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Tang Xue Rou's beautiful face revealed a little malevolence from anger. She really did not want to return the jade pendant to her.

Not in this life.

But now, she had moved him out in front of Tang Xue Rou, putting herself in a dilemma.

Sigh, I knew that there would be retribution for doing bad things.

Who would have thought that retribution would come so quickly.

Tang Xue Rou was such a shrewd woman, yet she could see through her hesitation with one glance. She smirked: "Tang You You, didn't you want to call him? Why aren't you fighting yet? As I expected, you must have used some kind of shameless trick to get Ji Xiao Han to publicly acknowledge your relationship with him. Oh, right, like me back then, you wanted to borrow his power to make a name for yourself, did you want to become a celebrity? "

Tang You You's body froze, her beautiful eyes staring at her with anger.

"So, you got close to Ji Yue Ze, and even colluded behind his back, I have to say, your methods are really brilliant, open up the net, your popularity is really high, no matter what, you succeeded by more than half, and now that Ji Xiao Han has revealed your relationship, your popularity is even higher than mine, and if you want to go up the dao, it will just be a matter of time, what about it, do you need me to help you out again? "We're going to use our hands to hype it up a bit more …"

"Shut up!" Tang You You didn't want to hear her bullshit, she had never thought of being a Female Celebrity.

"What is it? After I exposed my feelings, did I get angry out of embarrassment? Did you also take into account the matter from five years ago, to force Ji Xiao Han to reveal his relationship with you? "He walked my old path, but I have to say, this path of yours is too old, can you not learn from me?" When Tang Xue Rou saw that she was silent and did not speak, she felt even more that her words were right on Tang You You's mind.

"Who said I'm learning from you? Didn't you feel that I'm too scared to make a phone call? I'll call him now. " Tang You You had had enough of Tang Xue Rou's delusions, to actually confuse her with herself. She had never thought about taking the initiative to hurt others.

When Tang Xue Rou saw that she was flipping through her phone number, her face stiffened, and then turned pale white.

Tang You You took a deep breath, and decided to unravel the number.

After that, she pressed No Handle and showed the phone's screen to Tang Xue Rou.

Tang Xue Rou opened her eyes wide in disbelief. Hearing the pouting sound, her scalp tightened.

Also nervous was Tang You You.

Even though she knew that this was only a phone call, why was her heartbeat so fast?

"Hey …" A deep, magnetic male voice came over lazily.

Tang You You's beautiful eyes slightly widened, but Tang Xue Rou was so nervous that her hair was standing on end.

"Wandering …" Following that, the man's hoarse voice was filled with gentleness as he called out her name.

If Tang Xue Rou had felt nothing just now, then at this moment, hearing how the aloof man who could not even get close to her could call her by her nickname, the blood in her entire body immediately froze. She stared at Tang You You with jealousy and hatred.

"I'll give you the jade pendant!" Tang Xue Rou instantly felt fear, and said with a very soft voice.

Tang You You was also stunned. She felt that the moment the man called out her name, she could feel something, that was like a feather, brushing against her heart. It was itchy, numb, and very soft.

"Speak!" The man noticed that she was silent for a long time and asked with concern.

Tang You You quickly placed the phone beside his ear and said indifferently: "I'm sorry, I called the wrong number. That's it, I'll hang up first."

Tang Xue Rou was shocked, she was no longer as arrogant as before, the fingers on the cup in her hand tightened, as though she was about to break the glass of the cup.

"I really didn't expect that... Why is he being so kind to you? Why has he never called me by my name before? " Tang Xue Rou said in pain and despair, as she fiercely threw the cup in her hand to the ground: "Why is it you? Why would he like you? Tang You You, tell me... Just what method did you use to snatch him away?

Seeing that Tang Xue Rou was about to rush over and grab her shoulder, Tang You You took a few cautious steps back. She reached out her hand and pushed her hand away fiercely, "Don't be crazy, hurry up and give me back the jade pendant."

"You want the jade pendant, right? "Alright, I'll give it to you!" Tang Xue Rou suddenly turned around, and after he struck the jade pendant out, he unwillingly handed it over to her, and threw it fiercely at the ground in front of her: "Take it."

Tang You You's heart suddenly shrank as she stared at her beloved object being smashed into two.

Tang Xue Rou desperately squatted on the ground, crying like a madman, "I hate you, Tang You You, I hate you to death."

Tang You You's entire body stiffened as she squatted down, her fingers trembling as she picked up the jade pendant, her beautiful eyes filled with anger: "Tang Xue Rou, you actually broke the jade pendant my mother left me, how can your heart be so venomous?"

"Poison? You're more poisonous than me, you stole the man I love the most, you made me wish I was dead. Fine, call him now, let him kill me, it's better than being tortured by him to death. " Tang Xue Rou had suffered a huge blow, her entire being was like a madman, and her eyes were filled with tears.

Tang You You looked at her, but it did not seem like she was pretending. Perhaps, she really did love Ji Xiao Han to the bone.

"You asked for it all your life." Tang You You did not pity her at all. After taking the jade pendant, he turned and left.

Tang Xue Rou covered her face, crying until her entire body was trembling, she was really jealous to the point of going crazy.

She fantasized countless times about herself and Ji Xiao Han being together, about the gentleness and security in his arms.

However, all of this was given to Tang You You, the person she hated the most since she was young.

This was worse than death.