrassed by his son's warm embrace, so he pushes the little guy away.

"Oh, I'm sorry, it's wet!"

Xia Yuchen quickly sat back in the bathtub and saw mummy's thin shirt wet a large area. He said with some caution.

"It's OK. I'll do it later!"

Xia Xinnian doesn't want to embarrass his son.

At this time, a tall man came into the bathroom.

Jimucheng also took a bath, wearing a grey brocade robe, short hair, full of wild.

As soon as he stepped in, the originally spacious space seemed to be smaller in an instant.

The air around Xia Xinnian was evacuated by him, and his breath was a little tight for a while.

Jimucheng looks at his son's small body. It's too thin. Although he has a good face, he doesn't have much muscle on his body. He has to find a way to help him quickly supplement the nutrition.

After watching his son, jimucheng looks at Xia Xinnian, who is sitting next to him.

At this glance, I can see that the white shirt on her chest is wet, and the rising part is still obvious.

Through the wet shirt, you can see the purple cover inside, because it is wet and clinging.

Well, it's big! The shape also seems very good.

"Daddy, why are you staring at Mommy?

Isn't mommy so beautiful? "

The little guy secretly laughed.

Xia Xinnian raised her eyes, and saw that the man did not blink at his chest, and she was stiff. She quickly reached out to her chest and shouted, "would you please go out first?

I have to bathe my son. "

Jimucheng didn't expect this woman to be so defensive. Didn't she just have a look?

Besides, it's not big enough for him to think.

Although I think so in my heart, when Jimu city left, I still stared at it twice before I left.

"Mommy, daddy must be fascinated by you!"

The voice of the little one.

Jimucheng's body shakes. Son, what do you say? How can this kind of goods get into his eyes?

Xia Xinnian's voice also sounded: "don't say anything, he's not my type!"

It's another strike. The man's face is as black as iron. Where is the woman's confidence? How dare she not look at him?

"Mommy, do you like Uncle Yan's kind of man?"

The little guy immediately asked curiously.

Uncle Yan?

The man's eyes narrowed slightly, and a dark danger flashed.

This woman won't have a man she likes, will she?

"Your uncle Yan is much better than him!"

Xia Xinnian said it casually.

"Oh, poor dad, Mommy doesn't like him!"

The little guy immediately held a tear of sympathy for daddy.

Standing outside the door, jimucheng, who hasn't been gone, reaches for his forehead.

The son is really a child. Does he need sympathy?

Like his woman to grab a handful, he is not poor at all.

After cleaning up her son, Xia Xinnian found that the wet area on her chest was a little large. She could see the color in the mirror just now.

This little guy, you must remind him to pay attention next time.

"Son, will you ask your father to find me a dress?"

Xia Xinnian had to ask his son to ask for help.

The little guy loves to help Mommy. He responds immediately and runs out.

Xia Xinnian sat in the bathroom, a little stunned for a moment.

Looking at the bathroom which is wider than her bedroom, she can understand what it means to have money.

When I got up and looked out, I could see the bright night scene of the whole city. The cool wind was slow. This excellent vision is really amazing.

This bastard really enjoys it.

I don't know what it's like to open the window every morning to see the whole city.

"Listen to my son. You want a dress!"

All of a sudden, a man's deep magnetic voice came from behind.

Xia Xinnian turns around quickly and looks up at the man's charming eyes as black as the deep sea.

The man has a white shirt in his hand, but it's definitely not like a woman's shirt in that size.

"I don't have women's clothes here. If you don't like them, wear mine!"

When Ji Mucheng saw her turn around, he forgot to cover his chest. The shape and size outlined by the water only made him feel excited. When he opened his mouth, the voice line was dumb again.

Xia Xinnian saw his eyes turn dark, and then he found that he forgot to cover them. He hurriedly put his hands around his chest and said lightly: "thank you! Just leave it here! "

Jimucheng raised his lips and smiled, and suddenly found that the woman seemed to be a little dull.

Dull some lovely.

I don't know if she is so charming and lovely when she is doing other things?

In just a few seconds, Jimu city quickly outlined a picture in his mind.

Later, the smile deepened.

If you let Xia Xinnian know what a man is thinking, it's too little to give him a slap.

Jimucheng's dark eyes flashed a trace of gloom and left.

Xia Xinnian is very upset. He holds his hands in front of the glass platform, takes his little coat and puts it on first. He finds that the open Lapel can outline the clothes soaked in water.

Being helpless, Xia Xinnian had to take his shirt and change his wet clothes.

Next time, I can't let my son be so naughty.

"Mommy! Come down to dinner! "

Outside the door, the voice of my son came. In a moment, a small body stood in front of her, panting, and drew two strokes with small hands: "Mommy, daddy's home is so big. It's like a riddle palace. I was almost riddled just now!"