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"Let go of me. I will kill her. She dare to hit me My face hurts! " Blue cilia is still desperately trying to break away from the pull of two colleagues. Her face is covered with nosebleed. She looks very frightening. Pointing to blue Yanxi, she hates to take a knife to dig her heart.

Although LAN Yanxi is calm and calm in her daily life, she is still frightened by the almost ferocious expression of blue fiber at the moment. She retreats hard, and finally cannot retreat. Her back is against the wall, and she holds her arms tightly in fear, and hugs herself in a protective manner.

A few minutes later, Wang Xinyi and LAN Xianxian's superiors all rushed over. When they saw that the two men were disheveled, their faces sank.

"Is it interesting to fight like a child? Don't you feel ashamed? " Wang Xinyi said a few symbolic curses, but it was staring at blue cilia, because blue Cilia's angry expression at the moment made her feel like blue Cilia's first moving hand.

LAN Xianxian's boss is a man, and his face is not good at the moment, but he has no courage like Wang Xinyi. After all, one is the fiancee of the vice president, and the other is the person that Mr. President secretly shoved into his hands to do things. He can only be silent.

"Lan Yanxi, what's going on?" Wang Xinyi immediately turned to question his men.

"I We fought because of our family affairs. I'm really sorry to disturb you! " LAN Yanxi calmed down now, and then he was shocked by the cold sweat. He was afraid of the consequences of his fight. He might have to drag Ling Mo Feng to back up for fear of losing his reputation.

She's really ashamed, Ling Mo Feng. It's the rhythm of sitting and lying on the gun.

"She hit me first. It's her. She's a vicious woman. She's very cruel. You can see how she hit me. I'm bleeding. Leave me alone. I have to tear her face." Blue fiber gas anger endlessly, in front of the two superiors, also pointed to blue Yan Xi all kinds of scolding.

LAN Yanxi is silent at the moment. She knows that it's wrong to do it by herself, but she can't help it. Who let LAN Xianxian hurt her most important person? She would rather bear these curses than curse grandpa for his short life.

When the scene was so chaotic, suddenly, someone shouted: "Mr. vice president is here!"

This shout surprised all the people on the scene. They all looked at the corridor in horror. As expected, Ling Mo Feng and his two adjutants came to this side with a gloomy face.

The natural strength of the momentum, so that everyone on the scene are closed mouth, dare not say more.

LAN Yanxi's beautiful eyes are also panicked, just like a kid who made a mistake in a fight at school. I wish I could disappear at the scene quickly and don't make him embarrassed.

Blue microfiber was shocked to hear Ling Mo Feng coming. She took her sleeve and quickly wiped the blood on her nose. She couldn't let Ling Mo Feng see that she was so embarrassed.

Unfortunately, even if the blue fiber is wiped very fast, there is still new blood coming out of her nose. Her angry hate can't tear blue Yanxi on the spot, which makes her embarrassed.

"What's the matter?" Ling Mo Feng's legs were long, and he stepped over in a few steps. His face was tense and his face was ugly. He asked not angrily.

No one dared to answer at the scene. They all bowed their heads. They wished they could disappear at the scene and not let the vice president take them to the crime scene.

"Mr. vice president, she She started to hit me. You see, my nose blood was all from her. Besides, she slapped me and my half face was swollen. " Others dare not speak, but Lanxian dare to speak. She thinks she is a victim and has evidence on her face. She has to file a complaint first.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes crossed her, looking at the girl with arms, long hair and silence. She had several bloodstains on her white and flawless face. When he saw it, he felt only a pain in his heart, and an unspeakable sense of anger came up.

"Lan Yanxi, come with me!" Lingmo Feng doesn't pay any attention to the accusation of the villain of bluefiber. The person he believes most is blueyanxi. Her silence makes him heartache. You don't need to guess. Bluefiber must have done something to touch her bottom line, so she will hurt people.

Hearing Ling Mo Feng's cold and lukewarm voice, LAN Xianxian suddenly became complacent. The vice president must have listened to her complaint and wanted to call LAN Yanxi over for questioning.

"Yes!" LAN Yanxi now has no face to see this man again. But when she heard him call her own name, or even the name with the surname, her heart still shook, and her sense of grievance disappeared. Maybe her behavior today is really too much, and it annoys him.

"Yan Xi..." Wang Xinyi grabs LAN Yanxi's arm when she passes by. Although she doesn't say anything, she makes a sign with her eyes that Lan Yanxi must not provoke Ling Mo Feng, or the consequences will be unpredictable.

LAN Yanxi looks at his boss's concern for him. His eyes are hot for a moment, as if someone understands the grievance. That feeling is doubly painful.

Ling Mo Feng, in front of the crowd, naturally didn't dare to express anything to LAN Yanxi. He just calmly turned around and left first. LAN Yanxi had nothing to say, so he had to follow him silently.

When LAN Yanxi was called away by Ling Mo Feng, LAN Xianxian said angrily: "it's all her fault. She shouldn't hit me. I'm sure the vice president will preside over justice. It's so vicious. I'll disfigure her. I won't let her go."

Some people nearby, seeing blue fiber's grievance and bitterness, naturally decided that it was LAN Yanxi who started first, because she didn't refute a word, maybe she couldn't.

Wang Xinyi has a pair of sharp eyes but looks at LAN Xianxian. Judging from her reading experience, this woman must be a troublemaker. Although LAN Yanxi hasn't been working under her hand for a long time, Wang Xinyi still knows her character. She won't hurt people for no reason.

"Blue fiber, you have a wound on your face. Go to the infirmary and have a look. Don't come to work in the afternoon!" Blue fiber's boss, concerned about her, gave her a holiday.

"Thank you brother Wang!" Blue fiber immediately smile thanks, and then directly to deal with their wounds.

This brother Wang is helpless. Although his position is higher than that of blue fiber, he dare not scold her for anything when he thinks of the backer behind her.

Ling didn't choose any meeting room or leisure room this time, and led LAN Yanxi directly to his office.

This is lanyanxi's long work in the general office. She was lucky to step into the vice president's office for the first time. As expected, it's as spacious and atmospheric as she imagined. Everything is well placed, giving a sense of dignity.

After Ling Mo Feng stepped into the office, he turned his back to LAN Yanxi. The cold handsome face just now relieved. He turned around and saw that the girl following him was looking at his office instead of looking at him directly.

"Have you seen enough?" The man's voice sank for a few minutes, but he didn't feel cold. Instead, he felt dissatisfied.

LAN Yanxi hurriedly faces up to the front, dare not look around, and Mei Mou looks at the man in surprise: "Ling Mo Feng, I'm sorry, did I cause you trouble?"

"Come here!" Ling Mo Feng didn't answer, but ordered.

LAN Yanxi dared not to follow him. He saw that the man was bending down to look for something in a conventional cabinet. For a while, he didn't seem to remember where he put it.

Blue Yan Xi atmosphere dare not breathe, a pair of beautiful eyes surprised to see him walking around looking for things.

Finally, I couldn't help wondering: "what are you looking for? What kind of whip are you looking for to torture me? "

Ling Mo Feng heard her words, fingers a meal, can't help shaking his head, sighing and laughing, but also angry and heartache, for a while, but can't say what it's like.

"What would you do if I punished you? Will you beg for mercy? Or will you find reasons to justify yourself? " The man followed her words.

LAN Yanxi then reached out to touch the wound on his face and gasped: "if you want to punish, just come, I'm not afraid, whatever you do!"

Finally, the man found the small medical box, took it in his hand, and heard her exhilarating words. He tied his eyebrows, loosened them, and walked towards her with long legs: "punish you, I won't give up!"