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Tang You You rubbed his daughter's head, "As long as you like it, then from now on, you can ask your great-grandfather to tell you more!"

"Mummy, is Daddy still not back yet? I'll go upstairs and wait for him! " Tang Xiao Nai suddenly realised that her daddy had not returned, and she liked to play with him. Thus, she turned around and ran upstairs.

Tang You You turned his head to look at his son only to see his son blinking his large eyes at her.

"What's the matter with you?" Tang You You stretched out his hand and waved it in front of his eyes.

"Mummy, who's that uncle?" Tang Xiao Rui suddenly asked.

"Which uncle?" Tang You You's body froze.

"It's that uncle who's holding you. Do you like him?" Tang Xiao Rui had been paying attention to the things happening on the web recently, but he didn't expect that one day, he would see his own Mummy hugging another uncle.

Tang You You's face was immediately filled with black lines, and said in embarrassment: "Xiao Rui, how did you know?"

"I saw it on my classmate's phone!" Tang Xiao Rui immediately replied.

"Then do you look down on the Mummy now?" Tang You You didn't know how to explain this matter to his son at the moment;

"Of course not, Mummy, if you really like that uncle, then what about dad? He likes you too! " Tang Xiao Rui was Tang You You's biological son, so naturally, he would side with her.

After Tang You You heard his son's words, he could not help but smile: "How can you be so sure that your father likes me?"

"Because I've already talked to dad. If you go see your other uncle, Daddy will admit that he's jealous. If you ignore him, Daddy will admit that he's sad as well. Doesn't this prove that Daddy likes you?" What Tang Xiao Rui had said was the truth.

Tang You You was startled again?

"I was just thinking for the Mummy, trying to see how sincere father is towards you." Tang Xiao Rui laughed.

Hearing that, Tang You You's heart ached, filled with gratification once again. She hugged his son and kissed his little head: "I'm sorry son, Mummy made you worry!"

"I've long since gotten used to it. Who told you to be so stupid sometimes!" Tang Xiao Rui stuck out her tongue.

Tang You You retorted, unconvinced, "How am I stupid? I also tried my best to become a smart person. "

"Since you want to be good to that uncle, why did you get someone to take a photo and post it to the internet? Can't you just go and see that uncle secretly?" Tang Xiao Rui immediately said angrily.

Tang You You could see his son's loyalty. At this time, his son was still thinking of a way to help her instead of scolding her.

"Xiao Rui, let the Mummy tell you the truth. The Mummy has been tricked by this lowly person, these photos were intentionally sent by that person to harm me on the internet, please do not take it seriously, I have nothing to do with that uncle." Tang You You explained to his son with a light smile.

"Really?" Tang Xiao Rui was suddenly overjoyed. "So that means you didn't betray Daddy?"

"No, didn't you say that your father really likes me? How could I bear to betray him? "

Tang Xiao Rui nodded his head, "I guess that's impossible. That uncle of his is obviously not as handsome as father and father.

"Little Greed, do you think that the Mummy took a liking to your father because of his appearance and money?" Tang You You was truly amused by her son.

"Isn't it?" Tang Xiao Rui looked at her disdainfully.

Tang You You thought about it carefully, then shook his head and nodded, "I don't know either.

"Not a bit, but very attractive! When he came to pick Xiao Nai and I up from school, all of the female teachers there were dumbfounded. " Tang Xiao Rui could deeply feel just how much her father was liked by others.

"Really? Did any female teachers take the opportunity to get close to your father? " Hearing that, Tang You You immediately tensed up and quickly asked.

Tang Xiao Rui immediately kissed Mummy's cheeks: "Mummy, you can relax. As long as I'm here, I guarantee that Daddy won't let any woman off."

Tang You You hugged her son once again, "You are really a good helper for Mummy, how will Mummy reward you?"

I heard that the way the adults improve their relationship is to travel. Since Xiao Nai and I have a great-grandfather and great-grandmother taking care of us right now, you guys can go and play in peace. " Tang Xiao Rui was indeed a good assistant, he had already started to plan for the future for the two of them.

"Did great-grandma say how long they were going to stay here?" Tang You You asked his son.

"They said that they will stay here forever, and in the future, they will come to take care of me and Xiao Nai the Idiot."

"No way!" Tang You You felt a headache coming on.

After arguing with the old lady earlier, she thought about it calmly and realised that she shouldn't have been so impatient. The old lady must have thought for Ji Xiao Han's sake, which was why she treated her so harshly, but she was unable to control her temper and retorted. She was afraid that the old lady would be angry with her in the future.

Seeing that the Mummy was frowning, the astute Tang Xiao Rui immediately guessed her thoughts.

Perhaps the mother and son's thoughts were the same, but this guess was immediately guessed by the little fellow.

"Mummy, you sighed just now!" The little fellow asked with a concerned expression.

"Is there?" Tang You You didn't even realize that he was sighing.

"Yes, what about you? Oh, not for fear of not getting his great-grandmother's approval. " Tang Xiao Rui asked while grinning.

Tang You You really wanted to look at this little thing in a new light.

How terrifying!

When Tang You You thought about what the old lady had said today, that she would run over and complain to the two children, she instantly stopped thinking about telling her son anything.

If her son were to go out of his way to persuade the old lady to help her, the old lady would definitely think too much.

"No, son, why don't you go down and play, I still have work to do!" Tang You You ignored the concern on his son's face and faintly smiled.

"Mummy, stop lying to me. I'm not a three year old child, and am not as stupid as Xiao Nai. I can even see the expression on your faces, and it seems that great-grandmother doesn't really like you." Tang Xiao Rui was starting to worry about this.

Tang You You looked startled, then she carried her son over: "Xiao Rui, promise Mummy, for the matters between me and your great-grandmother, you don't need to ask anymore, okay?"

"Why? I'm thinking for you! " The little fellow blinked its large eyes in confusion.