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LAN Yanxi washed his clothes and went downstairs. He happened to see Ling Mo Feng upstairs. He looked up and saw her coming down. His eyes were soft as water.

Lanyanxi's feet were slippery and almost fell. He looked a bit embarrassed.

"Be careful!" Ling Mo Feng was stunned when he saw her walking. He really wanted to laugh. He reminded her in a low voice.

LAN Yanxi was fascinated by his gentle eyes. For a while, she did not see the steps at her feet. Her face was red with shame, and she dared not look at them again.

"Come here, have a meal!" The man reached out to her as if inviting.

Lanyanxi reached over, and the hand that had just washed the clothes was stained with water. Now it was cool. The man frowned and clenched his hand.

On the dining table, four dishes and one soup, two dizzy and two vegetable, it can be seen that men are very attentive to match.

LAN Yanxi takes the initiative to come into the kitchen and bring out the meal for the man. He also hands him the chopsticks. Ling Mo Feng only looks at her gently and smiles all the way. She is not comfortable laughing.

"Why?" LAN Yanxi pretends to be calm and sits down and takes chopsticks to eat.

Lingmo Feng just sat beside her and put a bowl of soup in front of her: "let's drink soup first, especially for you."

LAN Yanxi chuckles, takes it and drinks it with a spoon.

Two people now like a real little couple, living a fireworks like life, but it is unspeakable warmth.

This meal, lanyanxi had enough to eat, almost to support, Ling Mo Feng's cooking is very good, the dishes are delicious, more is lanyanxi greedy, want to eat more of his cooking.

"Yan Xi, is the new job suitable?" After eating, two people get up to walk to the living room, Ling Mo Feng casually asked.

"Fortunately, sister Xinyi takes good care of me." LAN Yanxi replied softly.

"That's good!" Ling Mo Feng nodded.

Lanyanxi suddenly thought of the a thing, can't help reaching over and holding his arm, sighing: "that record seems to have died in a car accident."

"It's the old president's killing. It's not an accident." Ling Mo Feng explained to her calmly.

"It's terrible." LAN Yanxi buried his face in his arm: "why do some people despise other people's lives so much?"

"The world is cruel!" Ling Mo Feng reached out his hand and touched her long hair gently: "don't be afraid, Zhang Lu is damned. He bought money for his own greed. There is nothing pitiful."

"Ling Mo Feng, I'm worried. I'm afraid that the old president is so ruthless..." LAN Yanxi was timid and couldn't stand the fright. She was cold all over at the moment when she thought of the group of photos recorded from the car accident.

Ling Mo Feng put out his hand and gently hugged her into his arms. His thin lips pressed against her forehead. He soothed her in a low voice: "don't be afraid, I will be careful."

"You must promise me that nothing can happen to me I can't stand it. " Lanyanxi held him tightly, like a child who was afraid of losing his family. Ling Mo Feng somehow liked her strong sense of dependence on him. He chuckled and looked at her small face filled with unease and worry. He could only gently caress her back and comfort her: "Yan Xi, you are the person I most worry about. I don't worry about my own situation. I'm afraid of your accident. Since we all know the old president's methods, we will be more Be careful, the old president doesn't dare to kill for no reason. There are laws in the world that maintain the order. Even if he is in a high position, he needs to be afraid. "

"Well!" LAN Yanxi's mood was appeased by him, and then he raised his head and smiled a little sheepishly: "I'm afraid of death. I'll be more careful in the future."

"Everyone is afraid of death!" Ling didn't laugh at her either.

LAN Yanxi nodded and felt that this sentence was right.

A phone call, disturbed two people quiet snuggle, Ling Mo Feng saw the call, the expression dignified.

Just picked up and answered a few words, he hung up and said to LAN Yanxi, "there is something urgent in the general office. I'll go and deal with it first. You can have a rest earlier!"

LAN Yanxi did not dare to rely on him. He got up quickly and asked, "nothing serious happened."

"It's business, don't be afraid!" Ling Mo Feng chuckled and then asked, "where's my coat?"

"Upstairs, I'll get it for you!" LAN Yanxi said, and he dragged his long robe and ran upstairs. The man behind her, also quickly followed up the second floor bedroom.

LAN Yanxi just holds his coat and collides with him as soon as he turns around.

Before she could say anything, the man picked her chin and kissed her with thin lips.

LAN Yanxi was shivering all over, trying to hold his toes, so that he would not be too tired.

This kiss, as if like fire, will burn up, some uncontrollable.

LAN Yanxi could not help but step back and reach the bedside. Next second, she was forced to fall back by the man.

This moment's dependence seems to have been stolen. Lanyanxi has long forgotten that she is a girl.

But when the man's thin lips kissed her at the neck, the car stopped outside the door.

"Yan Xi, originally wanted to stay here, now it seems that we can only change the day..." Ling Mo Feng oppressed her, raised her chin, said in a low, dumb, quick voice, and kissed her once more, which made her stand up.

Go to see her again, long hair is scattered, cheeks are flying red, under the gown that has been freed, a pajama with low collar, directly outline her beautiful body, the man's eyes color is stagnant, thin lips arouse a smile, praise: "very beautiful."

Lanyanxi didn't know what he was boasting for a while, until he bowed his head and saw that the low collar could not cover anything, which reflected that, what was the hot face like, he immediately took a look at him, but the man turned away with a smile.

LAN Yanxi sat on the bed for a long time, then accepted the fact that he had left. She stood by the window, lost. The lights of the car in the distance were getting smaller and smaller, and finally disappeared.

Gao Yue has tried on all her clothes at home, but she is still not satisfied. She can't do it here or there. In short, she can't meet her requirements today.

"Damn it, I knew that I should spend more money and buy some more beautiful clothes. I would go to see President Ji in the evening. I don't want to go out in these clothes." Gao Yue walked around the room in a bored way, fretting that she couldn't find a satisfactory dress.

At last, she chose a set of elegant suits to go out, because she didn't confuse Ji Xiaohan with those vulgar men. Ji Xiaohan looks at women, not how many clothes she wears, but what he values more is a woman's temperament.

Gao Yue still has a lot of research on men. For this reason, she is complacent.

With the consent of his wife, Tang Youyou, Ji Xiaohan asked his assistant, Lu Qing, to arrange a restaurant, an elegant box.

Ji Xiaohan directly asked Lu Qing to send the address to Gao Yue, but he was late.

Gao Yue, as a subordinate, naturally came here early to wait. In the waiting time, she had already taken out the small mirror of make-up for the sixth time to check the make-up on her face. She could not bear any flaws, so she had to mend it quickly.

Finally, when she heard the sound of pushing the door, she turned around and saw that Ji Xiaohan walked in with big legs and a black suit. The whole person looked pretty and handsome. It was the same as when she was in the company. Even though she said nothing, she still gave people a king like tyrant.

"Mr. Ji, here you are!" Gao Yue quickly stood up, did not dare to neglect for a moment, smiling at him and said.

"Have you been waiting for a long time?" Season owl cold thin lip raised smile, light ask.

"No, I've just arrived. Mr. Ji, please take a seat. I'll ask the waiter to come and order!" Gao Yue finishes saying, he will go out and be stopped by Ji Xiaohan.

"Don't bother. I asked Lu Qing to order some good dishes. They will be delivered later!" Season owl cold light said.

"Mr. Ji, it's my treat. I'm sorry that you've arranged it so well." Gao yueton's fashion shows an embarrassed expression, and her eyes are tender to watch Xiao Han talk.

"You're welcome. You're the best talent I've hired. Please have a light meal. You deserve it!" Season owl cold is still a light tone, polite people are not close.

Gao Yue, however, bowed his head and smiled coyly: "Ji is always so considerate and considerate, which is easy for women to be moved."

Season owl cold is chuckle: "high director won't also be moved."