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She will never compromise

As expected, Lam Tung called when Liu Xi and his team were in the office.

However, Lam Tung only called Tang You You over.

Lam Tung looked at her in dissatisfaction, but he was also weighing the pros and cons. Thus, he opened his mouth and said: "Wandering, look at the news that has been spread out on the internet about you and Ji Family's Second Young Master. You even have such a rich and talented boyfriend, why do you still value this job so much? You will be the second young mistress of the Ji Family in the future, so even I don't dare to offend you. You will have nothing to lose if you lose this job, but Li Fang Fang is different.

When Tang You You heard Lam Tung's words, he was shocked and angry at the same time. She laughed coldly: "Lam Tung, she is a criminal. If it wasn't my picture that she stole today, if it was anyone else, they would have to rely on you to support them, but to those who have been hurt by her, that would be true despair. Also, I have to fix it, I am not a couple with Ji Family's Second Young Master, we aren't even friends, the Ji Family's Second Young Madam you are talking about, it is simply creating something out of nothing.

Lam Tung looked at her in shock, disbelief written all over his face: "You're saying you aren't dating Ji Family's Second Young Master?"


"But your relationship has already exploded on the internet." The thing that Lam Tung had to recognize clearly was how good she and Ji Yue Ze were.

If it was really as Tang You You had said, without any relation, then...

Could he be a little more selfish?

"That was the hype in the media. and I only got to know each other." Tang You You frowned, she never thought that this news would be so ridiculous, if Ji Xiao Han knew about it...

Thinking about how Ji Xiao Han would react, Tang You You's expression instantly froze, and his back inexplicably broke out in a cold sweat.

When Lam Tung saw that she had put away their relationship so cleanly, his expression immediately became more stern: "Tang You You, I hope you can think of the company's matters and use the design as a reference for your colleagues. This is also a matter of common sense, Li Fang Fang has already apologized and admitted her wrongs, why do you still want to pursue this matter?"

Tang You You looked at the man who had changed his face in shock.

She coldly snorted, "Lam Tung, that means you still think that Li Fang Fang should not bear the responsibility that she should have?"

"It's not that I shouldn't, it's just that I have to take into account the company's image. This matter has already affected you greatly, you know. How about this, if you agree to pacify this matter, I will give you a promotion and a salary, what do you say?" Lam Tung thought that Tang You You was only concerned with money and position.

However, Tang You You suddenly became furious: "I'm looking for a promotion and a raise, I just need a fair explanation, if you don't get one here, then I can only go up and say it."

"Tang You You, can you not push your luck? I'm just the CEO of a company. If I plead with you, aren't you going to give me any face? If you still want the job, you have to quell it. " After all, he was afraid that Li Fang Fang would cause trouble, and the moment his wife and children found out, his family would be gone.

Tang You You felt it was too funny, she immediately turned and left.

Perhaps with her personality, she wasn't used to this kind of deceptive office environment. However, she wasn't someone who would hide and cry when she felt wronged.

"Tang You You, what are you trying to do?"

Lam Tung chased after her a few steps, blocking her way. His face became ferocious, "You know that there are no good results from your actions."

Tang You You laughed coldly: "Even if it's bad, it's just losing this job. But my reputation, I can't let others trample on it so easily, since you don't care about this, alright, I'll let my legal teacher give me justice."

"You want to call the police?" Lam Tung's eyelids jumped, he felt that Tang You You was too stubborn.

"Yes, if Li Fang Fang doesn't return my reputation to me, I will call the police." Tang You You said fearlessly.

"Fine, you're really good. Fine, I'll let her apologize to you, but if you still want to stay in this company peacefully, then prepare yourself for me in the future." Lam Tung felt that Tang You You was destroying his family, and was forcing him to the point of no return.

Tang You You stared at the middle aged man in front of him, finding him more and more detestable.

"As far as I know, colleagues are not allowed to have relationships with each other. Lam Tung, you have to be careful." Tang You You taunted, and then went around him and opened the door and went out.

After the Lam Tung heard it, his heart jumped. This Tang You You actually dared to threaten him?

Seeing how wild she was, the Lam Tung hated her to the core.

Not long after Tang You You returned to his office, he immediately saw a letter of apology from Li Fang Fang in the company's mailbox.

Immediately, the office was in an uproar.