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C970. This fire is a little big

Ji Lin's words made the old lady's face white. Her anger surged up and her voice increased: "when is it? How can I not know? " Ji

Lin knew that Ji Xiaohan certainly didn't tell the old lady about it. He was so filial and became his biggest weakness in controlling him. This nephew, he was hard hearted and ruthless to the outside, and always attached great importance to his family. I don't know whether it was his strength or weakness.

"Mom, what happened the day before yesterday, don't you know? That's strange. Xiao Han must know. The police all looked for him to know the truth of the whole thing. " Ji Lin said while peeping at the old lady's expression. Sure enough, the old lady's face was ugly and out of breath. It can be seen that she was so angry.

"This son of a bitch, he didn't even mention a word to me. What's the matter with him?" The old lady is still angry, and can't help blaming Ji Xiaohan for concealing her.

Ji Lin's heart smiles with pride. Ji Xiaohan, do you really think you can hide the truth from the world? It's foolish and bold for him not to tell such an important thing.

"Xiao Han may have been aware of this for a long time. There's no need to let your elder brother know." Ji Lin is still taking the opportunity to pick out the relationship. "

he must be looking at your father's poor health, so to be honest, he's just too filial and worrying!" The old lady has not been picked out by Ji Lin successfully. Although she blames Ji Xiaohan for concealing, she also believes that he must be hard loyal.

In Jilin's heart, deser disappeared. However, the real purpose of inviting the old lady to dinner today is not to take this opportunity to fight against jixiaohan. His purpose is to let the old lady know the relationship between Bai Zhenzhen and Bai Yiyan, and let Ji Yueze fall into the deep water. The good relationship between the two brothers will surely be restrained. "

that's also true. He must be thinking about your elder brother. Mom, don't you wonder who killed the elder brother?" Seeing that the old woman was so angry that her face was white, Ji Lin seemed to fall into grief at once. He took the opportunity to make another remark. "

Yes, who is it? Who the hell is it that I killed your eldest brother? " The old lady's brain just turned around and thought of the most important thing. Her eyes, which were getting old and turbid, were already red.

"It's true!" Ji Lin said the name directly. The old lady's body swayed obviously, as if she was dizzy for a moment.

Ji Lin looks nervous for a moment. He quickly sits next to her, reaches for her arm, and cares: "Mom, are you ok? Shouldn't I tell you this? Don't be excited. This vicious woman has already been killed. I'm sure that I'll die in peace if I know under the big brother spring. "

"I knew, I knew this fox was not a good thing, but I never thought that she would kill your elder brother, my poor son, who was blind at the beginning. He was wronged for seeing such a vicious woman with a mean heart." The old lady has cried sadly. She scolded and cursed Bai Zhenzhen with hate. Her heart hurt like a knife, and her body quivered uncontrollably.

"Mom, don't be too excited. Take care of yourself. It's all my fault. I shouldn't have told you that. Alas, look at my mouth. I'm not as calm as Xiao Han. I feel heartache when I think of my elder brother's unjust death for many years." Ji Lin immediately blamed himself, a look of shame that he shouldn't speak more about the truth. What about the bad woman? Has she been locked in yet? Let's go and take me to see her. I want to see her. I want to question her face to face. Why did I kill my son? Where did my son offend her? " Where is the old lady still in the mood to eat? At the moment, she just wants to find Bai Zhenzhen for a statement.

Ji Lin quickly grabbed her arm and said gently, "Mom, don't be so impulsive. She's a felon now. I don't want to see her. I'll take you there first." "

OK, then hurry to get some help. I want to see her as soon as possible!" The old lady was so angry that she spoke with trembling, which showed how angry and hateful she was. "

mom, don't worry. I will accompany you to see her in person. Oh, by the way, I also know that Bai Zhen has a daughter named Bai Yiyan I read the latest entertainment gossip. Is she with Yueze

"What? What do you say? " The old lady was almost stunned by this wave of amazing news. She grabbed her son's arm and tried to calm down. "Who was her daughter?" she said

"Bai Yiyan? Mom, what's the matter? I thought you knew that before. " Ji Lin pretends to be surprised.

"My God..." At the moment, the old lady was too angry to say anything. She felt that her heart would not be able to bear the heavy blow. "

mom, are you ok? You must take good care of yourself. These young people's affairs are left to them to solve. Don't worry about them any more!" Ji Lin looks at the old woman's face turning white with anger. She is still worried about her breathing. In case she gets angry, he will feel guilty. "

no matter what, I will take care of it and send me home. Now go back!" Where else is the old lady in the mood for this meal? She's so angry. Ji's anxious expression: "Mom, I ordered all the dishes, or I'll eat and go back. Don't worry for a while!" "

don't eat, send me back!" The old lady's face is blue at the moment. She has to go home quickly. This matter is too important. She wants to call the whole family over and discuss it well. Ji saw that her goal was achieved, and she didn't keep the old lady anymore, so she drove her directly back to Ji's house.

"Mom, you go in. I won't go in and sit down. Take a step first!" Ji Lin is very discerning and doesn't enter the living room. "

do your business!" The old lady raised her hand to him feebly at the moment.

LAN Yue sat in the living room and was surprised to see the old lady coming back so early.

"Mom, didn't you say you would eat out and come back? Why did you come back so early? " LAN Yue asked her. "

don't mention it, I'm so angry that my chest hurts!" Said the old lady, gnashing her teeth.

LAN Yue was shocked. She quickly helped her to sit down on the sofa and asked softly, "what's the matter? How can you be so angry?" "

these two stinky boys are more worried than each other. LAN Yue, please call and call me back Xiao Han and Yue Ze. I have something to say to them!" The old lady asked quickly. LAN

Yue was shocked.