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Who was that night?

Ji Xiao Han did not expect that not only was this woman angry, her mouth was so hard.

Tang You You also felt that the atmosphere in the hall had become weird.

"That's up to the children. They have their own opinions. As parents, we should respect their decisions." Ji Xiao Han saw that she was so angry that his eyes were red, and looked like he was about to cry.

He would not forget what his son said before he left, that he was not allowed to bully their Mummy.

If she cried and the children came back, he didn't know how to explain it to them.

Tang You You actually thought that what he said was reasonable. Indeed, call the children over and let them make their own decisions.

Therefore, she immediately requested, "Have your men bring them here right now."

"I believe that my son is happily playing with a toy, and my daughter is also tasting delicious food, so …" I won't be able to come for a while. " Ji Xiao Han was intentionally angry at her.

Tang You You bit her lower lip in anger, her eyes turning even redder.

This bastard had relied on his power and influence to bring her children here in such a vile manner.

Now, it was abominable not to let her see the children.

"Now, should we talk about when we slept?"

Ji Xiao Han lazily sat on the sofa opposite her, like an emperor. His two long legs were folded across each other, proud and noble.

When he spoke, his voice was low and deep, yet it also carried an oppressing pressure that was not angered.

Tang You You's body stiffened, a cold feeling rose from the bottom of her heart.

That night, he had followed her like he was in a nightmare. She didn't want to bring it up again for the rest of her life.

However, this man was too cruel. He had openly opened her wound.

"I don't recall having sex with a woman. Except for that night …" Ji Xiao Han was still extremely clear-headed about his private life. Therefore, he was very sure that he had only slept with a woman of unknown origin for a single night to protect his life.

But, shouldn't that woman be Tang Xue Rou?

How could it be that Tang You You was pregnant with his child?

Could it be that he was playing a three p game that night?

As Ji Xiao Han was lost in his thoughts, Tang You You had already scolded him in an extremely boisterous tone, "You're a beast. You stole my innocence, and now you still want to fight with me for my child. You're not even comparable to beasts …"

"Don't bother scolding me first, tell me honestly, the person I slept with that night was you, or it was Tang Xue Rou." How could such a shrewd man like Ji Xiao Han not understand the truth?