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C1677 love can'st be controlled

The night was cool and the temperature in the bedroom was high. After taking a bath, Ling Mo Feng reached out and turned off the light, and his big body stepped to the bedside.

In the dressing room, Yang ChuChu is holding a bottle of face cream, squinting her big black eyes, looking at the ingredients of face cream word by word. She has been in contact with cosmetics for a long time. Some cosmetics have good effects, but they are not suitable for pregnant women. Today, Yang ChuChu came to take an advertisement. In a hurry, her assistant forgot to bring her commonly used cosmetics So that's what happened.

Yang ChuChu took out his mobile phone, photographed a few lines of small characters on it, and sent out a text message.

In a short time, she received the content of the reply. The above ingredients are mild and not irritating to pregnant women.

Yang ChuChu was relieved at last, which made the staff put on makeup for her.

She has been pregnant for three months. However, she is thin and does not show any bosom. Now she has some severe pregnancy vomiting and few things to eat every day. She does not know how long the torture will last, but she has paid for the difficulty of being a mother.

This is a yoghurt advertisement. Yang ChuChu spent more than three hours shooting in the studio, and the director was satisfied. Yang ChuChu reached out and pinched some stiff faces. Suddenly, her assistant rushed to send her cell phone: "Chu Chu, Luo has already called more than ten times."

"No, he knew so soon?" Yang ChuChu's pretty face flashed a sense of tension.

Small assistant also pinched a cold sweat for her: "you hurry to call back to Luo Zong, I think he's going crazy."

Yang ChuChu took his cell phone and went to a quiet place, which made Luo Jinyu's words clear.

"Yang ChuChu, what are you doing?" The man even called her by first name and surname. He was really angry.

Yang ChuChu quickly and honestly replied, "I'm making an advertisement. This advertiser asked me before. I signed the contract."

"Didn't you promise me to stop all your work?" Luo Jinyu found that this little woman was not obedient at all. She promised good things clearly. When does she want to go back, she will go back. Is there any principle?

"Just make an advertisement. Don't be nervous. I'm going to go home after I've finished shooting it." Yang ChuChu spits out her little tongue. She does intentionally conceal this matter.

"Where are you? I'll pick you up! " The man's voice came again.

Yang ChuChu said where he was. The man hung up the phone directly. An hour and a half later, a black ten million car stopped at the gate of the advertising company. Yang ChuChu and his assistant sat in the lobby on the first floor for tea. Seeing the familiar car, Yang ChuChu hurriedly took a bottle of juice and stood up: "everyone, you go back to the company directly. I have to go first."

"It's very clear. When will you and Luo get married? I'm waiting for the wedding candy?" Someone immediately asked her with a smile.

"Yes, I'd like to have a big red bag, too."

Yang ChuChu looked at the noisy colleagues and said, "don't worry, there will be happy candy and red envelopes."

Yang ChuChu walked out of the door. Luo Jinyu, who was dressed in a formal suit, had got out of the car. With deep eyes, he stared straight at the girl coming towards him.

Yang ChuChu's eyes narrowed slightly to the man's eyes, and his heart string stretched. When it was over, his anger was not gone.

"Luo Jinyu, why did you come here in person? You are so busy with your work every day, you should not waste too much time... "

"Get in the car!" Luo Jinyu put on a handsome face and threw down two words.

Yang ChuChu quickly sat in the back seat, and soon the man's tall body followed him.

A small hand immediately wrapped around him, took his arm, and then, a soft and beautiful face rubbed against him, leaning on his shoulder, sweet, delicious and charming, the man's tense face, unconsciously, relaxed a few times.

"Next time, you are not allowed to pick up work. You are a pregnant woman. You have to look like a pregnant woman. Take a good rest at home and don't run around." Luo Jinyu is really worried. If this little woman has an accident, it will kill him.

Yang ChuChu had to grin out a row of tiny teeth, smiling happily: "you care about me so much, OK, I promise you, from now on, I really don't accept work."

"It's very clear. Can you listen to me well? I can't work at ease when you wander outside." Luo Jinyu is tired of seeing her around like a cute kitten. He is willing to continue to scold her, but he is still nervous.

"Well, I'm obedient." Yang ChuChu nodded at once.

The man put out his hand and put her in his arms. His thin lips were on her forehead. It seemed that Luo Jin was completely trapped by her. His heart couldn't hold anything anymore. This feeling of loving her deeply, sometimes it would bring him a deep sense of panic.

It is said that to love a person, only seven points is enough, and the remaining three points are used to love themselves, so that the feelings can be relaxed and have a degree, not to let this love entangle in suffocation.

The truth is clear, but Luo Jinyu can't do it.

At the beginning, he thought that he could find a woman to marry at will. As long as the other side is excellent, suitable for him, has a common dream and three views are normal, then he will be able to live forever. Now he thinks the original idea is childish and ridiculous.

What is the meaning of truly loving someone? Can you control it? Heart has long been concerned about each other's every move, every minute, every moment, want to know what the other party is doing, will there be danger, hate to break the time into two, one to work, one to accompany loved ones.

Yang ChuChu is frozen by his side, dare not move, but his heart is sweet.

"Where are we going?" Yang ChuChu asked curiously.

"It's noon, of course, to eat!" Luo Jinyu didn't eat lunch in order to catch up with her.

"You haven't had lunch yet?" Yang ChuChu took a look at his mobile phone: "it's almost two o'clock."

"What? I'm hungry, and it hurts you? " Luo Jin's thin lips make a smile.

Yang ChuChu inevitably blamed himself: "I'm not good at all. I shouldn't have sneaked up to take the advertisement. What would you like to eat? I'll treat you. "

When Luo Jinyu heard her last words, Jun's face changed slightly, and he was not happy for a moment: "we still need you, please?"

"I know you have money, but it's a part of my heart, and I'm sorry for you." Yang ChuChu immediately explained with a smile.

"Our children are three months old. Do you need to apologize to me? Have you treated me as your own? "

Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes are stunned: "then how can we be regarded as our own people?"

"How do you treat yourself? You can treat me like this in the future. You can't be polite to me any more." Luo Jinyu couldn't think of the words to explain for a while, so he said a few popular words.

Yang ChuChu immediately laughed and said, "that's not good. I'm very casual with myself. Sometimes I don't eat all day, just to look thinner at the waist the next day."

"What?" Luo Jin's face suddenly changed: "when have you been so cruel to yourself?"

Yang ChuChu replied with a smile, "I've been very cruel to myself before. I can't help it. I need it for work."

Luo Jin Yujun's face turned gloomy: "if your job makes you hungry every day, I will not allow you to do this job again."

"You want to mind me again?" Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes widened slightly.

"I just don't want my kids to be malnourished." Luo Jinyu is only angry because she cares about her. She even takes a hungry stomach as a regular meal. How can he not be upset?

Yang ChuChu seriously thought about this question: "what you said is reasonable. I can't starve myself in the future. I'm not alone now."

Luo Jinyu was so angry that she couldn't cry or laugh: "in this period of time, you don't eat every day, and you're not keeping your body again, are you?"

Yang ChuChu quickly shook his hands to explain: "of course not. I think it's too big to eat. I heard that this situation will improve after four months. At that time, I will definitely eat more."

Luo Jinyu sighed: "don't make fun of your body. In fact, I think you're a little fatter. You should have a better look."

"Really?" Yang ChuChu immediately reached out and touched his face: "if I am fat, my face will be fat, how can it look good?"

"You may not know that men like girls who are fatter." Luo Jinyu deliberately misled her.

"You like it, too?" Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes immediately stared at him.

"I like you to be fat!" Luo Jinyu actually remembers Yang ChuChu's appearance when she came to the company to take the advertisement. At that time, shortly after she entered the entertainment circle, her pretty face still had some baby fat, which was really lovely.