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C540 suddenly jealous

The wind whimpered in her ear, just like the voice she used to cry. Tang youyou ignored the fear of hanging in the air, closed his eyes, and enjoyed this moment.

As if the wind was pushing her up and down, Tang youyou opened his arms and felt this freedom.

When she returned to Ji Xiaohan's side, her heart gradually calmed down.

Season owl cold looks at her still frightened white face, reaches out, hugs her gently in the bosom, lightly scolds her: "the fool!"

But Tang youyou laughs.

She also hopes that she can be more stupid, so that she can not be so sober to face the future life.

On the way back, Tang youyou is resting with his eyes closed. Suddenly, her mobile phone vibrates, like a text message.

Ji Xiaohan looks at the cell phone she holds in her hand, and looks at the sweet look of her sleep.

The screen suddenly lights up. It takes a few seconds for the screen to go black. In these seconds, it's enough for Ji Xiaohan to see the content on the screen clearly.

A strange number, sent her a concerned message.

"Where are you? Another person secretly ran where to cry? Why do I call you and keep shutting down? Where are you going? "

Ji Xiaohan's eyes are so sharp that he just remembered this sentence in a moment.

You Mou then changes, a touch of jealousy floating in his face, at this time, who is sending her this kind of care message?

From these words, we can see that the other party should be someone who knows her well, has known her for a long time, and is familiar with each other.

As the screen darkened, the cold face of the owl began to darken.

He reached out and tried to take her phone, only to find that her phone had a power on password.

He tried to have his birthday, but it was not. It made someone unhappy again.

So, he tried the birthdays of the two little guys again. It's still not

He and her children should be her most important people. Why does her password have nothing to do with them?

Is there anyone else more important than him and the children?

Ji Xiaohan has always believed that Tang youyou loves himself, but at this moment, he is uneasy and quietly climbs into his heart.

He couldn't help but squinting his eyes and staring more deeply at the sleeping woman in his arms.

Tang youyou sleeps all the way, wakes up and finds that she is almost at the hotel. She rubs her eyes and sees the men around her staring at her with complicated eyes.

"Did I numb your arm?" Tang youyou is a little embarrassed to ask.

Season owl cold moved his arm for a while, low voice way: "all right!"

Tang youyou sat up straight. After sleeping, the whole person woke up a little.

"Your cell phone, someone sent you a text message." Ji Xiaohan is always direct in his feelings. Because he is frank about the woman's feelings, he can't stand her concealment.

Tang youyou is slightly stunned. He looks for his mobile phone, but finds that he has been pinched tightly by a man in his palm.

At the moment, she can feel the temperature of his palm even if she holds it in her hand.

Click to open the short message, Tang youyou will see the concerned message.

Her beautiful face panicked, and she quickly blacked out the screen of her mobile phone.

There was a flash of unease in my heart.

Although she didn't save her name for this number, she knew that it was Ji Yueze's cell phone number.

She was so nervous and flustered that she was afraid that Ji Xiaohan would recognize the number.

However, Tang youyou's worry is superfluous. This number, Ji Yueze, is only used to contact her, so Ji Xiaohan doesn't know that it's his own brother's cell phone number.

"Who sent you the message?" Ji Xiaohan's voice sank.

Tang youyou's expression is slightly dull. She doesn't know how to explain to Ji Xiaohan. She can't tell the truth.

Last time, Ji Yueze suddenly confessed to her, which scared her to death. Her idea at that time was to hide the secret in her heart for a lifetime.

And she also firmly believes that Ji Yueze will not reveal the secret.

But at the moment, I didn't expect to be seen by Ji Xiaohan.

If you want someone to know, there is no wall in the world that is not airtight unless you are yourself.

"Is it Lu xuanchen?" Ji Xiaohan has determined who the man is.

"Don't ask, I have nothing to do with him."

"Does he send you messages like this every day?" Ji Xiaohan's eyes are heavy. He feels that his boyfriend's heart is too big. He has never suspected that the woman's mobile phone will contain a secret, which he does not know.

Tang youyou quickly shook his head: "of course not, he just occasionally Will care about me, after all, we are friends! "

She deliberately replied vaguely. Since Ji Xiaohan felt that Lu xuanchen had sent this message, let him think so.

When Ji Xiaohan saw that she didn't think so, he immediately got angry.

"You will not be able to answer his phone or return any information about him." Season owl cold immediately jealous big hair of say.

Tang youyou didn't dare to take over anything except nodding.

"Well, I promise you, I won't return his message." Tang youyou now only hopes that Ji Xiaohan will not pursue this matter.

Unfortunately, Tang youyou obviously underestimated the memory of Ji Xiaohan.

Although he just watched it for two seconds, for his so-called memory genius, he has remembered the number very clearly.

Therefore, he felt that it was one thing that Tang youyou didn't return the information. It was also necessary for him to type in a few words to warn the other party.

Arriving at the hotel, Tang youyou went upstairs to take a bath first. Ji Xiaohan pleaded that he had a work phone to deal with, so he stayed alone in the hall.

When Tang youyou enters the elevator, Ji Xiaohan quickly takes out his mobile phone.

He dialed the number he had written down, but the other side didn't make a sound, just answered the phone.

"You don't need to worry about what Tang youyou is doing. I believe you know that he just asked you to help me to act. Don't think that if I break up with her, you will have a chance to step in. I'll tell you now that you have no chance. Our break-up is fake."

Ji Xiaohan doesn't wait for the other side to speak, he can't wait to say a cruel word to warn the other side.

In fact, as soon as Ji Yueze saw the number, he felt very familiar with it. After a careful consideration, it turned out to be his big brother's number.

So, Ji Yueze's smart choice is silent, but he wants to see what big brother wants to say.

Listening to the big brother's warnings, Ji Yueze's face was complicated. Are they reunited again?