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C1779 Ling Mo Feng is distressed

In the face of the suddenly flashed Horror Picture, lanyanxi was really scared. Her back was cold. The whole person almost fell off the chair. Once she sat on the ground, she instinctively used her arm to support the abdominal force. So, fortunately, her stomach was ok, but her hand wall touched the table and chair and wiped two red marks. Even if it was so painful, she could not care, because , the sharp and strange laughter filled the whole room. She did not dare to turn off the computer, let alone take another look, and ran out of the room in panic.

Who hacked her computer?

It's obvious that I don't want to make her feel better.

Lanyanxi's breath is still short at the moment. Her face is pale, and her back is really sweating. In the winter, it's all sweating. She is painfully holding on to the handrail. The two aunts who heard her voice rushed up and saw lanyanxi's expression of panic. They were very concerned and asked: "madam, what's the matter?

I heard you shouting just now. "

"It's OK. You go down first. I'm ok."

LAN Yanxi didn't want to frighten the two aunts. They would have nightmares at a glance.

"What's the sound in the room?

It's scary. "

At this time, the computer did not shut down and repeatedly played out that terrible bursts of crying.

"Someone should be playing a prank on me. Let's go down first, forget it."

LAN Yanxi was also kind, and didn't want to frighten her aunt. When the three men came down the stairs, they saw Ling Mo Feng's car outside the door had stopped steadily.

"Yes, sir."

The two aunts obviously felt something was wrong, but they were only responsible for daily life and dealing with computers, which they did not understand. At the moment, they saw Ling Mo Feng's motorcade outside the door, just like they saw the Savior.

LAN Yanxi found out that she had already been scared to her legs. When she saw Ling Mo Feng walking towards her, she forced out a smile and walked towards him.

"What's the matter?

It's so ugly. "

As soon as Ling saw LAN Yanxi's expression, he found something wrong and asked her in a low voice.

"Someone hacked into my computer and put in a very horrible picture of my baby. I'm not off now. Otherwise, go up and turn off the computer."

LAN Yanxi answers his words with a helpless face.


Ling Mo Feng is such a well-trained man. At the moment, he hears that his beloved woman is frightened and makes a low curse. Then, he goes upstairs directly and quickly.

Chu lie came in and saw Ling Mo Feng hurried up the stairs. He also followed him quickly.

Lingmo Feng just walked to the bedroom door and heard the strange laughter. He bit his teeth and went to the computer without fear. He stared at the picture of the ugly man and forced the computer off.

"What's the matter, sir?"

Chu lie also heard some terrible cries just now. He asked in a hurry.

"Someone hacked into Yanxi's computer."

Ling Mo Feng was angry and smashed his fist on the table. He wanted to find out the damned man. He didn't want to kill him at the moment.

"Who on earth is the one who has done such a vicious and despicable thing? Don't worry, sir. I will ask someone to find out."

Chu lie is also very angry at the moment. LAN Yanxi is in her arms. Seeing that the baby is about to be born, she even shows her this kind of vile thing. It's really immoral.

"We must find out the person behind the trick, and then encrypt the computer for Yanxi. No one can invade it any more. She can't stand the fright."

Ling Mo Feng said solemnly with a dark face.

"Don't worry, check it out, I'll make him regret it."

Chu lie clenched his fist. He could only use his teeth for his teeth and his eyes for his eyes to deal with the villain's behavior. He would not dare to do evil or harm again after he learned his lesson.

Ling Mo Feng walked downstairs quickly, and saw LAN Yanxi sitting on the sofa, holding her fingers nervously, and hearing the footsteps coming, she could be frightened and trembled. A pair of beautiful eyes were full of panic color, and the ruddy skin was white at the moment. It was heartbreaking to see her delicate and pitiful.

Ling Mo Feng went to her side, sat down, held her gently in her arms, and comforted her in a low voice: "OK, it's OK, don't be afraid."

LAN Yanxi just pretended to be strong. At this moment, when she heard the gentle care of the man, her heart was extremely fragile, like a child in urgent need of security, tightly clinging to his neck, and her whole body was tight.

"I'll find someone behind the scenes, I swear."

Ling Mo Feng comforted her in a low voice.

"Well, I'm not afraid with you."

Lanyanxi's arm is tightly wrapped around his arm. At this moment, she is really not afraid. She can smell the familiar breath of him and stick to his warm embrace. She is not afraid of the devil.

Chu lie has called out in a hurry. Within half an hour, he has found the hacker's address. It's in the suburb of the city. Chu lie immediately falls over and catches a kid who once admired his family. He went abroad to study. He has a talent in computer network security. In this period of time, because there is a gambler's father at home, Every day, when he was urged to pay debts, he thought of revenge for Ling and Mo Feng. He felt that they were causing the dilemma of their life.

It was very dark. Several cars came from the suburb. The man who was arrested had a fearless expression, even swearing. He felt that his behavior was not enough. Chu Li punched him on the spot. He was full of teeth and nosebleed. He was honest and peaceful.

Lingmo Feng took advantage of the night and came to the guard station. Mr. President was so anxious. When he found out the truth of the whole thing, everyone was indignant. He felt that this kind of cyber crime also needed high attention and could not be tolerated.

"You use your talent to intimidate a pregnant woman who is seven months pregnant. Do you know how hateful your crime is?"

Chu lie questions him angrily.

"Is Ling Mo Feng's child dead?

If not, you can't convict me. "

That young man's face is full of expression. A pair of threats is not a felony. You can't take my expression.

Ling Mo Feng stood outside the glass window and looked at the interrogation inside. When he heard that bastard saying this, he almost didn't control himself and rushed in to beat him.

"With your words, you will never want to go out and harm others in your life."

Chu lie sneered, and his fist moved faintly to beat him.

"You don't have the right to detain me. I didn't commit a felony. If you detain me for 48 hours, you have to let me go."

The young man said arrogantly, "take your whole life to reflect on your mistakes today."

Chu lie finished and left.

The young man immediately roared with ferocity: "don't you just come to suppress me with power and power?

Just because I am a member of the Mojia sect, you are revenging deliberately. "